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Headliner: Is the Wii U Going to end up like the GameCube? Not a Chance.

A lot of talk has been going around that the Wii U is going to end up like the GameCube. However, there is little to no support to back those claims up other than the Wii U is not selling that great right now. Furious Francis has a thing or two to say when it comes to this topic. And surprise, he’s going to use actual facts to back his points up. Watch the video, it’s  good for you.

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  • Shannon Kyanzaki

    Nintendo is slowly chuggin' along the track, it's just companies like EA and Bestheda really don't like Nintendo because of what media (I'm still thinking it's an conspiracy on the developer hate for Nintendo not calling the Wii the Revolution; but that's me….) the WiiU ending up like the GC, don't know about that the GC has some feckin' awesome games towards its swan song…it's more the west wanting popularity and graphics than gameplay,,,I heard EA is not bringing Battlefield 4 to the WiiU oh well EA, you just gave Activision more money for Call of Duty Modern Warfare 4…and Capcom for Darkstalkers 4 (Capcom redeemed themselves by releasing DuckTales Revisited and D&D Chronicles of Mystara for WiiU) oh well Nintendo getting third party support…yes…but these things take time…

  • Amigaengine

    Gamecube actually ended up having a fantastic lineup of games but I do agree Nintendo will sale more consoles. Far to easy to look at the first few months and declare DOOM. Give it a year and lets see where it stands.

  • Heidi

    Great video. Am sure the Wii U will do much better as the year progresses.

    • Furious Francis

      Yeah, these things take time.