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Headliner: What’s Next for Square Enix?

Furious Francis discusses what Square Enix needs to do, to get back on top. Remember to subscribe to our YouTube channel to get all of our original content first.

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  • Intel

    Furious Francis I love your articles as I was a part time lurker on this site lol. What I want to know was what are your thoughts on the new IPs like The World Ends With You. I loved that game on the DS and it would be cool to have a sequel on the Wii U or 3DS. Should Square Enix not develop new IPs too for right now? Will it help them?

    • Furious Francis

      I love the World Ends with You and would like to see a sequel. But Square Enix does not have the money to develop new IPs right now. The need to focus on 3 franchises. Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy, and Dragon Quest. Everything else can wait.

      However, if Nintendo can help them bring the game out for 3DS, that would be awesome!

  • kneehighspy

    I thought tomb raider would help a bit, it's a great return back to Lara, and any other title selling 3 million copies would deem it successful, but square Enix was in bad shape before Lara's return.

    gotta agree about Edios branching away from the SE branding.

    • Furious Francis

      Yeah, Square needs to sell the IPs to a publisher that can market the game to sell 6 million copies. However, I think it was a big mistake to not release the game on Wii U. I think it would have added to the total nicely. I know I would have bought the game on Wii U.

      • kneehighspy

        I agree with you, the game should've been released on wiiu. it's almost as if publishers are afraid to take a risk releasing on the wiiu.

  • AaronB

    Absolutely. When you have old games that still have such a huge following, you should be able to make bank off it.

    I've proposed on forums that Nintendo should turn the Wii U into the must-have RPG console as a way to appeal to more core gamers. If they'd do what they did with Bayonetta 2 and make partnerships to bring sequels or remakes of classic RPGs to the Wii U, they'd get a lot of people who don't care for Mario. That starts with finally bringing out Earthbound (Mother), then top priority should be Chrono Trigger, then the good Final Fantasies, and so on.