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Hideo Kojima won’t put Metal Gear on Wii U, but Wants Snake in Smash Bros for Wii U


**Warning, this is an opinion piece**

Legendary Metal Gear creator has told Geoff Keighley in a recent live-steam that he would love to see Snake in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U. Get his exact words below. 

“I’m not working on that game so I don’t know, but I don’t think that’s likely. I don’t know. Well if Mr. Sakurai is watching this, please use Snake.” 

Considering Hideo Kojima said Metal Gear Solid V isn’t coming to Wii U because he doesn’t know what to do with the controller, then right after that announced smartglass and tablet integration for Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes…..I find it hard to believe Sakurai would even listen to him.

Kojima snubbed Nintendo fans when he created a game that would work perfect for the Wii U. In my opinion, Snake doesn’t deserve to be in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U & 3DS. If Konami and Kojima handled the situation better, they could have worked out a deal with Nintendo to cross promote Snake in Smash Bros and Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes for Wii U. Instead, Konami already decided they weren’t going to work on Wii U before the system even hit store shelves.

Via: Nintendo Everything, Thanks Anti!


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  • mohammed sarker

    you’re a dumbass. M- rated games don’t sell on wiiu.

    • You’re an idiot, the sales of “M” rated games have nothing to do with this article.

      • Jon Turner

        Come to think of it, DIDN’T Metal Gear Solid ever perform well on a Nintendo console?

    • Aaron Smock

      Actually, yes they do. Assassins creed, Watch Dogs, and ZombiU are on Wii U.

  • SoccerStar9001

    So that is were MGS hate came for.
    I be pretty mad if I don't have the PS3 too.

  • AntiActivity

    Guess you didn't bother to reading anything from this article, or any of Kojima's past claims concerning why he's not putting the game on the Wii U. If you're really a "supporter of Nintendo" as you have claimed, then you would've known Kojima has personally said he didn't want to release Metal Gear Solid V on the Wii U because he claimed he couldn't think of anything to do with the Wii U's GamePad, but he managed to think of things to do with SmartGlass for the Xbox One a few short months later, and then he recently announced a tablet app for the PS4. Furthermore, Solid Snake has yet to appear even once on a recent Nintendo console, his last appearance was the NES.

    You seriously think this community is bawling over this? No, this is due to the fact Kojima is the one who is selfishly trying to beg Nintendo to promote his character in the Smash Bros. game, despite the fact he chose to neglect Nintendo. Konami is just as guilty as Kojima here, but Kojima is the one who personally made that false claim about the Wii U's GamePad, not Konami reps. If he didn't want to release it on the Wii U, then say so, instead of making up a bald faced lie to the entire Nintendo community.

    Furthermore, nobody here is encouraging anyone to threaten Kojima, people are stating there's a bunch of other characters from other non-Nintendo franchises who deserves to be in the line-up more than Solid Snake.

    Also, "nintendo fans are starting to outpace xbox fans in terms of awfulness"? Seriously? You actually believe this? Have you seen the number of MS and Sony fanboys attacking Platinum Games everyday over Bayonetta 2's exclusivity for the Wii U? They've even directly resorted to threats, and here you are claiming Nintendo fans are worse?

    • donzaloog

      That guy is an obvious troll. Don't even bother replying to him.

      • AntiActivity

        Yeah, I suspected he's a fanboy troll, just wanted to leave something to block all of his claims before someone else tries to answer him while Francis is away.

  • ChariotMan7

    I'm starting to loose respect for Kojima. C'mon now this game not on the Wii U is an outrage son real talk. Talk about lack of hated for the Wii U and Nintendo which I knew was going to happen. But I as always believe. Nintendo after everything they're going thru right now. They will prevail !

  • JTurner82

    If Kojima can't give WiiU MGS, then Konami should at least give WiiU owners something to compensate. VC titles are one thing, but I second the notion of hiring WayForward to do another CASTLEVANIA, especially if it's a WiiU title.

  • markwang125

    Don't ask for things if you cannot return the favor; like everyone says: you work to earn.

  • Santiago316

    Wow, Kojima has a lot of nerve.

  • ZeekQuattro

    Wow thats bold. He's not going to support the Wii U in anyway but wants Nintendo to plug his franchise in the next Smash Bros. He must be trolling.

  • alex9234

    Gimme a break, Kojima. Snake does NOT deserve to be in Smash Bros. at all, unless if you make a game or two for Wii U or 3DS, not just a remake (Twin Snakes), or a port (Snake Eater 3D). If you choose not to take the time and effort to make a game or two for a Nintendo system, then I will have officially lost all respect for you, as I already have lost almost all respect for you already. Kojima just showed to me, as a gamer and a Nintendo fan that he does not like, nor care for Nintendo, and that he is just like 95% of those incompetent 3rd party fuckwits who treat Nintendo fans like 2nd-class citizens. I really hope Sakurai turns that Sony fanboy down.

    Mark my words, Kojima is going to regret ignoring Nintendo constantly. It's going to come back and bite him in the ass.

  • nintendork67

    Here's a quick question, does the Wii U's disc have as much space on it as a dual layered Blu-Ray disc?

    • AntiActivity

      Wii U's discs can hold 25GBs per layer, so it's relatively similar to the blu-ray.

      • nintendork67

        Okay, yeah as much as I love Hideo Freakin' Kojima, that was kind of a dumb decision to make. It might not be just Kojima and might be Konami as a whole, but since this is Kojima's production company it's save to say it was his decision. It's like if MGR was 360 exclusive but Raiden was still in Playstation All-Stars, it's just kind of a kick to the nads.

    • nooblet68

      Yep. Same technology. Dual layered of both are 50GB.

  • RaphaelScallion

    I'd much rather have a Konami character who has actual history with Nintendo be in Smash, like Goemon, Simon Belmont, Bomberman, or Bonk.

    • nintendork67

      Well, there was Metal Gear on NES and Twin Snakes on Gamecube.

      • Eternal Youth

        And Snake Eater on 3DS

  • -ZaNT-

    1-on-1 with Developers: The Truth Behind Their B.S.

    Haha, man, I'd pay to watch a show like that. This is already entertaining enough.
    Man, Snake is pretty much done brawling. Keep it moving folks, nothing to see here.

  • JTurner82

    You want Snake in SSB for WiiU? Then give us a METAL GEAR SOLID for WiiU, for crying out loud, dang it! Swallow your Sony bias and give WiiU owners a MGS game!

  • Etermal7

    Nope. Snake sucked ass in smash.
    I would much rather perfer Goemon from Mystical Ninja.
    Now THAT is a worthy candidate.
    Also, new Mystical Ninja for Wii U would be AWESOME!!!!

    • markwang125

      Don't want to be that guy, but Snake technically is one of the best characters in the game according to the teir list; however, he isn't everyone's cup of tea.

  • ZainreFang

    Everyone else in this comment section said what needed to be said.

  • exfatal

    LOL wow the nerve of Kojima

    "please put our character in your game so it can get promoted… oh putting our game on your platform? nah i'll think i'll pass… that Wii U gamepad is soo confusing… btw smart glass integration for Metal Gear Solid everyone!!"

    Man i would literal want anyone else but snake at this point reping in brawl. Hope that 2 hour crap game bombs. There's a problem when im spending 60$ on something i can finish before I get back from watching a movie.

  • Freelancepimp

    For some reason I don't think it is just Hideo's decision. If the publishers said they wanted a wii u version there would be a wii u version. I also feel like a lot of creative control was wrestled away from him for this current title.

  • TwinTails100

    I don't understand the gall of some of these developers, and a Japanese developer which makes me cry inside at best. You don't put your game on a system for reasons because of a certain feature that you happily implement when working on the other systems? You expect Sakurai to use your character to represent a series that never even existed on the same console? Why do these people expect Nintendo and it's fans to bend over for them all the time? It's unrealistic and insulting.

    Tweet your complaints to him, guys.

  • AaronB

    I agree. I'd also like to see Sora in Smash, on the condition that KH 3 comes to the Wii U. It seems like a great way to entice third parties and offer them free cross-promotion.

    However, Smash is Sakurai's baby, so maybe he wouldn't want anyone to tell him which characters must be included.

  • ApocRider

    Although I'm not a big Smash Bros fan, I see this series as a way for Nintendo to promote certain games, not just their own, but those of third parties making exclusives for their system. I agree with everyone that Kojima should not get Snake in unless he's making a Metal Gear game for a Nintendo platform, preferably exclusively.

    By extension, I agree with Anti on Platinum games getting featured in Smash. He's made/making Wonderful 101 and Bayonetta 2 for Wii U. If any third party characters should be in Smash, it should be someone like Wonder Red or Bayonetta. Isn't Sonic already in? If so, that's good, since we've got Lost World and now Sonic Boom coming to Wii U.

    • nin12Gage

      wonder red first party

    • rjgamemaster

      i don't see how Bayonetta could get get in smash bros, smash being a t rated game i think she'd be far to……"mature" for smash

  • nintendofan4000

    Really? Kojima is a real snake in the grass. Pun INTENDED!

  • AntiActivity

    I think Nintendo should prioritize Hideki Kamiya's characters over Kojima's creations, especially since Kamiya provided a lot of Nintendo support. Furthermore, Kamiya's characters suit the SSB world a lot more than Snake. I would love to see characters from Viewtiful Joe, Okami, Bayonetta, or The Wonderful 101 in SSB, and all of these games are/will be available on Nintendo platforms.

  • Link

    Snake might be an iconic character but when it comes to actual representation on Nintendo systems I don't see how he deserves to be in Smash. Heck, even a niche third-party character like Travis Touchdown from NMH/NMH2 on the Wii deserves a spot over him because they have actually been on the systems. That 3DS port of an old MGS game isn't gonna cut it.

    I really hope Sakurai isn't going to include Snake and boost Kojima's ego even more.

    • alex9234

      To tell you the truth, I actually think Travis Touchdown would actually fit very well in Smash Bros.

      • nin12Gage

        same here lol

  • Jamie_Bworth

    Kojima can go fuck himself. I was done with MGS years ago.

    • alex9234

      You can say that again. I may get a PS3 later on so I can play MGS4, and I do plan on getting Twin Snakes on GameCube, but that's about it when it comes to the newer games in the series.

  • Eternal Youth

    Talk about insult to injury. I officially lost all respect to Kojima. I hope MGS 5 bombs big time (which it probably won’t). As of now Snake is better off with the chappy Playstation All-Star Battle Royale, if there’s ever a sequel (I apologize in advance if this is a little off topic).

    • alex9234

      Same here. I'm just going to buy the MGS games used from now on, since Kojima just showed us that he does not like, nor care for Nintendo at all. His constant ignoring of Nintendo is one of the many reasons why people are so upset with Kojima, and I don't blame them one bit.

      • Santiago316

        "I'm just going to buy the MGS games used from now on"
        Hell I have that same mindset but for the MAJORITY of the 3rd party games. I'm personally just sick of the BS.

  • DePapier

    Look. Ground Zeroes comes out next week. Phantom Pain, I'm saying 2015. We all know down the line they'll be making a definitive version with Ground Zeroes + Phantom Pain, probably 2016.

    I want to play the game on Wii U but it's not confirmed for the Wii U: therefore, I don't see why I should be hyped for it. Wake me up once Kojima brings the definitive version on Nintendo.

  • King_Sparkticle

    Once again, Kojima's giant ego speaking for himself. Man, what an asshole.

    He said that he found the Wii U an intriguing system and that he was working on a title for it. After the Miiverse leaks I highly believed something was in the works, until I completely got shit on by Kojima because he apparently couldn't think of Gamepad integration.

    I'm honestly growing to hate Kojima, and not just because his games aren't hitting my console of preference.

    This is literally worse than those Super Meat Boy developers asking for Meat Boy in Smash Bros. Literally. It's worse.

    Having Snake was literally a deal of honor in Brawl. Kojima instead treated it as a 'gift to god', and made a f***ing remake for the 3DS. THAT'S IT!!!

    I honestly hope Kojima doesn't ever get anything he wants ever again from Nintendo. He completely forgets that he is NOT, in any shape or form, the best games developer in this industry. He's just not.

  • Wow

    Remove snake and put Garmin and ebisumaru!

    • Wow

      Gaemon* damn auto correct!

      • Mythosa

        Who’s gaemon? I know of goemon from the mystical ninja series, would totally work in smash Btw, I think. Different spelling in different places? Or is it someone different?

        • Wow

          I just again misspelled it :'(

  • Metalheadgamer8

    Forget it Kojima. With the way you treat us, you deserve nothing. NOTHING!

  • donzaloog

    Kojima is such a hypocrite. You don't deserve to have your character in Smash Bros again, Mr Kojima. He never wants to support Nintendo consoles, but always want to take advantage of his friendship with Mr Sakurai to get his character into Nintendo's most popular series.

    Either you start supporting Nintendo's consoles, or shut up.

  • darkshidara

    oh please Kojima don't you have any shame? you won't put MGS 5 on the Wii U but want the free promotion that Smash Bros. will give to Snake?

  • darkgamer001

    MGS on Wii U….at the very least a port of what's out there, or maybe Phantom Pain or an exclusive MGS….or Kojima can, with all due respect, gtfo.

    Smash is about promoting characters on Nintendo platforms, not promoting ones that usually appear on "rival" platforms. Since Snake appeared on SSBB, we got….a 3DS version of Snake Eater. Yeah, that's nowhere near enough

  • Ray01X


    Come on Kojima, are you serious? That's so…it's like…Just stop. Just stop it man. *sigh* Jeez, the balls on this guy.

  • ei8bit

    As much as I respect Kojima and love the Metal Gear series. He have no rights to tell Nintendo and Sakurai that snake would be in Smash Bros U. Although it's a free of charge using the franchise character but what's the point? I don't really understand why Konami? Why you no support the Wii U. Also I know MGS series starts from Sony but he did support the Xbox. So why not the Wii U, Konami/Kojima?

    • Well, the Metal Gear SOLID series started on Playstation.

      But the original Metal Gear game was on the MSX2 – a Microsoft machine.

  • Whoa.

    I'm a huge MGS fan, but even I think this is a pretty scummy thing for Kojima to say.

    The only Snake will come back to SSB is if MGSV comes to Wii U, or if Kojima personally licks Iwata's boots.

  • FateShift

    I’d love to have Snake back in SSB. He was a pretty fun character to play as in brawl.

    • Francis@PE

      And I would love to see Metal Gear Solid V on the Wii U.

      But as of now, I think Bayonetta is far more worthy than Snake.

    • Mythosa

      I always thought he was an odd character in smash. They did well at incorporating him, but he still never quite felt like he belonged lol. Just my opinion though.

    • alex9234

      What Francis said. Hell, I can think of quite a few 3rd party characters that are more worthy than Snake, like maybe a Resident Evil character or two, like Leon S. Kennedy or Jill Valentine, since RE has had quite a long history on Nintendo consoles. Hell, even Lloyd Irving from Tales of Symphonia is more worthy than Snake. Maybe even Sora from Kingdom Hearts even!

  • MortyF1

    NO! I don't want Snake. He does not deserve it because he has not been in any new game on a Nintendo plattform (Remakes does not count). Kojima can suck it! 😐

  • hardin25

    Really? Really? Really? Really? I have an idea…Give Wii U owners Ground Zero and Phantom Pain, then see if Sakurai is nice enough to return the box to Smash.
    And we thought Miiverse was ridiculous on requesting characters…
    But if Snake slithers in, I might go crazy.

  • *NormalGamer*

    “I guess my point is if Kojima wants his character in Smash Bros. so bad he’s going to have to earn it at this point.”

    Or in other words: Begging for Sakurai to put Snake in Smash again isn’t enough anymore; If Kojima is going to redeem himself to the Nintendo crowd, he’s going to have to at least have the guts to take a risk by bringing Metal Gear on the Wii U without anybody port begging for it. Otherwise, this is just politics as usual.

    • Knightof2012

      Pretty much yeah, he can't expect us or Sakurai to support him when he hasn't supported us one bit.

  • Shadowkirby12

    While I liked playing as Snake, I don't want him in the next smash bros. Kojima just seems to want to promote his games via Snake…. "OH hey who is this guy? Oh from Metal Gear Solid? Let's buy MSG 5!" Seriously, if he just put MSG5 on Wii U my opinion would be a little different

  • Knightof2012

    You throw us a bone Kojima and maybe he'll do the same. Also Snake was so out of place in Brawl, he looked too realistic. I see people saying the same thing about Samus and Link but the thing is that they look more like anime/cartoon characters which still goes well with the Smash Bros. ascetics. I guess my point is if Kojima wants his character in Smash Bros. so bad he's going to have to earn it at this point.

  • HoystenPlacato

    Screw Kojima, He's all take and no give. He begged for generations to have Snake in Smash. Yet he refuses to put the Games on the system for the last 2 gens or so….

    • Wolfgabe

      Somebody oughta go tell him that on Twitter. It baffles me how that the potential for MGS and the gamepad is right there in front of his face yet he just can't seem to notice it

  • titangamecube

    Again, Point and Laugh folks