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Could Final Fantasy Versus XIII be in development for the PS4? What Would your Reaction be?

By Furious Francis, editor in chief

Final Fantasy Versus XIII…. I almost want to have a moment of silence anytime I mention the game because it’s been so long since the game was announced. This was by far was my most anticipated game of the current generation right next to Super Smash Bros Brawl and Mass Effect 2. The game now seems like Vaporware…. or is it being developed for the PS4!! Hit the link to take a look at the development cycle of Final Fantasy Versus XIII, and the possibilities of it being on the PS4. We want to know how you would react if the game was announced as a PS4 title. Please put your comments below.

This is a timeline I plucked straight from that got this from Game Informer . Take a look through, then read what we think below. Please register and comment on playeressence, so we can get a better understanding on how the community feels about this Final Fantasy Versus 13, and the situation Square Enix is in with the game.

May 2006
At E3, Final Fantasy Versus XIII is announced as part of the Fabula Nova Crystalis, as is Final Fantasy XIII and Final Fantasy Agito XIII. Along with Final Fantasy XIII, it is revealed as a PS3 exclusive.

 January 2007

Nomura says Versus XIII will feature some kind of unique support for the PlayStation 3′s Sixaxis controller.

 July 2007

Versus XIII is absent from E3.

 September 2007

Versus XIII is absent from the Tokyo Game Show.

 December 2007

Square Enix releases a new video adding more content to the original reveal trailer, showing a stylish fight and more of the protagonist’s powers in action.

 June 2008

Nomura says Versus XIII is on hold while the team helps complete Final Fantasy XIII. Square Enix later denies this, attributing Nomura’s statement to mistranslation.

 July 2008

Square Enix announces that Final Fantasy XIII is going multi-platform at E3. The company claims it has no plans to change the PS3 exclusivity of Versus XIII, which is otherwise absent from the show.

 August 2008

A new trailer debuts at a Square Enix fan event, showing a new female character battling the protagonist.

 October 2008

At the Tokyo Game Show, the protagonist’s name is revealed to be Noctis, and the woman he was fighting in the previous trailer is named Stella. The first in-game footage is revealed in the form of a conversation between Noctis and Stella. The video shows no exploration or combat.

 June 2009

Versus XIII is absent from E3.

 September 2009

Gameplay footage in a closed theater at the Tokyo Game Show depicts Noctis running around in various environments, but no combat is shown.

 December 2009

Final Fantasy XIII (now multi-platform) releases in Japan. The North American release follows three months later.

 March 2010

Nomura reveals via Twitter that players can navigate the world of Versus XIII with an airship.

 June 2010

Versus XIII is absent from E3. Nomura claims that the game’s storyline, character designs, and clothing designs are finished.

 August 2010

Voice casting begins in Japan. Yoshinore Kitase says that Versus XIII might not release in 2011.

 September 2010

Nomura affirms via Twitter that Versus XIII is being developed exclusively for PlayStation 3, saying: “The debate over porting is decided by the management based off the current market and the costs. All I can say right now as a developer is that Versus is being developed for the PlayStation 3.”

 October 2010

Listings for battle planner and level design planner positions appears on the recruitment page on Square Enix’s website.

 January 2011

Square Enix releases a six-minute trailer highlighting the story, new characters, and the battle system in action. Nomura confirms that Versus XIII will not release in 2011.

June 2011
Versus XIII is absent from E3.

 July 2011

Versus XIII is still in the pre-production phase, though Nomura says that the team is making preparations to enter full production. New screenshots are shown to selected press, but are not published or otherwise released to the public.

 August 2011

Square Enix files a new trademark application for Final Fantasy Versus XIII, indicating that the company still intends to move forward with the game under its current name (rather than dropping the XIII, as many had speculated).

 September 2011

Versus XIII is absent from the Tokyo Game Show. Yoshinori Kitase confirms that the game has entered full production.

 October 2011

Final Fantasy Agito XIII releases in Japan (under the new name Final Fantasy Type 0). No North American release plans were announced.

 May 2012

When asked about Versus XIII in an interview, Nomura tells Game Informer: “We would like to ask for your patience on an official announcement for this title. It always takes time when tackling the challenge of doing something completely new, but we are doing our best to bring information to the fans as quickly as we can. Your patience is greatly appreciated.”

 June 2012

Versus XIII is absent from E3. Square Enix gives Game Informer the following comment: “We appreciate the excitement for this title, but at this time, we do not have any new information to share on its development. We are extremely thankful for the continued support for the Final Fantasy franchise and Final Fantasy Versus XIII.”

If it was on the PS4……

I would be a little upset. I do plan on getting a PS4 but it would be tough to fork out 400 bucks for the system, then another $60 for the game. However, the game already looks better than 99% of games on the market. Part of me thinks the game is a little too ambitious for its own good. In the time Final Fantasy Versus 13 was announced, Square Enix will have released Final Fantasy Xiii, Xiii-2, and Lighting Returns Final Fantasy Xiii. Plus Final Fantasy XIV! That is crazy, something is up with this game, and Square Enix needs to let the fans know. They owe it to us.

The Better Option, PS3 and PS4 Release

This would be the best option but might make a lot of people’s decision very hard. Should I just get it on the PS3 I already have, or pony up the  money for a PS4 so I can play it on that? I would love to see this because it gives the fans that have been waiting for the game their version, but it gives your new system a Killer App right off the bat. Nintendo did a similar think with the Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess on the GameCube and Wii in 2006.

With all these delays and absences at major game shows, is there any possible chance the game is in development for the PS4? Would you be mad or happy if that was the case? We want to know. Please put them in the comments below. There is nothing like a good old’ fashioned Final Fantasy debate.

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  • PlywoodStick

    I think FF Versus XIII is going to become FF XV, at this rate… it may as well become a PS4 launch title at this rate, as well.

    • PlywoodStick

      This game has probably been through so much development hell, they must have all be beside themselves throughout the past decade trying to decide what to do for FF XV… So I think the efforts spent on that project will determine their future prospects for the series.

      • Furious Francis

        Freaking Square Enix can't even launch a worthy FF game last gen……

  • Randomness

    Final Fantasy 13 versus is A FF7 Remake that's why its being kept hidden so much.

  • Shannon Kyanzaki

    Don't let us down SquareEnix, make this for PS3 like you promised in 2006! If it comes for PS4…you know what forget it, I'll just buy Dragon Quest X for both Wii and WiiU (if FFvsXIII comes out for PS4)

  • indysurfn

    Will I be up set depends. If it is a JRPG with the battle style like FFI THROUGH FFIX then I NEED this game. However if it is with the battle style from FFX though FFXIII(any XIII) then I could care less, yes that includes FFXIV(14).

    But I would love it to be on either of the new platforms. Even wiiu, heck I may even consider buying it on PS2! Because I think it would have awesome 30FPS and summon spells being a turn based game on a next gen system. It would force me to be happy the new consoles are here.
    And Square would be a real JRPG company again. Not trying to please all and pleasing few.

    • Furious Francis

      Yeah, whatever it takes to get this game out, i\’m down for whatever

    • Jason

      Lol. From what info they have released so far the game looks like it will have a battle system similar to Kingdom Hearts…. So I don't think they will return to the old style of game.

      Also, FFX was pretty much like the ff games of old. Everything was turn based, none of this real time crap.