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I want the PS4 Controller to have a LCD Screen, just to Expose one Person

By Furious Francis

There are all sorts of rumors flying around about the PS4. We’ve got the original rumored specs here. The leaked specs of the PS4 and Xbox 720 coming out of CES 2013. And news Sony will be putting a screen on the PS4 controller like the Wii U Gamepad. As some of you might know, I’m a big fan of the Wii U, but I don’t necessarily want every company to go the same route as Nintendo. However, in this case, I want Sony to put LCD screen on the PS4 Controller just to expose one person. 



Michael Pachter, yes that’s right. I want to expose Michael Pachter for the money-grubbing troll he is. I’ve already stated how I don’t like him. He doesn’t benefit us gamers at all, and is no way looking out for our best interest. He’s just worried about his investors, and that causes a lot of lies and BS from his mouth. Nevermind the fact he’s wrong on pretty much every prediction he makes. Some of you might be wondering, how will Sony having a screen on the controller expose Pachter? I’ll get into that right now.

About a week ago or so, Michael Pachter says “I play on the Wii U and it feels like a DS to me. The GamePad feels very similar to the bottom half of the DS” Then went on to say he got “tired” when playing the Wii U, because he holds the controller up to the screen, it fatigues his arms, and he has to constantly switch focus from the Gamepad and TV. He didn’t specify what game or games he was playing though. I know it wasn’t Mario, because that game doesn’t make you switch back and forth. The ports like Call of Duty, Mass Effect, and Assassin’s Creed don’t make you switch back and forth much either. So it might have been ZombiU or Nintendo Land. However, many games in Nintendo Land have you just focus on the Gamepad when your playing it, like when your controlling Samus’ ship in Metroid Blast. So I’m guessing it was ZombiU. That’s the only game I know where your constantly switching between the Gamepad and TV. Either way, the guy is entitled to his opinion. But in this case, I’m positive Pachter either played ZombiU, which he didn’t specify, or is lying about his experiences to supplement the advice he gives to investors.

Now if the PS4 has a LCD screen on the controller, what will Pachter say? We all know he thinks the PS4 and Xbox 720 will beat Nintendo cause their “better”. He claims that the Wii U isn’t good to play because you have to constantly switch between the two screens (which isn’t true for a majority of games). What if the PS4 does similar things? Is he going to say the system isn’t going to work out? Is he going to get “tired” of playing? Pachter claims he wants Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo to all do well. But how am I supposed to believe that when his job involves telling investors where to put their money? He’s been telling investors to stay away from Nintendo, why would he have anything positive to say about them? Even with the 3DS breaking sales records, he still hasn’t said anything positive about the 3DS. You know why, because  he predicts tablets and smartphones are taking over. So of course he’ll have nothing to say about the 3DS and how its killing the sales charts.

Sony had to sell their U.S. Headquarters for 1.1 Billion dollars to cover their debts they owe. And with the continued struggles of the PlayStation Vita, I wonder why he doesn’t talk about that more? How about the Steambox entering the console race and disrupting Microsoft and Sony’s sales? Every Pach-Attack seems to take Nintendo doom question just to get cheap hits from his critics. I understand Nintendo/Wii U doom draws traffic, but you would think they would give it a rest after 2 months. Pachter purposely avoids doom questions or concerns related to Sony or Microsoft because it clashes with his advice hes given to investors. Its funny how much Pachter commented on the 3DS struggles, yet we barely hear anything from him about the Vita’s? Hmmmm….. I wonder why?

I will be purchasing a PS4, LCD screen on the controller or not. But just for the sake of proving Michael Pachter is a troll, I really want the PS4 to have a LCD screen on it. It will be interesting to see how Pachter explains his gameplay experience with the PS4 if it does have a LCD screen. I wonder if his arms will magically stop being “tired” when the PS4 does asymmetric gameplay like the Wii U? Hopefully, more people will see through his lies and bias sales analysis. How many times does somebody have to be wrong about major gaming related issues before his fans know he’s full of Sh*t? Seriously, this guy gets so much publicity, yet he’s always wrong about a multitude of big gaming issues. The almighty dollar might be fueling Pachter anti-Nintendo hate. Which is fine, cause sooner or later he’ll get cracked. And with the PS4 rumored to have a LCD screen on the controller, Pachter might be getting exposed sooner rather than later.

What do you guys think about the PS4 having a LCD Screen on the controller? Like it hate it? Whats your thoughts on the Pachter? Please put your comments below.

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  • ppSucks

    Meh; this was already done when the PSP was used as a controller. nothing new.

    • Furious Francis

      Yeah but how \’well\’ was it done. From my experience, there was lots of lag.

  • DarthDiggler

    Great site, you don't approve comments that are contrary to the authors positions. 😛

  • DarthDiggler

    You are so adiment about proving your point you completely negate the context that Michael used about the Wii U controller.

    He was saying the controller was cool, but he has issues with it. The fact that Nintendo is banking everything on the new controller is a bad strategy in his opinion (I happen to agree). The Wii U specs are turning out to be mostly a glorified tablet (in terms of hardware available for games). That being said if the PS4 releases with a controller with an LCD screen that doesn't mean the typical DualShock form factor would be going away. Also Sony would have more on their hands than a glorified tablet, they would have a system with an Advanced APU (CPU+GPU) as well as a strong GPU with super fast GDDR5 memory.

    Nintendo has the controller but lacks the actual next gen hardware to be a real contender for the Hard Core game audience.

    Michael Pachter is just giving his opinions as he sees it. The fact is if he was always wrong he wouldn't have any credibility and he wouldn't have the limelight he has today. The whole reason he has become a "household name" to gamers is because of his credibility. That doesn't mean he is always right and I have heard him say things that raised my eyebrows, but that doesn't completely discredit him.

    • Furious Francis

      Pachter is wrong about a majority of topics. His credibility comes from how much money he makes with investors. He has money and power. But he is by no means good for gamers. If you believed what he says. The DS would have been crushed by the PSP. 360 and PS3 would have killed the Wii. And the 3DS would not be dominating the sales the charts like it is. He constantly ignores Japanese sales, Doesn\’t admit when Sony and Microsoft are in financial trouble (becasue it goes against what he has advised to investors). Sony sold their freaking US office…. and not one word out of him. Microsoft and Sony\’s gaming divsions don\’t even make money. If it wasn\’t for their other business departments, they might be out of business.

      Pachter is a tool, and his opinion is skewed by money. Don\’t fall into his trap. I can bet you money he\’s wrong on Wii U. He\’s always wrong on Nintendo.

      • DarthDiggler

        This guy makes analysis every day, you are pulling a few examples. Don't be so partisan because someone is saying something you don't agree with.

        I don't ever recall Pachter saying the PSP was going to CRUSH (that isn't even a term an analyst would use) the DS, I do recall him thinking the unit would have been received more strongly than it was.

        In many ways the PS3 and the X360 have been much more successful than the Wii. Console sales alone isn't an indicator of your prowess in the marketplace. The fact is the Wii has a terrible attach rate and that is the one area that Pachter has always pointed out about the Wii. The Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 have a far superior attach rate, which tells stock holders that there is a great deal of interest in this platforms. Compare that to the Wii, which has been collecting dust for most of my friends.

        You aren't going to find Michael doing PachtAttacks about day to day business operations, but I am sure his clients have reports on a daily, weekly and monthly basis that have all the details that you say that he "overlooks". This stint he does on GTTV isn't his bread and butter, you are demonstrating a great deal of naivety here.

        Pachter is just an analyst that gives professional opinions. He has no alignments with any of the firms that he speaks of (not that I know), so his credibility shouldn't be in question, if you want to take task with his accuracy I don't think his appearances on GTTV would be a very good source of that data. That data has been chosen to be consumed by the gamers.

        What exactly would you bet money on? I may take that bet! 🙂

        • Furious Francis

          I hate the fact that your defending Pachter. And if Sony and Microsoft had so much more success with the PS3 and Xbox 360, why is their gaming divisions losing millions of dollars? Why did Sony have to sell their US headquarters for 1.1 billion if the PS3 and it \”high attach rate\” did so much better than the Wii? Nintendo made pure profit from the Wii from day 1, and trust me, Nintendo has made more profit from the Wii than Sony and Microsoft made from Xbox 360 and PS3.

          Don\’t be blinded by what fans say online. Sony is in serious financial trouble. You don\’t see Nintendo selling of their headquarters to pay off debts.

          Michael Pachter purposely avoids positive Nintendo sales news. He refuses to address the 3DS killing the sales charts in Japan. I\’ve sent in multiple questions on the 3DS doing so well and he wont answer them. But he\’ll take Nintendo doom questions all day. He won\’t answer any questions on Microsoft and Sony financial struggles. The guy is obviously trying to cover his own ass.

          • Roy

            Because Sony has a debt of $146 billion and a debt to equity ratio of 85%. Nearly half of the money made with the sale of the NY building was used to pay off debts and the other $650-700 million was liquidity that can be spent (probably on more debts).
            Sony's nearly worthless. But DarthDiggler is no gamer, he's a PS N4G fanboy and makes his living being a pro-Sony parasite on the internet.

          • DarthDiggler

            I am not defending Pachter, I am defending his opinions and the fact that he is far more qualified to make those opinions than your rinky dink, "I don't like what he said about Nintendo so I will call him an asshole" nonsense.

            If I don't pay attention to partisan hacks like you what makes you think I pay attention to console fanboys?

            Sony and Microsoft both have more on their collective plates than a game console. Nintendo that is all that they do. Sony's game division isn't in it's glory days but they have managed to keep most of their studios afloat this generation (some were cut and some were merged but the vast majority of dev closings have been 3rd party). In an industry there everyone is constantly saying the exclusive games are a dying breed Sony has proven that not to be true.

            Microsoft has it's hands in a little bit of everything and the stock holders just aren't that sure about the consumer division any more.

            Nintendo is profitable, but if they don't recreate the success of the Wii with the Wii U, what else do they have to fall back on? Pokemon. I would venture to say a great many Wii owners converted into Tablet gamers. The Wii U is trying to woo core gamers back, but after the Wii, it's too little too late. Take a look at Black Ops 2 players it's sub-100K.

          • Furious Francis

            His opinions are not more qualified than mine. I\’m going off of facts. Pachter is going off of skewed financial reports to fit his ideal. Nintendo did make more money than Sony and Microsoft last/this gen—Fact. Sony\’s gaming division lost 3 Billion—–Fact. Microsoft\’s gaming division lost millions due to the red ring and sinking profits—–Fact.

            Nintendo doesn\’t have to recreate the success of the Wii. It just has to be profitable. Which it will. Not to mention the 3DS is killing the sales charts BEFORE Pokemon has even came out. Where is any facts to back up your \”Wii owners converted into Tablet gamers\” now you sound just like Pachter….. No wonder you think his opinions are more qualified than mine. You listen to the garbage he spews and recite it on online message boards.

            Black Ops 2 has no indication of how well the Wii U will do. Microsoft and Sony have far more units than the Wii U of course Black Ops will sell much better on those systems. Let the Wii U get some units out and have a day and date with the other versions and COD will do much better.

            Pachter avoids positive 3DS sales, ignores Japan, and formulates his opinions on advice hes given to investors thus creating a bias.

        • Furious Francis

          Lets bet the Wii U sells more than \”realistic\” 25 million Pachter says it sell. And its called Paypal.