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If Xenoblade were on a HD Console, it Would a Serious Contender for Game of The Year.

By Furious Francis, editor in chief 

Xenoblade was one of the best games released this year period. Boasting a heavy 92 average on metacritic with countless perfect review scores, Xenoblade was the best JRPG to come out this generation. But many US gaming publications are leaving it off of their overall game of the year considerations (Gametrailers, IGN, GameInformer, to name a few), instead opting to crown it Wii/Wii U game of the year. In other words, a cop out. Xenoblade deserves to be in every ballot for game of the year, what Monolith Soft did with the ancient Wii hardware was nothing short of a miracle. The Wii was not liked by many gaming outlets, the shunning of Xenoblade in Game of the year results has me to believe Xenoblade is getting the shaft because it’s on the Wii. If Xenoblade was on the PS3 or 360, do you think it would have received more overall Game of the Year nominations?


Why Xenoblade Deserves to be Game of The Year

The amount of content within Xenoblade is second to no other game. You can easily spend 150-200 hours in one play through, if you complete the optional quests, crafting, and side bosses. The game is a beast to say the least. I couldn’t believe how much content was packed into one little Wii disc. Xenoblade has everything JRPG fans want: optional bosses, crafting, side quests, towns, hundreds of weapons, skills, and armor to loot or unlock. The battle system is innovative yet familiar too. Sporting a MMO style cooldown system, with the free movement action RPG feel, Xenoblade’s battle system is intense and addictive. The game has a fantastic soundtrack as well. From the battle music, to the town tunes, Xenoblade strikes the right chord when it comes to audio. Xenoblade is the complete package, how the industry is leaving this game off it’s Game of the Year list is very upsetting, considering Xenoblade’s quality.

Xenoblade Chronicles

Why Xenoblade is not on many Overall Game of The Year Ballots

Xenoblade has its quirks here and there, its by no means perfect, but what game is? The real reason Xenoblade is not getting more attention is because one: it’s on the Wii,  and two, it’s not in HD. The graphics are not the prettiest in Xenoblade, especially if you have a huge 1080p LED TV. If Xenoblade came out on the PS3 or Xbox 360 , the metacritic score would have jumped up 4-5 points. Graphics play a huge part in many reviewers eyes. Although Xenoblade had a fantastic average review score, when compared to games like Dishonored, Journey, Guild Wars 2, Borderlands 2,  Mass Effect 3, and others, Xenoblade’s graphics don’t stack up in their eyes. Many sites even gave Xenoblade a better score than other games on their Overall game of the year list, but was still left off. Lets move on to the future of the series.


Will we ever see Xenoblade on Wii U? 

Chances on this one are actually pretty good. Monolith Soft recently said they want to create something in the line of Bethesda’s games, as far as scope and fun factor. Xenoblade 2 fits right up that alley. Fan feedback from the first game was very positive, and Nintendo could potentially convert this into a multi-million dollar franchise if they play their cards right. Some marketing, a nice HD console to play on, some unique but subtle Gamepad implementation and you could have a massive killer app for the Wii U.


We want to know what YOU Think!

I want to know what you guys think. Is Xenoblade getting the shaft cause it’s on the Wii and not named Mario? If Xenoblade was on a HD capable console would it have rated higher? Please register for playeressence and put your comments below.

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  • Furious Francis

    Bethesda's games are not crap, yeah they have a few bugs here and there, but Skyrim is awesome. And Fallout 3 was classic. I think the article brought to light the bias against Xenoblade being on the Wii.

  • Eighth Hero

    how can you say bethesdas games are crap they got fallout 3 oblivion skyrim all great games well designed

  • stealth

    "Monolith Soft recently said they want to create something in the line of Bethesda’s games, as far as scope and fun factor"

    This is factually untrue. They said they want to imitate what they do with engines, using the same one over and over.

    Bethesda games are crap overall. Monolith said they look to japanese devs for rpg guidance

    GOTY awards are paid off, bias pieces of tabloid journalism. I dont need them to say this is a goty

    this article is a waste