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inFAMOUS Second Son Details from GameInformer

inFAMOUS Second Son looks has you playing as a Native American rebel with a host of new powers and abilities to exploit. GameInformer has a host of new details past the link. 

New Protagonist

Delsin Rowe is inFAMOUS: Second Son‘s new protagonist. He is a 24-year-old Native American street graffiti artist and rebel. When the conduit transport vehicle crashes near his hometown, he moves in to help those wounded, and realizes that he’s been a conduit all along.

His power? Empathic mimicry—similar to Peter Petrelli’s from Heroes. He has the ability to absorb the abilities of other conduits. When he runs to help those injured in the crash, he comes into contact with a conduit who can control smoke, which grants him his first power. But there are others to come.

Gameplay Demo

A gameplay demo shown to Game Informer saw Delsin take out various forward-operating bases run by the DUP using smoke projectiles to destroy security cameras, and a smoke-dash to transport through an air duct at ground level to a building’s rooftop. There will be various ducts like these in Seattle for easy transportation, but like Cole before him, Delsin can still climb, as well.

From the roof, Delsin sends down fireballs to the walkways below, crumbling them to the ground. He then leaps off the building and descends in a manner similar to Cole’s thunder drop, scattering the DUP agents below.

Now in the base’s center, a DUP agent emerges from a van with a mini-gun and numerous agents surround Delsin. Casting them aside, he unleashes a smoke cloud to temporarily immobilize the agents, then takes out the mini-gun heavy with a barrage of smoke. With the other agents still coughing, Delsin now has enough time to take them out for good.

Most of the DUP agents battle in line with SWAT teams or military police, but some appear to utilize supernatural powers. But Sucker Punch wouldn’t say if that meant there are conduits who work within the DUP.

Power Restoration

Like Cole, who needed to recharge his abilities with electricity-powered devices, Delsin needs help from the environment to replenish his smoke supply. Chimneys, vehicle wreckage, or even a DUP agent’s tear gas canister can help replenish his abilities.

To absorb smoke, players can use the PlayStation 4 touchpad by pressing down both thumbs, which causes the smoke to swirl and enter Delsin’s body.

The touchpad also has other uses. The fingerprint scanners used by DUP agents to identify conduits are also used to open the containment cells that hold them. Players can use the touchpad to free these conduits themselves.

Another use of the touchpad: Delsin pulls out a brightly lit control module with one hand, blasting at it with the other. To do this, players swipe up on the touch pad to throw it forward, and continuously tap the touchpad to fire at it.


Previous inFAMOUS games offered good-versus-evil lines to follow. There will be tough decision-making in Second Son, but Sucker Punch didn’t offer any examples.

A possible example noted by Game Informer, however: during the demo, a DUP officer attempts to surrender to Delsin. The player can chose to let him live or die, which could mean some sort of karma system similar to previous games is in play.

inFAMOUS: Second Son has yet to be dated, however, resumes suggest it is a PlayStation 4 launch title. For more information, including new screenshots, pick up the June 2013 issue of Game Informer.

inFAMOUS Second Son is tempting me to buy a PS4 if it is a launch title. But I have to compose myself and wait for a price cut. But I really want to play inFAMOUS Second Son.


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  • Guest

    I liked the first one. I still haven't tried the second one but I heard they improved a lot of things from the first.

    So far this game looks good.

  • MrSilver

    I like the inFAMOUS games, and the premise for this game seems pretty cool. When I get a PS4 I'll probably pick it up.