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It’s On!: Mario 3D, Mario Kart U & Zelda 2 RPG Appear for Wii U Pre-Order Pages at Walmart

Nintendo isn’t just going to sit back and let the Wii U die. Walmart has opened up a preview page for a brand new 3D Mario Game, Mario Kart on Wii U, and the Legend of Zelda 2 (RPG), not the Windwaker HD. Oh man, E3 is going to be epic if those three games all launch this holiday. 

In the last Wii U Nintendo Direct, Nintendo announced they will be showing off a new Mario Kart, 3D Mario game, and the Windwaker HD at E3 this year. All the games were expected to be playable and launch this holiday.

These are not the official names of the games, they’re just pre-order pages for the game. The most interesting thing about this is the Zelda game. Most of us though Nintendo would be rolling out The Legend of Zelda The Windwaker HD this fall. However, this new Zelda 2 (RPG) is not referring to Windwaker HD, which also has a pre-order page. Is Nintendo planning a new Zelda title for the Wii U? Or is it just a boxed release of the old Zelda 2 title on the NES? I don’t see why they would release a boxed copy, so it’s either a typo, or were getting two Legend of Zelda games this fall.

This is one way to turn Wii U sales around, although Monster Hunter seems to be doing that. Release three big titles all in Q4. Nintendo will easily sell the most units this holiday, if all of these games are released on Wii U.


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  • Rickie

    Nintendo said zelda 2 was a failure so this could be a modern remake, welcomed too as Zelda 2 is the only one I couldn’t be bothered with because it was rubbish.

    • Furious Francis

      Im not a huge fan of Zelda 2 myself. However, if they make it more modern, and add some unique elements, it could be cool.

    • koopzilla

      I don't think Zelda 2 was a bad game at all (although it was my least favorite), just the difficulty level was ridiculous. I don't really see a remake of that getting a retail release though, seems like something that would be on the e-shop or something. A modern remake of it could work, Adventure Time was basically Zelda 2 but without the insane difficulty and it was a pretty fun game.

      • Furious Francis

        That's why E3 is going to be special. Hopefully Nintendo can roll out that update on the Wii sometime soon. I want those faster loading times.

  • koopzilla

    Zelda 2 (RPG) is a strange one. First of all why the 2? This would be like the 19th Zelda game. Also, the RPG. I'd call Zelda an adventure game, certainly not an RPG. I would, however, be very interested in a Zelda RPG game. Something along the lines of the Paper Mario, or Mario & Luigi games. Imagine a partnership between Square and Nintendo for The Legend of Zelda RPG, kind of a sequel to Super Mario RPG. That would be a great way to get Square on board with the Wii U. Of course it would need to be a quality game, not just a graphics showcase, but I'm sure Nintendo would make sure of that.

    Another strange thing about this is the prices they give. 59.95 is the standard price of a Wii U game. Mario 3D, and Smash Bros. both have that price. But Zelda and Mario kart have a 99.95 price on them. I'm sure they will be 59.95, it's just odd they priced them like that.

    Anyway we know there is a new Zelda, 3D Mario, and Mario Kart coming. I would think it might be possible for Mario Kart this year, 3D Mario I don't expect until at least next year (but it would be a pleasant surprise if it did release this year). I don't see Zelda making it out for quite a while though, those usually have pretty long development cycles, judging from past games I'd say it will be another 2 years or more.

    • Furious Francis

      Square can barely afford to keep their employees. The Square we all knew and loved from the FF 1-10 days are dead. There now Monolith Soft and Mistwaker. So a collaboration between those two developers would be really cool for a Zelda RPG.

      • koopzilla

        Yeah, I can mostly agree with that. However I think they do have some talented developers left, they did make The World Ends With You, and Bravely Default looks excellent. To tell you the truth, I think the Wii U could save them this next generation. It would force them to cut back some on the graphics and actually focus on what made the series great in the first place. Of course, I'm sure they will ignore it and waste millions on graphics for PS4 and 720 and forget about story and gameplay again. I can't help but wish for the old Square and Final Fantasy to come back, even if at this point it looks unlikely.

        • Furious Francis

          Yes, you are right, the guy who made Kingdom Hearts is still there, so I have to agree.

          • Furious Francis

            Nomura, I think his name is,

    • Matt

      Strange, Zelda isn't an rpg. Why do retailers label it such?

      • Furious Francis

        Zelda 2 is more of a RPG though, that game is different than the rest of the Zelda games.