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It’s Time Sony Proves the PS3+Vita Can Do Everything The Wii U Does.

It’s Time Sony Proves The PS3+Vita Can Do Everything The Wii U Can Do.


Since the Wii U was  announced, Sony has been quick to state the PS3 and Vita together, can do everything the Wii U can do. To add to this, Sony fans have backed those claims on forums and websites across the web with little to no evidence. While this may be true, Sony really hasn’t shown us anything to the level Nintendo is doing with Wii U. I’m not saying Wii U gameplay can’t be achieved with the PS3Vita combo. If anything it would be cool if Sony can adapt that technology to their IPs. The only problem is, we’ve only seen cross platform play, not asymmetrical gameplay like NintendoLand’s Find Mii mini game.
(check out our hands on footage here).

It just doesn’t start and end with NintendoLand either. ZombiU, Batman Arkham City, Scribblenauts Unlimited, and many other Wii U launch games utilize the gamepad flawlessly. If the PS3Vita combo can do what the Wii U does as well as it does it, why haven’t these third party publishers announced support for the PS3Vita combo play? Is it because the PS3 and Vita don’t come with each other bundled? Or is it because Publishers have realized the PS3Vita combo can’t do what the Wii U does, in the fashion it does it. The Wii U has 1 GB Ram for games and another for GB for the OS. The disc speed and OS is faster and of newer design. The Wii U was built for dual screen gameplay. I’m not sure the PS3Vita combo were both built from the ground up for dual screen asymmetrical gameplay. The PS3Vita combo play seems more like a secondary feature than a main system selling feature like the Wii U.


Now technically, can the PS3Vita combo do what the Wii U does “easily” as Sony claims? I’m not a tech expert so I couldn’t explain if it does or doesn’t, I just go off of what I see or read. However, according to this article The PS3Vita combo can’t do everything the Wii U does.

Apparently PS3Vita uses remote play to communicate which can cause lag. PS3+Vita combo uses Wi-Fi to connect to each other which has “significant drawbacks” according to the author. PSP used this same feature and there sometimes was considerable lag. The author goes on to say he hasn’t used the Vita’s remote play feature but consumer feedback on Vita’s Remote Play “has been largely negative”.

While there are no concrete details on how the Wii U communicates with the Wii U gamepad, the latency is less than one sixtieth of a second according to Tekken series producer Katsuhiro Harada. The author also goes on to state the Wii U can handle multiple streams. This meaning one player can use the gamepad and see completely different perspective and view than somebody using the main screen and vice versa. As of now the author claims this is not possible with Remote Play.

A game like Marvel vs. Capcom uses the PS3Vita combo in a feature called “Ultimate Controller” but there are drawbacks to it. You have to own two copies of Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 to utilize the feature. The Vita version and the PS3 version. There might be a program or app to utilize the Ultimate controller without two copies of the game states the author, but as of now nothing exists. The Wii U doesn’t need two copies of a game since the controller just steams the data from the console.

The author does state he has a “pro-Nintendo slant” on the article and the website but it does seem he knows what he is talking about when it comes to the technical side of the PS3Vita vs. Wii U.

All I want Sony to do is show us games like ZombiU and Rayman Legends that use the PS3Vita combo as well or better than the Wii U. Somebody can easily say the Wii can play games online just like the PS3. But we all know the Wii’s online is not as stable, developer supported, or functions anywhere near the level of the PS3.

What do you guys think? Is it time for Sony to put up or shut up? Put them in the comments below.

  • Clearly you're just another fanboy pretending you've got an PS3/Vita and talking trash when the truth is that you know nothing.