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‘It’s too early to talk about the end of this gen’ says Sony’s Yoshida

The PS4 got a major leak of info by VG247 last week. Many gamers are looking forward to the PS4 and next generation gaming but according to Shuhei Yoshida, Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studious President, PS4 talk is a bit early.

Mr. Yoshida said that while the technical specs may have reached their limits the expanded services and games that are offered can extend the life cycles beyond just graphical power.

– Didn’t we already do this? Normal console life cycles are 4-5 years its been 6 years since the PS3.

In an interview with French gaming site Lemonde, Yoshida was asked if the release of the Wii U officially started the next generation and not surprisingly he relied with  “Not necessarily. Since the launch of the Playstation 3, six years ago, the graphics have evolved, resulting in titles like adventure game Uncharted 3 and Beyond by Quantic Dream.”

“The life of consoles is also extended by services online,” Yoshida added, “which continue to make a new offer cloud and new social functions. It is therefore too early to talk about the end of this generation of consoles.”

– Hmmm, the Wii U is a next generation console because it is the successor to the Wii U. That means next generation has started. Just like when the Xbox 360 launched first in 2005 that was the start of the next generation.

The PS Vita also a topic of discussion and Yoshida was not fond of the mere 3 million units sold globally at this point saying, “These results are below our expectations,” Then went on to blame smartphones instead of a weak game lineup and market price.

“These devices include the ability to play,” he added, “and it is difficult for us to justify the purchase of an additional machine. To us to produce added value to attract players to the PlayStation Vita. The other reason is the number of content available on the console.”

“With the rise of mobile gaming studios have begun a transition in part, allocating more resources to this type of production,” he concluded, “Even if the creators want to develop games on Vita, they unfortunately fewer resources to do. One solution is to encourage the support of the platform by smaller development studios.”

– I don’t feel its to early to talk next generation. I am ready for it. It’s been 6+ years since the PS3, Wii, and Xbox 360 came out. Time to get new systems on the market.

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