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Keiji Inafune Feels Domestic Brand Loyalty was the Xbox 360’s Downfall in Japan

The creator of Mega Man, Keiji Inafune, has told IGN, why he feels the Xbox 360 failed in Japan. 

Keiji said he loves the PlayStation brand, however, he also likes Microsoft as well. During his time at Capcom, he supported the Xbox 360 as much as he could.

“I understand Japanese users don’t prefer Xbox 360, but if I was asked why, I wouldn’t be able to put a finger on it,” he said. “Probably one of the reasons is because PlayStation is a domestic brand in Japan, as a Japanese [person], I think it’s only natural you feel closer or attached more to domestic products and I find myself being that way too.

“When you see two products with similar features and one is from your own country and the other is from foreign countries, it’s easy to pick the one from your own country.”

Inafune added that brand loyalty could have been averted in some cases if Microsoft had more exclusives on the market.

I think there is more to it that this. The RROD and paying for online play didn’t help Microsoft either. You have Sony and Nintendo, companies that have been around longer. Your trying to break into the market and you offer online play for a fee, when your competitors don’t? That was a huge mistake. Plus, online play is mostly for first person shooters, Japanese gamers hate first person shooters due to them getting motion sickness.

Why do you guys think the Xbox 360 failed in Japan? put your comments below.

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  • koopzilla

    I can totally agree, if their hardware wasn't so unreliable and they didn't charge you for online services it would have done much better, I think. I don't even see how it could have done so well here considering those things. I don't think that's going to change though, because it has made them money. In fact if rumors are true, it's going to be even worse because you are going to be required to pay for their online services, even to play single player games.

    • Furious Francis

      That would kill the console…..

  • Furious Francis

    Yeah, if MS really wanted to break into the Japanese market, they would open a Japanese studio, and get rid of XBL fees

  • Shannon Kyanzaki

    Ohhh I did not know that…well there you go…then again, most FPS can make a person have motion sickness…