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Keiji Inafune not Worried About Legal Threats with Mighty No.9

Mighty No.9

Some gamers have raised concerns over Capcom shutting down Mighty No.9 because the character design is so similar to Mega Man. However, Inafune is not worried about it at all. 

Here is a portion of the interview with Inafune.

USG: I think it’s good that the legal questions weren’t the first thing in your mind, but obviously, they do have to come into consideration at some point. I’m wondering if you’ve looked into previous legal precedents — things like Microsoft and Apple’s look and feel lawsuit. An even more direct parallel might be the game Tear Ring Saga, which was made by one of the creators of Fire Emblem. Nintendo wasn’t very happy about that. Have you looked into any of those situations? 

KI: Honestly, publishers and developers always disagree on lots of issues. And so that conflict and that friction will always be there. The Infinity Ward guys are a perfect example, a publisher and a developer disagreeing over what they each think their value is. If you start worrying about that, you’re not going to get anything done. It just comes with the territory. 

That being said, Mega Man is Mega Man because it’s my style. It’s my artistic style that created that character. Beck, in Mighty No. 9, is also a character that I’ve created. If the idea is that I should try to stop creating characters via my style and try to create a different style that totally doesn’t fit with me, that doesn’t seem to make a lot of logical sense. Certainly I’m not going to do that just to make Capcom happy. I am who I am. My artistic style is what it is. We’re all going to naturally gravitate toward what fits us naturally as an artist or a creator or a designer or whatever. That’s all I’m doing in this case as well. 

Mighty No.9 will be fine, and the game is currently killing it in Kickstarter.


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  • Matthew Wesley

    When this game reaches it's stretch goals,I bet Capcom's going to shit a brick.

  • Aiddon

    a very much doubt CAPCOM even cares. They have bigger fish to fry

  • jesgrad07

    Well, Nintendo sued a former employee of intelligent systems for a Fire Emblem Clone, Tear Ring Saga. Nintendo won money, but the game wasn't removed from stores and was allowed to sell. I believe if Capcom did sue that is worse that could happen…but man would they be hated for it. However, seeing as how Shovel Knight hasn't been touched, it is possible that Capcom isn't going to try anything. Still, I wish this was worked out well before now. We all know how stupid companies can get when it comes to money.

  • gamenchick

    could you imagine the outcry of hate if Capcom shut this down?

    • Link

      It would be completely insane. Even if Capcom had the right to shut it down, I highly doubt they would risk the incredibly bad PR they would get from it.