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Killer Instinct Launch Trailer Confirms Fulgore for March 2014 Release


Killer Instinct’s launch trailer is over on GameInformer, and the original announcer is back. Not only that, but Fulgore has been confirmed for a March release. Check out the trailer here

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Author: Francis@PE (16920 Posts)

19 Responses to Killer Instinct Launch Trailer Confirms Fulgore for March 2014 Release

  1. nin12Gage says:

    i get what your saying about the snes look but your still getting rip off

  2. retrogaminglord says:

    Why are people complaining about the designs lot of them look great. Killer instinct has only had 3 games and its been gone for like 1990s. We can't expect their designs to look the same as snes or arcade. Some of the old designs never looked that great, my least favorite jight now Thunder's design, my favorite is Saber wolf. If I ever get a xbox one I'll get this day one. They also added a new character and mostly likely they are going to add a season 2 and we will see more character designs change. Its one of the best fighters coming out, i find it better the street fighter and tekken. It has a whole lot more detail then most fighters and it actually explains the game to you and gives fighting fans bonuses

  3. Mythosa says:

    There is just so much wrong with this game…

  4. TheWolvesDen says:

    Look we have the primary issue of them jipping us in a piecemeal format. Agreed thats whack but I don't grasp how people who grew up playing KI don't look at this NOW and see that this looks like a labor of love. At first I thought that this was just a reskinned SF4 but man it looks like it plays and adopts the old formula so well. The fluidity of the game and the counter combo system seems well thoughout. This is a time to be upset about practices but in this case the fundamentals of the game seem real solid. The announcer is still cheesy and the music still sounds awesomely cheesy- even adapting some dubstep to add to the cheese- but still the memorable parts of the tunes remain.

  5. donzaloog says:

    This sucks. They're giving review scores to an incomplete game?

  6. koopzilla says:

    My god, he looks absolutely terrible. Their character designs are freaking terrible. I thought Glacius looked bad, but this is ridiculous. He just looks so bad… Fulgore didn't even need redesigned at all, he already looked bad ass. I hope this game fails so hard. Not just because it looks bad, but so it can go dormant for another decade or two and they can forget about this completely and re-redesign the charachters. Why did Microsoft have to get the rights to Killer Instinct?!!

    @Matthew Wesley I think this is even worse than leaving Sagat out, it's almost like leaving Ryu out until a later date. I guess you could say Jago is the main character, but I always seen Fulgore as the main character. He was always the person on the cover and in ads and stuff, plus most people I know used him the most, he was certainly my favorite.

  7. Why Im I Here says:

    Oh God Fulgore! What have they done to you!

  8. Matthew Wesley says:

    What type of fighting game is this that they're adding mainline characters after the fact? It's like Street Fighter adding Sagat at a later date. Doublehelix can go to hell (and take Microsoft with them).

    • Hardensoul72 says:

      Yea, this is why I don't trust the recent reviews, there are modes missing and the story modes won't be added till march!!

    • NewKOTMforWiiU says:

      Exactly! Microsoft & Doublehelix can burn their tongue on a cockmeat sandmich fresh out the oven. And to make matters worse, they butcher Fulgore's design. Looks like a Killzone prototype. lol

    • ryuken13 says:

      Exactly??? No Fulgore on launch?? What a joke.. This game is a money grabbing turd and any who think otherwise should really look at the deal and what you get for your money.l GREED and RIP Rare IP

    • retrogaminglord says:

      You do realize microsoft is being a ass to double helix they had 10 months to work on the game which isn't a lot for what they are showing. The game is free it will be getting its modes as soon as they can. Blame microsoft not double helix

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