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Kingdom Hearts 3 and FF15 – The Official Video what Square Enix said About dx11)

Kingdom Hearts 3 FF 15

Seems like the whole DX11 controversy with Wii U  not getting FF 15 and Kingdom Hearts 3 was blown out of proportion by the original media. 

The video shows Square Enix didn’t even speak about the Wii U.

The answer to the questions starts around 52:25. Nomura and his team are using Direct X11 to build the game on PC. Here is his response to what consoles will get the port from the PC when it’s finished.

“Whichever consoles that handle that tool can be used to port the game, so we just care about the specification of each hardwares, and we hope that they would maintain the original high qualtiy of the game we are making when it’s ported to the consoles.”

Looks like we all owe Square Enix an apology. However, the news outlet that broke this story should be ashamed of themselves. They obviously were looking for troll bait. Nomura never even mentioned the Wii U.

Thanks JTurner for the awesome tip!


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46 Responses to Kingdom Hearts 3 and FF15 – The Official Video what Square Enix said About dx11)

  1. dragoon124 says:

    This is a bit late to post, but I found this http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/spaniardmike/
    this game uses Direct x11

    The developers of the game have been working with Wii U's Direct X10 and modifying it to work more similarily to Dircet X11 with practically no noticeable differences

  2. joe says:

    so it was a lie by gametrailers saying ff15 and kh3 cant run on wii u the maker of the games has not say that at all that good news to me so look like ff15 and kh3 may come then

  3. UncannyOmninaut says:

    Nice to know that Tetsuya Nomura wasn't the one saying this nonsense since I'm holding on to my intial impression of him that he isn't a bad developer or a Nintendo hater but somebody who is dealing with a bad situation in a bad work environment and does not have the balls to just leave. Nomura I fear will probably be destroyed by Squeenix. We shall have to see what makes to Wii U and what doesn't. I feel it is too early to get bent out of shape what is announced and what isn't we shall have to just wait and see with these games. I'm not even quite convinced that either FFXV or KH3 are coming any time soon if ever since there is the possibility that the company might fold before they are completed.

    Also the western gaming media is dickz, that was some click bait shit. It seems we should constantly look into the source just to see what the truth is because (jo)urinalists can't stop pissing their own spin on any situation even if there is nothing special going on in the situation.

  4. Shannon Kyanzaki says:

    the hell…western media needs an pimp slap to the face, we need to give SE an apology…because that was not the point of that….they didn't even say anything about the Wii U, and that's a shame that western media believe their feces smell like roses…that's sad…

    • Jon Turner says:

      Correction: we ALL share the blame in this. Square-Enix DOES deserve some flak for not taking Nintendo fans into consideration and we do need to let them know that there is a demand for this title on WiiU. But on the other hand, yes, it WAS the western media who twisted it around. And sent us all into a frenzy. So I don't think it's just us. Others need to share the blame too.

  5. blessingstoall777 says:

    Look I like to think Im a fairly balanced thinker… but apologize? We are the consumers. 3rd parties should be kissing our asses, because we give them their lifestyles, but since the WiiU hasn't broke the 5 million mark yet, we don't matter to them. On the other hand since there is apprehension in purchasing a WiiU for whatever reason, devz seem to think that they need to invest heavily on the higher spec machines, in order for them to have a selling point, being that 3rd party games routinely either suck balls, or are just passable… and better grfx gets western gamers drooling so they are going all in on "Next-next Gen" lol. Bunch of idiots. I swear this better change soon otherwise the abuse will continue. Then western devz dare call Nintendo too strict, or picky, or gimmicky… man seriously they can all suck on a turd pile. My$ is going to deserving devz, not these sissy corporate bitches.

  6. RicardJulianti says:

    I'm not apologizing. I've said what I've said and I meant it at the time.

    As of right now, it isn't coming to Wii U because it hasn't been announced or has even been a rumor like with Watch Dogs and so forth. He says "whichever hardware can handle that tool" and the game gets announced for the PS4….and then the X1. Unless Nintendo is being goofy about announcements again, there is absolutely no reason not to announce it for Wii U. It's not like SE hasn't had the dev kits forever…they know the hardware and have had full documentation close to a year now.

    Now, if they are remaining completely quiet about it because of sales….that's a different story. I'd much rather they wait to announce something and then be able to kill it quietly than to say, "We don't like the sales so it's not coming." Once sales pick up (no logical reason to think they won't), they can come out as the heroes and say "It's in development! You're welcome! Love us!"

    • Jon Turner says:

      I'm willing to assume that the latter is true at this point. Either way this IS odd.

      • NGX159 says:

        Usually a multiplat game will be announced for Nintendo consoles as time passes on when the x game is about 3-4 months away from release. i.e. CoD Ghosts. I wouldn't be surprised if Nintendo themselves are screwing with our heads and before you know it KH3 is announced 6 months before release on a Nintendo Direct.

  7. revolution5268 says:

    I don't believe on what they say. They knew what they were saying and they will not bring it to the wii u either way. X may end up better because be real when was the last time we got a good final fantasy game?

  8. TheFoxshot says:

    Michael Damianii was the one who spread this false news. His twitter. Don't ever pay attention to this guy. It's people like him that messes up information.

  9. Jon Turner says:

    Even if we do owe them an apology, we still need to show that there is an audience for both games on WiiU. Yes, it shows that they didn't totally rule out WiiU, but we can't use this as an excuse to drop our demand. We still need to show it.

    • ednice says:

      We can ask petitions but don't ask on NintendoLife because they will ban you

    • Sky Grounder says:

      I want Kingdom Hearts 3 really bad. And I'm sure most other Nintendo fans want it aswell.
      Besides, it's not going to get released any time soon, and the Wii U has future-proofed itself with upcoming games (incl. Mario Kart), so I really hope they have enough reasons to make it for the Wii U.

      • Jon Turner says:

        Luckily there's still time. KHIII is arguably a better game to fight for IMO. Final Fantasy just hasn't been good since Hironobu Sakaguchi left, and frankly, none of the post FFVI games have ever captivated me the same way.

  10. ednice says:

    I don't get it, why do we one Square Enix an apology?

  11. sparkticle says:

    I think it's not exactly US who need to make an apology, but the people behind the media. The western media needs to just shut the hell up and stop jumping onto Nintendo. Western media is literally cancer. They don't only always over-exaggerate in a Hollywood style, they also report utter bullshit and shamelessly diss companies. This is exactly why the Western media seriously needs a kick in the ass.

    Every single person on this planet was convinced that Square Enix actually said so about the Wii U…this is pathetic.

  12. Zeldarocks says:

    Exactly that’s what trying put across as X looks just as good final fantasy 15.

  13. Richard says:

    When someone says the WiiU can't handle KH3 and FF15 I simply point to X. If the WiiU can handle THAT I'm pretty sure it can handle KH3 and FF15.

  14. donzaloog says:

    I wonder how much money Microsoft threw at them to get the game on XBone? If they had any sense they would know that they have a huge audience on Nintendo and bring these great games to Wii U. But if they don't want my money, fine. I'll give it to people who do.

    • Jon Turner says:

      Well they DO have better relations with Nintendo these days — they are clearly on board the 3DS and they DID give WiiU DQX (and are giving us Deus Ex), so it's not entirely impossible. But showing demand is still something that we have to do regardless.

  15. Zeldarocks says:

    Who down voted me there?When trying put valid example across I get down voted.At least give me reasons?

    • timsdeece says:

      Yea it happens the whole time, sometimes I get down voted for whatever reason but I'd like to hear why. I'm anything but a troll and I enjoy a good debate.

  16. ShadowKirby says:

    Well, guess we owe Square Enix an apology on that one. But I wouldn't be suprised if they used another excuse to not bring these games to the Wii U….

  17. Zeldarocks says:

    Compare final fantasy15 gameplay to X is there really that much difference in graphics?To me doesn't look it.

  18. timsdeece says:

    They are just going to say the wii U specs compromised the quality of the game…calling it

  19. Zeldarocks says:

    Sweet It's still on then.Seriously first and foremost reason buy ps4 so please square bring to wii u save me forking out lot more money just for two games.

    • Furious Francis says:

      The Wii U can handle a nice port of that game. If they really want to maximize their revenue they would put it on Wii U as well as PS4 and Xbox One

      • Zeldarocks says:

        Spot on there as there's lot of Nintendo fans who have Wii u are big RPG fans especially these two series.Or man X,KH3 and Final fantasy15 on wii u yes please.

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