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Kojima Admits to Liking Sony, but will go Multi-format from now on

Metal Gear Solid creator Hideo Kojima has had a long history with Sony systems. However, he feels it’s time he brings his work to more platforms. So from here on out, you can expect Kojima Productions game’s on more systems than Sony’s. 

In an interview with Edge, Kojima was asked if he would ever support one format again, like with Metal Gear Solid 4, and he replied with:

“It’s a tough question to answer. Obviously, I do like Sony, I respect them and I have a lot of things in common with their way of thinking. I think the future of gaming is with cloud technology and cloud gaming.

“I love Sony, I have a Sony camera, but I think if you’re going to enter the cloud generation then there will be a lot of different devices involved and a lot of different ways to interact with that game world.

“I don’t want to limit it to any one platform, but I’m not going to say I’m not going to participate in the events. This time [for the PlayStation Meeting], I kind of would have liked to participate, but I was here tending to Rising’s world tour.”

It’s funny because Metal Gear Solid 5 has been announced for the PS3 and Xbox 360. But I don’t know how many Metal Gear fans are currently on the Xbox 360. I would love for their to be a Wii U version of Metal Gear Solid 5. Having a full may, and access to all of Snakes arsenal on the Gamepad would be intuitive, and fun. Hopefully the Wii U gains some sales and a port is announced down the line.

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  • kneehighspy

    I still haven't finished mgs4 on my ps3, and I purchased it (mgs4) at its launch. I've just not been able to get into MSG titles. I think the only way to recoup costs of development is multi platform. unless its a successful third party (ex: naughty dog), then multi platform is the way.

    of courses the sure fire way of keeping me gaming on multiple consoles is console exclusivity. I wish we could just have one platform spec, supported by Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo, have different manufacturers market the console (ie: 3DO) and just have all devs titles available for that one platform. one gamerscore / trophy across all titles and one platform.

    • koopzilla

      I can agree that multiplatform is the way to go for 3rd parties. Of course 1st party games will always stay exclusive. I know companies, especially Sony and Microsoft pay major amounts of money to have games exclusive to their consoles. Nintendo does this occasionally too, but not nearly as much since they have so many great first party games. But, I have a hard time believing that the money they are being paid to stay exclusive is anywhere near what they would make by going multiplatform, except for maybe small titles that wouldn't sell really well. I think 3rd parties are going to have to get away from this if they want to stay in business, especially with development costs skyrocketing with every new generation.

  • koopzilla

    I don't like Metal Gear, I've tried getting into it a few times but never can. It's just not for me. But I'd like to see them more on Nintendo systems for those that like the games. I don't really think it was a big secret that he likes Sony. I always thought it was strange that Snake was in Smash Bros, and I think I read once that it was Kojima that went to Nintendo to get him in there.

    • Furious Francis

      Yeah, I really think the Metal Gear franchise could work well on the Wii U. And it would increase the sales in Japan, since the Xbox 360 version probably won't even release there.

      MGS4 is really good, I like it. And the Twin Snakes on Gamecube is also good. I can understand why people aren't into the Metal Gear games though.