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LEGO City Undercover Price is $49.99 on the Nintendo eShop

LEGO City Undercover released in America today, and many players were baffled about the price of the game being $59.99, even though many, if not most, retail stores had it priced at $49.99. Fear not Wii U gamers, Nintendo has corrected the mistake, and will issue a refund if you purchased the game at $59.99. Th rightful price is $49.99, so if you happened to purchase the game at $59.99, contact Nintendo’s customer service for them to issue you your $10 refund. 

Still not sure about the game? Check out our review round up here.

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  • jesgrad07

    Even thought they fixed the price I think it is best to just buy a physical copy. I bought it from the eshop yesterday @ 1:20PM and it is still downloading. It was at 32% when I left my house today. My connection has been crappy, but still this is kinda sad :/

    • Furious Francis

      Ouch, that sucks. Do you have a external Harddrive?

      • jesgrad07

        No I do not and I obviously need one though. I only had 17GB let so I had to delete some games for space. I will pick up one when I find a good deal for one…would that help it download faster?

        • Furious Francis

          No, the download speed will still be slow. It's based on your connection to the internet. You don't have to overpay for a HDD though. There are some really good deals on or Amazon.

          • jesgrad07

            Yeah, I figured it didn't. I was hoping you knew something I didn't. I won't be able to play this game until tomorrow at this rate. Thanks for the tips. I saw some for 70 for 2TB so I know there are deals out there.

  • Amigaengine

    One of the few games I have been generally excited about so it has been pre-ordered for sometime. Look forward to getting lost in this .

  • wooferz

    As much as I'm interested in this game, I just wouldn't have time to play it. With, Luigi's Mansion 2, Monster Hunter, BioShock Infinite coming in the next few days and FE: Awakening launching in early April (for Europe) my schedule in terms of games is already full.

    • Furious Francis

      Yeah, I plan on playing it at some point.