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Let’s be Honest guys, The VGX Awards Sucked

Donkey Kong Country Dixie

This isn’t going to be a long post, I just wanted to say the VGX Awards sucked. Nintendo could have saved the craptastic show with a new look at a game we hadn’t already seen a week or two ago, but they trolled us all with DKC Tropical Freeze. Don’t get me wrong, I love DKC, but we already knew it was coming. Long story short, I didn’t hype myself up, so I’m not really worried. R.I.P. VGX Awards, even if Nintendo comes next year, I still won’t watch it. 

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  • tjb

    i am glad nintendo didn't show any new games. the vgx was amateur at best. The showhost was a douche bag who didnt seem interested in anything game wise. the whole thing stunk of poor quality. i will never tune in again.

  • Tturpin

    I didn't even watch it because I feel that award shows are too biased and boring plus they show off way too many fps games at their shows.

  • PlayersChoiceNetwork

    I was fortunate not able to watch it (being that I work 3rd shift and was asleep during the show). I agree with the above earlier post about why would Nintendo even bother showing anything great at a Mediocre award show in which Nintendo barely ever wins anything and 90% of the games that won didn't appear on Nintendo platforms anyway. So expect Nintendo to show something worth showing during the next Direct or at least E3.

    P.S F*** Jeff Keighley he sucks balls

  • timg57867

    To be honest, up until recently, I didn't even know these awards EXISTED. I am surprised people expected Nintendo to make a killer announcement at a show that's even less mainstream than E3…

  • Amigaengine

    Kranky Kong using his cane as a pogo stick was most impressive Reggie smh.

    Tim Schafer new game and Witcher 3 was best thing I saw on that lame ass show. Bring back Samuel Jackson

    • rubix8702

      I agree with the Samuel L Jackson suggestion. That show needs the baddest M**** F***** alive lol.

  • UncannyOmninaut

    With or wihtout some new cool announcement from Nintendo I think that the VGX would have been trash anyway. I almost get the impression that Reggie showed Cranky as a favor to his Dewness since there was nothing else going on in that show.

  • Maestro

    Honestly even If Nintendo would announced something big, I wouldn't watch that show because it was awful and it wouldn't deserve a big game announcement, I really don't mind the fact they showed only Cranky but I still wasted my time (That was the first and last VGX that I see)

  • DePapier

    I only watched Nintendo then just left, bursting out laughing. As I was waiting I got to see Lara Croft’s voice actress though, and I’m glad to say that she’s really hot.

  • cubs223425

    In fairness, this article was about on-par with VGX. You offer a title that makes it sounds like you're not just following suit with what everyone is saying. "Let's be Honest?" No one on the Internet is talking positively about the thing in forum/comment discussions, really. What's more, Nintendo would need a Wii U2 (complete with U announcement concert) to save VGX. No game(s) they announced or showed off could fix it (maybe Snowboard Kids 3).

    • rubix8702

      Then I don't see why you saw the need to reply if you thought the article was so terrible lol. I see the pot is calling the kettle black lol. Dude get over yourself lol.

  • anyasok

    The most disappointing show ever. NOTHING new to show. And DK? We already knew it was coming! That was the perfect opportunity to show new Metroid or Zelda… FAIL FAIL FAIL all over the place!

    • Anti

      Actually the VGX is probably the last place Nintendo should showcase either Metroid or Zelda. Most of Nintendo's audience don't even watch the VGX, and the only audience who do watch the Spike TV "award" show are already anti-Nintendo. Even if they do announce either of those games the Spike TV audience will still attack Nintendo, regardless if it's good or bad news. They'll nitpick every single aspect of a newly announced Nintendo game, because it's an opportunity for them to attack the game before it's even complete or released.

      Nintendo already has a larger audience in the Nintendo Directs, and they specifically attract the console's actual real audience, not the many dudebro gamers generally watching the VGX.

    • rubix8702

      Your fail fail fail is based on the criterion that THAT audience would respect Nintendo, they don't. Look how they were snubbed at the awards show. How in the world is Fire Emblem going to lose to Ni ho (I have both games and Fire Emblem is superior in story and gameplay)? It doesn't make sense, and such I was glad to see Reggie troll Geoff. Why elevate such a dudebro fest? I wouldn't and I'm glad Nintendo didn't lol.

  • Fluffy Bunny Bob

    Well hello from the Uk, it’s early on Sunday morning and Ive just woken up and read all these comments. I’ve not seen anything from the show but it seems like there’s a lot of negativity surrounding it.

    Over the last week, Ive seen a lot of comments about how awful this awards show is, and that although many were curious to see something a little more spicy from Reggie’s appearance, just about every article was expecting it to be DKC:TF, and advised it’s readers to restrain expectations.

    So we ended up gettin exactly what so many articles predicted, and yet people are still throwing their baby rattles out of their prams.

    Calm down, it’s just a commercial. I’ve woken up still smiling about my time yesterday playing Arkham Origins on my WiiU … why dont U just find a gaming experience to make U smile too 🙂

  • Aiddon

    and people were wondering why I was advocating that Nintendo not bother with the show. To be honest, looking at it now, them getting Reggie to show up looked more like desperation. The show was just boring. Nobody looked like they were excited over anything, the trailers were just like DKC in that they were showing stuff we already knew about, and the other stuff was PAINFUL. I'm pretty sure this is it for the show. And good riddance, I say

  • Steven M.

    I agree with everyone else, good on Nintendo for not wasting a reveal of Zelda Wii U or any of their big guns on the VGX. DKTF was probably the most entertaining part of the show.

  • Kage

    Pretty much what I expected.

    As I said elsewhere, unrealistic expectations only leads to unyielding disappointment.

    Glad I didn't watch this.

    Still, DK: Tropical Freeze is gonna be awesome.

  • javierperlaza

    As much as I wanted to see the new zelda I knew it was not going to happen, this is the first time I watched this award or whatever and after Reggie left(love Reggie) I just didn't care about the rest.
    Oh oh… I also wanted to see The division and Titan fall jajajajaja but those disappapointed me more than anaything.
    (as always, sorry for my bad English, Spanish speaker here)

  • DylanWins

    This was probably the worst show I've ever seen. I can, without a doubt, that Tropical Freeze was definitely the best game at the VGX by far. God, the other games looked boring, they talked a lot about tech instead of actual games, the jokes and skits were horrendous and the music sounded like someone was scratching a chalk board. The best part about it was that I was talking to people in the twitch chat about lots of different stuff, which was a lot of fun.

    I'm excited for Tropical Freeze and all the new and unannounced games that Nintendo is planning for 2014.

  • Paul T

    Miiverse is also pretty crazy, I saw this one post in the Zelda community saying, "Nintendo should sell themselves to MonolithSoft… Nintendo EAD is just screwing this on while Monolith does the good things… Yasuyuki Honne for the WIN!."

    • *NormalGamer*

      Heh. Dosen’t that guy realize that Nintendo owns Monolith Soft? Amazing that this guy dosen’t recognize this fact.

      • Paul T

        Kinda reminds me of one person saying why is Fire Emblem Awakening on the 3DS instead of the Vita, and that he loves the Fire Emblem games but won't play them because its on an "kiddy" Nintendo system.

        • Anti

          Ironically majority of the people calling Nintendo's products or consumers as "kiddy" are generally the most immature and some are in fact actual children as well. So I'm not even sure if this is actually an insult.

        • DePapier

          You have pure gold right here.

          • Paul T


            Just some blind haters that thinks if it doesn't say developed by Nintendo EAD its not an Nintendo title, saying that's just Monolith Soft or Intelligence Systems not Nintendo, but count Naughty Dog as a Sony title.

          • DePapier


            You know, that right here shows how much haters do not know what is Nintendo. It's just mindblowing.

          • Anti

            Reminds me of this story from a former Rare employee Chris Seavor: http://www.examiner.com/article/microsoft-thought

            Microsoft execs actually thought they acquired the Donkey Kong IP after buying out Rare.

    • titangamecube

      ಠ_ಠ………I died a little bit inside.

    • Steven M.

      Are you fucking kidding me? Is that even real?

    • Ray01X


      Oh my God. Please Excuse me but he needs to be bitch slapped for that fail of a post. It doesn't even deserve a response.

      It seems no form of social media is safe from pure stupidity.

    • Mark

      If this was a test, I'd give that man on Miiverse a F written with my shit because everything he said was a bunch of shit.

  • Link

    I'm so, so glad that the new Wii U Zelda didn't get announced at VGX. Geoff Keighly can keep dreaming about Nintendo making their abomination of a show worthwhile with an announcement like that. I wouldn't want the legendary Zelda franchise to be tainted by having one entry announced at this shitfest.

    • DePapier


  • Ray01X

    Man, there's blood all over the internet.
    100x more entertaining than the VGX. lol

    • titangamecube

      I was laughing my fucking ass off. Like, all these people just gave Tropical Freeze, the biggest marketing push ever lol.

      • Ray01X

        I know right. I wouldn't be surprised if Nintendo planned all of this from the start. haha

        But Jodecideion's video is what really made me lose my shit. XD

        • titangamecube

          I honestly believe they did. Also, I saw that, I lost all my shit lol.

    • revolution5268

      You should have seen the live chat at the twitch gamestrailer. People where killing themselves over the music concert part, that was very funny and the chat lag because of it.


      in the playeressence chat was very off topic, that how much VGX sucks.

  • blaze91

    only tuned in to watch the nintendo annoucement cuz the rest of the show was a waste of time.

  • _V_

    I'm sorry, but Nintendo is starting to let me down. the latest straw that broke the camels back was not bringing any good game to the VGA like Zelda or metroid. I'm just about ready to trade in my Wii U for a better console. But I can't bring myself to do so because I'm still clinging to hope that big changes happen at Nintendo such as firing Reggie and possibly Iwata. And before anybody comes at me saying otherwise about Reggie, let me ask you this: Remember what happened when Reggie said they don't care about fans demanding they bring certain jrpgs to the west? Remember what he just said recently about fan campaigns and petitions having no effect on Nintendo?

    I'm starting to agree with ReviewTechUSA that Nintendo needs a huge management shuttle if the company wants to survive.

    • ryuken13

      Wow and just like Rich I am sure you have experience running a large corporation so you can make those judgements.. Lol.. Forums are great everyone dictates corporate strategy like Armchair quarterbacks criticize NFL players.. What a frickin joke..

      Based on what I have heard about this show it was not that impressive., Nintendo probably had enough advance info about the show and will bring out news on the big games like Zelda when it is to their advantage.. Why help out the show? Screw the damn show it is simply advertising for Nintendo and evertyone else it is not like Spike does them any favors. Advertising is all about timing.. People far more trained and qualified than you or I decided what to put on that show..

      As to your statements about firing Reggie or Iwata why?? 3ds is doing great and Wii U is on an upswing. And Reggie also said a 100k in petitions does not equal 100k in sales.. So if you want to quote something quote the whole damn thing not just the little bits that agree with your views..

    • markwang125

      I feel like I'm beating a horse over and over again, but it has to be said. I don't really understand why you think Nintendo should have showed a game like Zelda and Metroid; the main purpose of the VGA is announce awards, not game announcements. The VGA is also too small of a show to even be considered for huge announcements like Zelda and Metroid; Metroid especially would be out of the question because the information was going to be on a previously announced game anyways. On to the second thing with Reggie not caring about petitions and fan campaigns, Nintendo is acting like any other company; the almighty dollar is what all companies care about in the end. Like he said, 100,000 signatures does not equal 100,000 sales. Look, this is not me trying to damage control what you saying, but I feel there should have been more thought put into your ideas, that's all.

      • RJSaud

        I think they did a good thing not showing great IPs like Zelda, and Metroid,.. But on the other hand, DK wasn’t the Best choice for me. Getting to be talked about you even if you’re only trolling yourself.. Will be funny only to their true ACTUAL fans.. But for other people, that are the NEW posible clients, should have catter them better showing something Along their tastes. If it’s a dudebro party… Try to at least show some respect to your host. Otherwise, don’t show up. They could have done a mash up with a bunch of their announce IPs and Bag that show.

        • titangamecube

          Well considering the fact that Geoff is very antagonistic to Reggie, I'd say respect should only be given to those who deserve it and trust me, this VGA does not deserve that respect.

    • Anti

      Starting to? I've seen you post numerous negative and snarky comments about the company since I've started visiting this site. Sorry, but you're just putting your own expectations on this company, MS and Sony doesn't even listen or care about their audience, and they don't even receive even half of the flak Nintendo gets. In fact most gaming sites tend to defend MS and Sony most of the time. Especially during the horrible PSN & SOE hack a while ago, the mainstream gaming sites made it sound like it's not even a big deal Sony didn't warn their customers or even authorities for over a week. Do you seriously think Ballmer or Yoshida even cares about their consumers? They probably think you're a joke to them, especially since Yoshida didn't even tell the audience they're allowing 3rd party DRMs for the PS4 straight to their consumer's face.

      FYI, the PS4 and XOne are not "better consoles" they're only updated consoles for the existing ones they have, the specs are newer, but they do the same exact things as the previous models, and they lack backwards compatibility, require a monthly subscription for multiplayer, and the existing PSN library you've purchased on the PS3 won't even transfer over to the PS4. The only thing that will sell either of these consoles are just the exclusive games, otherwise if they relied on nothing but multiplatform games, then they have absolutely nothing to offer their audience.

      And if you seriously think people should lose their jobs over fan petitions which didn't guarantee a sale for the company, then you're seriously deluding yourself. It's a shame the petitions doesn't affect their judgement, but it's understandable because Nintendo is a business. A signed petition is nothing but a false impression the game will possibly sell to the Western audience, but it's not a contract. Heck, someone could easily start a troll petition demanding for Tomodachi Collection to be released in North America, and used bots to "sign" the petition, do you think Nintendo should jump at this demand? If this was a business you personally own I doubt you would be willing to take such a risk like this.

    • Homard

      If you are in need of new games for your Wii U, buy Wii games. Seriously there are so many underrated titles on the Wii that people skipped because all they care about is freaking Zelda and Metroid. Not to mention the fact that you can get Wii games for super cheap these days, as well. I can give you a list if you are interested.

    • titangamecube

      Buddy, you just lost all credibility. In fact, you lost it way too freaking much. Why give a shit show some credibility with Zelda and Metroid? Did you not see those reporters? They were freaking BEGGING to show it but Reggie, being the badass that he is, said "hahah nope, nothing for you". This is the media who has constantly trolled Nintendo so Nintendo basically gave one big middle finger to the media. And you're gonna trade in your Wii U? Thats freaking laughable and pathetic to be honest. And Seriously? Firing Iwata and Reggie, the people that were behind the success of the DS, The Wii, and the 3DS? Get freaking real. Also, God forbid, use the fucking quote right and stop being the damn victim when you're not even the victim to begin with. And Agreeing with Rich of RTUSA basically signs your death sentence of credibility. You don't understand region locking, you willfully ignore that Zelda is coming out and even they hinted in this show for a Metroid Title, and clearly, you have your head in the sand. I await for a proper response with actual credibility and an actual opinion. You can go ahead and thumbs me down but that won't stop me.

    • King_Sparkticle

      You're starting to seem like an over-emotional child to me, that's no better than Shokio.

      No offense.

      You can't possibly take that without taking offense.

    • Steven M.

      You don't know squat about running a company, let alone one that has lasted since the late 1800s.

      Also, do you really think Nintendo was gonna use the VGAs, the most bias, dishonest, rigged, and most pathetic excuse for an award show, as the venue for revealing one of their super-highly anticipated games?

    • Saleem

      if you do want to trade it in, can I have it? =P

  • King_Sparkticle

    You know, after reading some of the logical comments here, on Player Essence, I must say I agree with Nintendo on this.

    Why would you announce Zelda U among the ultimately boring shit that VGX had to present? Literally, it was so f*cking horrible. 30 minutes of LIVE GTA V music? Are you serious? It was so boring, to the point where I will say that I will NEVER again watch that show.

    Nintendo did the right move shoving Donkey Kong in there. Those who say Nintendo had the worst presentation simply are full of double-standard bias. Titanfall announced 2 new bots! HOLY SHIT! 2 NEW BOTS! SO EXCITE! Nintendo comes in, shows us the release date, and a new character, and they get the flogs from the entire world.

    Nintendo was absolutely right by bringing Donkey Kong to this lackluster presentation. If the presentation was excellent, and Donkey Kong was what Nintendo has brought, I would have had second thoughts, but this….let Shokio, Wii U Daily and My Nintendo News cry. Let them all be upset about something entirely logical. If there's one place we should be expecting a LOT from Nintendo it's Nintendo Directs and E3. Period.

    Jesus, I can't believe the f*cking idiots who are sending Nintendo threats over this, and telling Iwata to get fired. Gaming has gotten WAY off course. The human brains are literally decreasing in size minute by minute.

    Nintendo doesn't have common sense? F*ck off, Shokio, it's YOU that has no common sense.

    • King_Sparkticle

      F*ck VGX and Geoff Keighley. Let them rot and be bashed by Reggie.

      Even Reggie was amazed at how Keighley tried to squeeze out more announcements from Reggie just to make his lack-luster show SOMEWHAT more interesting. I've had enough with Keighley pressuring Nintendo staff. It's getting way beyond the f*cking edge. Let him get hit by a chopper wing, thank you.

    • Homard

      Let the likes of Shokio continue to act like children. The constant tears and jeers only serve to build up a toxic community of trolls, which ultimately they have to suffer.

    • ryuken13

      I agree with a lot of your points.. I do think it is funny how people get all worked up over this shit.. It is just a fricking show on a second rate network.. Why bring out the big guns?? And to all the immature assholes calling out for people to lose their jobs because they don't comply with every little fanboy opinion like puppets on strings kiss my ass.. I certainly hope you never face a REAL threat to your job security from the anonymous masses on the internet..

      Here is a fact.. CEO's and other c-level execs are hard to get rid of.. Hard to replace and hard to justify why as well. Slightly easier finding a cashier for a convenience store than it is to find a competent CFO that wants to work for your company.. Look how long Ballmer has been with Microsoft?? His style of management has been setting back Microsoft for YEARS..

      Guess what people make mistakes. No one is perfect.. Iwata will make mistakes.. So will Reggie.. As long as their overall track record is good and Nintendo is moving in the right direction who are we to judge??

      • King_Sparkticle

        Completely agreed. People who are saying that Iwata and Reggie should be fired are simply over-emotional child-like adults who have absolutely no signs of maturity OR business experience.

      • Aiddon

        it's not even on a second rate network, it was streaming on a second-rate network's website. I'm pretty sure Nintendo's Directs get more traffic than this did.

      • donzaloog

        I'm sick of watching people complain. I'm not watching that Shokio video. I haven't watch any of his or ReviewTechUSA's videos in a long time. Too much complaining. I was busy playing my damn games while they were busy complaining.

        You know what the funny thing is? Cranky Kong was the best part of the show. So what are Nintendo fans complaining about? I'm sick of people calling for people to be fired whenever they don't get their way.

    • Shadowkirby12

      "Human brains are literally descreasing in size minute by minute" Sparkticle, sadly, this is an understatement….

    • DePapier

      And you guys think I'm joking when I say the PlayStation and Xbox brands have alienated gamers.

  • Bay2OnWiiU4Life

    Tonight's VGX sucks a whole lot more than Miley Cyrus' twerking performance at last season's MTV VMAs.

  • Levian VII

    Still, it was nice to see Todd and Aaron again. And I'm kinda happy that we only got minor news about DKC, I don't really think that VGX actually deserves to host the announcement of a new Zelda, that kind of thing belongs at E3 and Nintendo Direct.

  • *NormalGamer*

    Again, it’s like I said before: People that overhyped themselves should’ve been warned; overhyping will ‘only’ lead to disappointments.

  • hardin25

    i wonder something…what would the the clip Nintendo had if SM3DW won GOTY?

  • CaptainDestruction93

    I only watched it for Nintendo's announcement and the Next Tomb Raider, glad I stopped watching it.

  • hardin25

    After watching GameXplain analysis of Cranky and DKC:TF, i'm not as let down as i was. Matter of fact, I'm going to preorder the game. Hope it isn't hard like DKC. i can't pass the second level.
    I think we'll have a Direct before Christmas. And there I want more of X. Save Zelda for E3.

  • Richard

    Oh god guys go watch Shokio's new videos XD he thinks Nintendo don't get it but he's the one who doesn't.

    • Eliseo104

      The ones who dont get it are these so called "hardcore Nintendo fans", Nintendo's plans to expose their next title worked pretty well. Everyone is talking about DK be it in a good or bad way, which translates in to more people that had no idea about this game in to KNOW about it.

    • CaptainDestruction93

      Sorry as cool of a guy as he is and as much as I respect people giving there opinions I won't give him a single view if he is complaining about stuff that really doesn't deserve complaining.

      • Eliseo104

        He is not complaining, He is whining. There is a difference.

        • CaptainDestruction93


    • Shadowkirby12

      True, they just trolled everyone so hard and everyone is talking about Donkey Kong! It was a genius move XD

    • galetyler

      He was hyping it up as "Definitely Zelda U", he clearly has no idea how a title like that SHOULD be debuted, at a big event or a Nintendo direct where a lot of time can be dedicated to it not at some Dude-bro circle jerk fest like VGX, not to mention this show didn't deserve a Zelda debut hell I don't even think it deserved Cranky to show up

  • ThorTempest

    The VGX awards was the worse thing that I ever watched. Almost everything about it was trash. I believed that the show didn't even give the Cranky Kong reveal any justice. In fact, I feel that a excellent game, such as Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze, shouldn't have to be shown off in such a garbage broadcast. VGX awards is a stereotypical, insanely dude bro, junk.

  • markwang125

    This is what I was expecting, a lackluster show.

  • Anti

    As I have mentioned earlier, the VGX "awards" were never good in the first place. It's nothing but a dull and pointless show to cater the Spike TV's Western "macho men" audience by showcasing Western-made FPS, violent, racing or sports games. This "award" show will always be biased, and the show's audience doesn't care about creative and fun games, as long as it fuels their needs to show off their "manliness", not their actual skill. The whole farce is just a way to reaffirm their regular viewing audience they're playing the right "manly" games, it's not due to the fact these games are actually any good. Games that fits into the earlier listed criteria will always dominate in this handout, which is why it's not even considered close to an "award". The entire show is nothing but a joke, and it shouldn't even exist or even labeled as an "award".

  • some random tarp guy

    I have to say Dk was the unique game in the VGX and everything else were a type of shooters.

  • revolution5268

    Well to be honest the DK was the only thing that we got of of from nintendo related. Think about it, we did not win anything, nor nintendo win at its own category nominees. We should be at least grateful.

    • TheMagnum924

      Did Rayman Legends win Nintendo GOTY?

    • Nintendofan4000

      Nintendo won three awards. Two of which I have trouble believing VGX even allowed them to win. Best Casual Game and Best Handheld Game. Both of these, just for bias sake, I thought would have gone to phone games.

      • revolution5268

        thanks. Same here, they did not show this on the show.

  • RicardJulianti

    The Division thing was pretty….but boring since it was just like, "Hey….our new engine is pretty. Look how pretty it is. It's so pretty, it's pretty."

    Cranky might have been the best announcement there. No Man's Sky looks pretty sweet too though. Other than that…super meh. I mean, just a few years ago they announced Arkham City, Skyrim and Mass Effect 3 all in one show…..this year we got….Cranky, Tomb Raider Port, tech engine, Pretty sweet indie game…..

    • Homard

      Broken Age looked really cool, as well. I hope it brings a little more publicity to the point-and-click genre, which has been going strong for the past few years despite the media's apathy.

    • Mythosa

      And a terrible looking 3 million dollar kickstarter indie game that i’m pretty sure only got backed because of his prior work (grim fandango and psychonaughts).

  • GeneralBrown178

    This show is a disgrace to all gamers.

  • donzaloog

    Nintendo is the only thing people are talking about. I say that's success for Nintendo.

    • Eliseo104

      EXACTLY, that was the whole reason to show DK on that show, HUGE free AD and Nintendo got it.

    • CaptainDestruction93

      It's like Miley Cyrus's performance at the VMA's she did one (1!) performance and was(and still is) talked about for weeks after. Nintendo is getting positive views from fans happy with the announcement and negative news around it from people that got too hyped but not matter which way you cut it Nintendo is getting free publicity.

      • donzaloog

        I loved that Miley Cryus performance. And this DK announcement had the same effect as that performance. It got people talking. That dudebro crowd doesn't care about DK, but now it's all they can talk about.

        • Mythosa

          I hate to say it, but you guys are delusional. This wasn’t a good thing for Nintendo. If anything it was another nail in the doom band wagon coffin. It wasn’t the right audience for DK. That Jeff dude even tried to encourage Reggie to give more info on something else because he knew what the reaction was going to be like on the net.

          I don’t think that this is a case where any press is good press, it was a very lack luster showing from Nintendo for their first time being at the VGA’s(VGX).

          • DePapier

            You need to understand that it isn't merely "their first time." It's probably the only time they'll ever go to that show.

            I don't know if you've watched the conversation between Dorito and Rubin: you definitely DO NOT want the VGX to have the credit of being the show where Nintendo reveals the new Metroid.

            Nintendo went there, showed their Donkey Kong, awesome. Hinted at Metroid, you know it's coming. People are now aware of a game they didn't want to care about, and they are even more anticipating for the next Metroid, a game that actually sells quite poorly and deserves all the hype Nintendo is now fostering.

  • Richard

    Actually I think Nintendo was the best part with that huge troll and Reggie threatening to beat those two with a cane. Revealing a new game would have been awesome but let's be honest, Zelda and Metroid deserves something far better than the VGAs.

    • Anti

      I agree, most of Nintendo's audience could barely stand a farce of an "award" show like this, it doesn't cater to any of Nintendo's main audience other than those who already hyped up a false expectation.

  • animegamingnerd

    what kind of award show gives the main award half way during the show?

    • revolution5268

      The other half was all going to be Nintendo related. Not also that those other half was non dudebro games.
      It makes me wonder what was the point in even doing this? Why is the other half all about an concert that lets be honest sucks balls.