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Lighting Returns Final Fantasy 13 will Feature Custom Costumes, ‘ATB Amazing’ Combat System

Lighting Returns Final Fantasy 13 just got its reveal trailer last week, but now there is new information on the battle system, items, and more via Famitsu. Hit the link for all the details. 

Famitsu has more details on Lighting Returns Final Fantasy 13. Here is the list below:

– Tetsuya Nomura designed Lightning’s new costume
– Can change costumes, including colors, throughout the game
– Time is always flowing when you’re out in the field, except when you’re cycling through menus
– NPCs will change their whereabouts and actions
– Information can only be obtained only a specific time
– Lightning operates alone in the game
– “Style” – can register weapons, shield, accessories, abilities into a Style during combat, switch to different ones while battling
– Can customize styles
– Tentative combat name: “ATB amazing”
– Earn points for effective use of time and equipment items
– Gives you the sensory feeling that multiple people are fighting even though it’s really just Lightning



This is going to be really interesting to play. The Final Fantasy 13 saga of games has been met with some harsh criticism, but this one looks to be the best one. Lets all be honest though…… we want Final Fantasy Versus 13! 

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