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Major World of Warcraft update ‘in the Coming Weeks’

World of Warcraft has been losing subscriptions over the years. This hit is because of the change in attitude of gamers, according to Blizzard chief Mike Morhaime. The studio has updated the game more and added fan requested features to increase its sub rate. The next major update is due in a few weeks.

At the Activision Investors call last night, Morhaime explained the shift in players attitudes with the game,

“We have seen an evolution in player behaviour since the launch of Cataclysm. Players consume content quickly – they’re more apt to come and go from the community, which is why we are targeting more frequent updates.

“The development team continues to stick with the plan of more frequent content updates in the wake of the expansion launch, applying lessons that we have learned from past expansions.”

He added that the game’s next update will drop, “in the coming weeks”.

Morhaime also discussed the decline of WOW subscriptions saying:

” I think another thing to note is, if you compare the month following Cataclysm and the month following Mists of Pandaria, the trailing months have been stronger with Mists and have seen an increase in engagement in all regions.

“We’ve always had competition for World of Warcraft in all markets. I think it’s fair to say that competition has increased, but I think it’s also important to point out that World of Warcraft is competing against all forms of entertainment for leisure time, and so that just underscores the need for us to continue creating new content to keep up engagement.

“With respect to China, despite the decline in subscribership it’s important to note that the engagement levels of the core audience did increase with the launch of the expansion.”

I have never been a huge fan of MMO’s where you have to pay a monthly subscription. Hopefully you can turn it around.

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