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Mario Kart 8 is Already the Best Selling game on Amazon Japan


It looks like a lot of Japanese gamers are excited for Mario Kart 8, as it has vaulted into the top spot on Amazon Japan’s best-sellers list. See the listing for yourself here. Watch the new trailer from the recent Nintendo Direct here. Thanks to ChocoSniggers for the tip!


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  • bowknows

    Is trolling on here stating an opinion that is negative towards Nintendo? Are comments removed when someone says something bad about Sony or Microsoft? Just curious.

    That said Mario Kart 8 looks fantastic.

    • AntiActivity

      Actually trolling any of the three companies will be moderated, especially when it's obviously intentional.

  • Mythosa

    Who cares man. Play the game. If the PS4 were selling badly and you owned it would you care as long as wicked games were coming to it? If so, than you are retarded 😛

  • JTurner82

    Troll alert! Troll alert!

  • JTurner82

    Incidentally, too, DKCTF is rising in Japan. Yesterday it was at #21, but now it's going up to #19.

    • Mythosa

      12 in Canada

  • Kerbizzle

    Yeah, and both of those consoles were profitable.

  • pano

    The power of Mario Kart….but to be honest, I wasn't so hyped for a MK since the N64 days where I was a kid….this game has it all, amazing graphis, incredible level design, extremely fun gameplay, online, Mario Kart TV. They are going all out on this one!

  • cybb

    Mario kark 8 moved from #248 to #10 in Amazon Uk

    • JTurner82

      Very nice. Unfortunately here in America Amazon charts this game at #364. This should be higher than that.

    • nooblet68

      Wow… Mario Galaxy's at 65th.

    • pano

      it's also on number one now in the uk, means a lot for a wii u game!!!

      • pano

        oh misread it, still on 10^^

  • gamenchick

    Expected. I mean after the last trailer,who legit wouldnt get excited for the game

    • JTurner82

      Oh get lost.

  • Starchaser

    Awesome some positive news finally.

  • ei8bit

    I really can't wait to own a Wii U with Mario Kart 8 this December. Hope there is a bundle.

  • Laud_official

    (Sorry for the long Link, Francis)


    • AntiActivity

      Heh, I've linked the info for that in the Contact Us page earlier:
      An official Monster Hunter 4 Rajang Gold Limited Edition 3DS XL has been announced by Capcom & Nintendo:….

      Here are the contents in the bundle:
      – A gold & black limited edition 3DS XL.
      – AC adapter (Normally not included with a 3DS XL)
      – Digital copy of Monster Hunter 4 pre-installed.
      – 6 AR cards.
      – 4GB SDHC memory card.

      The bundle will be releasing in Japan on Mar. 27, 2014 for 18,952 yen.

      • NGX159

        The fact that Mario Kart 8 is #1 ahead of PS4 bundles, MH4 3DS Bundle, and it's not on a handheld at that!! Nintendo is just getting started with the turnaround.

        • JTurner82

          Having said that, I don't think we can actually determine the victor of the race just yet. Hopefully Nintendo can keep this up.

        • AntiActivity

          Actually that's not the only interesting news I found for Japanese gaming news today, Bandai Namco has officially announced localization plans for Disney Infinity exclusively for 3DS and Wii U:

          • JTurner82

            What?! Namco is doing this?

            Wow, that's great! C'mon, keep on supporting WiiU and give us a "Soul Caliber" and "Tales."

  • Furious Francis


    – You got one strike for trolling, next one and you're banned.

    • JTurner82

      Shouldn't that be "three strikes"? Just curious.

      • Two strikes are sufficient. When there's so many out there looking to cause problems, it's better to have a "shorter leash".

        That third strike with a troublemaker is like an insult to the administration. They know they're gonna keep it up, the admin knows they will keep it up…having that extra "now please don't be bad" is fuel for scoffing.

  • JTurner82

    It's still #1 on the Amazon charts. It hasn't changed all day. Nothing can save the WiiU? I don't think so!

  • jtz

    Great for MK8.

  • ZainreFang

    Hopefully the Wii U comeback starts now. People want the games, it's just the negative perception stopping them.

  • MasterGamer28

    THAT is the power of Mario Kart; Like Nintendo, you should never underestimate them. NEVER. 😉

  • Kitty

    Should be a best seller globally methinks. Had my copy preordered for a year now. Sure i want Smash, X, Bayonetta 2 etc but i need me some kart ^.^

    • tokai82

      I agree especially after that trailer! Love how the old levels have been remixed to have anti gravity segments coming out of them (like the luigi track?). This game wll be on high rotation.

  • siu leung
    • hardin25


  • That was quick 🙂

  • DePapier

    It's actually higher then the PS4: just saying. And then people will be wondering why they were dooming on an HD Nintendo platform before Mario Kart and Smash were even released for it.

    • JTurner82

      Hopefully it stays that way so that Japanese third parties will give us better games. (There's no question it'll be a huge hit in America too.)

      • DePapier

        You should know by now with the 3DS and the Wii that big Nintendo install base doesn't equal third-party support.

        • JTurner82

          Having said that, there HAVE been some good Japanese-based third party games on 3DS, though; the KH spinoff, the DQ games, the Zero game, the Level 5 games, Bravely Default, Monster Hunter 4, RE:R, etc…. that's what I meant by support. I hope to see some of these on WiiU.

        • CaptainDestruction93

          To a degree, sure we dont get full support but with a higher install base I think SOME third party publishers/developers feel more inclined to give us great games here and there. Redsteel 2 probably came to Wii base on Ubisoft seeing alot of potential buyers, dont really think it would have come to Wii with a really low install base. If anything I hope we as Nintendo fans at least get an exclusive game similar to Redsteel or No More Heroes once the install base grows.

          • JTurner82

            I was thinking more like JRPGs and stuff.

  • NGX159

    Quote from an article earlier that I said and alittle more I added

    "Japan, where gamers still play real games that doesn't involve realistic shooting with 10 year olds and insecure adults. "

  • JTurner82

    Having jump to the top that quickly means that WiiU momentum SHOULD continue to improve in Japan.