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Mario & Luigi Wii U Deluxe 32GB Console sold out on


It looks like Nintendo releasing a New Super Mario Bros U bundle in November was a good idea. The bundle that comes with New Super Mario Bros U, New Super Luigi U, and a premium Wii U is sold out online at  With Nintendo only selling a little under 500,000 Wii U’s in the past six months, this comes as good news. Thanks to NGX159 for the tip!

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  • kidking17

    This is a really good bundle. Question is this a limited time bundle or is it a permanent bundle? I ask because I wanna know if I should get it now or if I can wait a bit and still get it.

  • Brandon

    why is my comment being moderated?

    • Mythosa

      I wouldn’t worry about it, mine have been as well, but they eventually get posted.

  • Brandon

    any idea how the bundles are doing in japan?

    • JTurner82

      We'll find out tomorrow.

  • mac

    Wow.. I recently got a Zelda Wii u but for the longest time I was on the fence about which bundle I wanted.. Now I’m glad I didn’t wait because I would still be Wiiuless right about now.

  • DePapier

    I think the times of bad Wii U sales are slowing becoming over.

    • Gryphonofmight

      lets hope that's the case

    • Furious Francis

      I think things will pick up. Nintendo is doing a smart thing by riding Mario.

    • DePapier

      *slowly, my bad.

    • timg57867

      Yeah. Here's the sales VGChartz has been reporting ever since the price cut starting with the week ending on Sept 21:

      Week 1: 34197
      Week 2: 43125
      Week 3: 80663
      Week 4: 67667
      Week 5: 66512
      Week 6: 60518

      And with the new bundles hitting Japan and US for the next week, we could very well see global sales over 100,000!

      PS: Wii U sales for all previous weeks never got above 30,000.

      • JTurner82

        Excellent news.

  • Gryphonofmight

    It sold out on as well but they got a lot more in. Now its consistently in the top 50 on

  • Yea Nintendo. Here we go!