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Mark Rein must be a Metroid fan, Because he’s ‘Backtracking’ on Everything he said at GDC

Mark Rein might not like Nintendo that much, after comedy night at GDC. However, he probably likes the game Metroid, the man is backtracking on all of his comments regarding the Wii U.

Below you’ll find some Twitter users giving it to Mark Rein over laughing at Unreal Engine coming to the Wii U. Here what the bounty hunter.. I mean President of Epic has to say.




I’m not trying to say Mark Rein should be perfect, but did he really think his actions wouldn’t cause this huge backlash? Why couldn’t he just say: We won’t be supporting the Wii U directly with Unreal Engine 4, but the engine is highly scaleable. So if a developer wanted to, they could put the engine on Wii U. I don’t understand why he had to be a huge ‘asshole’, and start laughing at the question.

My confidence in the gaming industry is waivering after this whole debacle.

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  • ck1x

    Well his response is very weak and even in the original article about all this, it says that he gave his uh no and laugh response with comedic timing… Then the whole room erupted in laughter, which was his goal from the outset in him answering that question as such. “He thought it was funny that both PS3&360 weren’t included!” It makes me more upset that he thinks we’re stupid enough as well to believe that reply he gave is the truth.

    • Furious Francis

      Yeah, he must think were suckers or something, but that\’s his story, and he\’s going with it.

  • Silver

    I was thinking, and honestly even if Epic doesn't support the Wii U. So what? They make a couple generic shooters, and thats about it.

    As many people have stated people are still stuck in the mind set of last gen (ps3, wii, 360). This gen almost every major developer has created their own engine. On top of that I expect the Unity Engine will be the engine of choice for most developers who don't have one. The Unity engine seems like the place to be.

    • Furious Francis

      Yup, last gen, publishers were not ready for next gen, so they used Unreal Engine 3. This gen, many publishers are creating their own in-house engines. The Wii U will get some amazing games, trust me.

  • Silver

    Single best article title on the net.

  • sergio111293

    I'm not gonna lie, that Title put a Smile on my face. lol (:
    But yeah, it looks like he's made a bad mistake dissing the Wii U and now he's getting an earful xD.

    • Furious Francis

      Yeah, I thought it was funny, I'm working on a funny video to make fun of this whole debacle.

  • Dusk

    What a twit. Install filter between brain and mouth. Or just a muzzle. Sheesh.

  • koopzilla

    I don't see what's so hilarious about asking if the engine is going to be ported to Wii U without mentioning PS3 or 360. He sure has a strange sense of humor. It's a legitimate question seeing as how it will be ported over to every other next gen system (including cell phones) of which (whether he likes it or not) Wii U is one, and PS3 an 360 are not. Do you think he would have found it so hilarious if they had asked if it would be ported to the next x-box without mentioning the PS4?

    • Furious Francis

      Yeah, that is a very weird sense of humor. And to be honest, it's a really crappy answer. He just dug himself in a hole, and he's trying really hard to get out. Technology obviously dictates everything to this guy.

      • Ryuketzu

        He was clearly on drugs.

      • RicardJulianti

        He is definitely trying to dig himself out of the PR hole, only now he is digging horizontally instead of straight down. He also stopped using a backhoe.

        I could easily see Epic not giving full support to devs that want to make a UE4 game for Wii U as well. Possibly not telling them how best to optimize for the console since they don't support it themselves which is eerily similar to what Silicon Knights was suing over actually.

        I wouldn't be shocked if Epic and EA made the new engines just to spite Nintendo. 2 years ago the Samaritan demo was "the future of the Unreal Engine" and they go…oh wait, no….THIS is the future of the Unreal Engine just over a year later. Granted, UE3 is getting old, but I doubt it is being pushed to the max by anything out there.

        • gameflow

          You are right, that we haven't seen many games that look like the "Samaritan Demo". But this is a problem we have most of the time with engines. But this has more to do with money and time, than with the engine itself. Alot of people believe that you just need Engine X or Y and your game will look amazing. Thats just not true. The engine can just look as good as the assets you put in it. And making a game like the "Samaritan Demo" is possible, but way too expensive and time consuming.

          About your Statement with "This Engine is the future…": Of course Epic will tell everyone, that the latest version of their engine is the way to go. But this is the same with almost every other product (cars, smartphones, computer…). And again I can't say that there are any games that are pushing a engine to its limits, but this is not the problem in my opinion. The engine should give the developers more freedom and make developing games easier for them. And alot I have seen with the UE4 Tech seems to be really better than in UE3 (lighting/shaddows, better shader, tessalation) and developers could benefit from that. What's the bottleneck for game developing right now are the consoles 🙁

          Wii U Support: As I mentioned in a different article, the problem with the Wii U it has just to less power (comparing it to ps4). And a engine like UE needs alot of power showing of its benefits against other engines. And even if they support somehow an Wii U export (like UE also supports 360,Ps3,Smartphones, Flash…) this isn't their main focus.

          • jesgrad07

            I was with you until you said consoles are tripping up developers. I believe you are absolutely right about it coming down to money and time. However, I don't think it is fair to blame Sony, Microsoft or Nintendo's devices for the lack of creativity from developers. Crysis 3 devs blamed consoles for low scores of their "masterpiece" and it really just makes them look like snobs. This makes me think of what Pachter said about the PS4 and its 8 GB of RAM allowing developers to be innovative, but there is a problem with that. If developers weren't innovative with what they have now, why would more power motivate them to be more innovative? It seems to me that because of development cost are rising, companies are scared to be innovative. And while the 8GB of RAM will open doors for developers, a lot of them are probably not going to be able to use it or they will opt to not use it because of the risks. They will play it safe and continue to make what they always make or they will copy what was successful for others.