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Metroid Inspired Kickstarter ‘ReVeN’ is Officially Funded and Coming to Wii U


Good news for those looking forward to the Metroid inspired indie game, ReVeN. In a new press release, the team has stated that the game is funny funded. In just 12 days, Varia Games hit their goal of $18,000. This guarantees a Wii U version. See the press release below.

Via: GoNintendo, Source: Varia Games PR

First off, I would like to thank everyone who has supported us on KickStarter, shared our links with friends, and those of you who have written articles of our game, ReVeN. Words cannot express how thankful we are for all of the support.

This is an update for you all, letting you know that because of all the great support, ReVeN is now FUNDED on KickStarter! In just 12 days! Wow! We are ecstatic to be in this position and cannot wait to bring our fans further updates as the game continues in development!

The biggest fear that most of our fans have is that the game is just too similar to Metroid. To resolve this issue, we will be releasing a new gameplay video very soon that will introduce you to the EDM system and other very unique systems/story-line that massively differentiates our game from the Metroid series.

We would absolutely love for you to share our progress with your communities. Now that the game is funded, we have huge updates that will be revealed very soon!

It’s not over yet! Let’s continue pushing to get extra features in the game. $55,000 gets 4-player online survival mode. $85,000 gets expanded online level sharing. $100,000 gets additional Wii U Gamepad integration. $120,000 gets full 1080p support. $180,000 gets a unique two player co-op campaign. And $200,000 gets a PS Vita and PS4 release. Check out some gameplay of ReVeN below.

Support ReVeN here!


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  • MechaMew2

    Okay, all we need to do now is reach $180K. And then stop donating.

  • EclipsianNight

    Looks good to me. I do see why they say it looks like Metroid, but so what? There is no Metroid out for the Wii U, so this seems like a great game for us to play in the meantime.

  • Liquid-Sun

    Can't wait to play Reven when it comes out!
    The indies are really loving Nintendo and their eshop.

  • Volvagia

    If there are any indy dev's who read this I would like to share a thought I've had which is this alot of people complain that the Wii U has small storage 32gb or 8gb but I find that because Nintendo kept it relatively small I purchase indy games and virtual console games only and the bigger dev games I get on disc so by Nintendo keeping its storage small its helping drive indy games which I personally prefer.

  • Volvagia

    Awesome I can't wait I am loving all these sweet indy games keep em coming and good work indie's Im gonna be skint.

  • mdx

    Keep them coming… and coming in 1080p

  • Bay2OnWiiU4Life

    This is awesome news! Reven coming to the Nintendo eShop for Wii U. The more we see indie titles coming to the U, the better.