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Metroid Prime 4, Other M-2 or Metroid Dread? Where is Metroid Headed Next?

With E3 so close, and Retro Studios new Wii U game widely rumored to be a new Metroid game, I felt it would be cool to check out what other people are saying on the franchise that revolutionized 2D adventure games, Metroid. Nintendo Enthusiast goes over the possibilities are for the next Metroid game in the this video past the link.

E3 is so close, I’m dying with anticipation to see Retro’s next project. Hopefully the game gets a full reveal at E3.

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  • timg57867

    I'll probably get smacked for this, but I am actually hoping we don't get an FPA Metroid from Retro…at least not right now. With all the shooters coming out this holiday, it might get clogged up a bit. I think a Star Fox game would be better for reaching the "hardcore" American audience. I think a FPA Metroid is better off being released next year at a less block buster clogged time. That's just me.

    • Titan64

      I actually agree. I might get smacked for this but I think the Other M style was a step in the right direction. If they took the time to tweak the problems with Other M, I think it would have been better.

    • Aiddon

      yeah, I'm sick of people trying to shackle Retro to the franchise. If anything I wish for another crack at the Other M style of play since it really deserves another go-around (people whining about a lack of sequence-breaking be damned).

      • Titan64

        Wait sequence breaking? I don't even.

        • Aiddon

          sequence breaking, it's something people discovered in Super Metroid that allowed the player to go to places that should be impossible due to various glitches. They seem to act like it's something more than just breaking the game for giggles.

          • Titan64

            I knew what it was, its just I couldn't comprehend that people were complaining about that. Its about as bad as the people of Pretendotripe (Nintendolife), complaining about Flipnote studio having a sub fee that is completely optional.

  • GameJeanie

    I dont see why people hated Other M so much. The only problem i saw was that she talked too much but gameplay was awesome, it brought out the ruthlessness in her.

  • RicardJulianti

    Completely off topic….but Sony just got themselves kicked in the face for the PS4 in Japan. Tales of Symphonia collection (HD?) just announced for PS3 in Japan only. October 10. Includes the PS2 version of ToS and ToS: DotNW on the same disc like Ico & SotC. Granted, October is ~a month away from the PS4 launch, but it certainly doesn't help the transition.

    ToS on PS2 was never released outside of Japan, but the Gamecube voice acting is superb….and owned by NOA as far as I know, so I don't know how likely localization will be. Having anyone other than the original cast would REALLY hurt the experience for me. How crazy would it be if Japan gets it on the PS3, but Wii U gets it in the US due to the voice acting? Fanboys everywhere would explode.

    Insomnia announcements FTW, haha. *sigh*

    • Piee90

      Unfortunately I can’t see the Wii u getting it a all, which really sucks I put over a hundred hours into this game on the GameCube.

      • RicardJulianti

        This might not make it out of Japan anyway. Namco-Bandai/Sony would have to foot the bill to do new voice acting for the localization unless it came to the Wii U. Nintendo owns the translation and so forth for the Gamecube version in the US and possibly the Wii sequel. They weren't willing to localize the PS2 version of ToS so I don't see them localizing two full games for an audience that may have never played the game in the first place.

        This is why IF it makes it out of Japan, a Wii U version is likely. Namco-Bandai could use the voice overs from ToS and the sequel without having to pay a whole new set of actors, that may not be as good as the original.

    • Matthew Wesley

      It doesn't matter to me anyway, I have the original on my gamecube!

    • Rpx

      If you flip that statement a bit, could we get Tales of Symphonia Collection on the WiiU as well since Tales of Symphonia 1 was on Gamecube and Tales of Symphonia 2 was on Wii. Given that the WiiU architecture is a third-generation Gamecube aka Broadway architecture, it should be possible to port the games and render it in HD. But it is up to Namco-Bandai to release the game on WiiU, unless Nintendo does publishing again in the West, to ease the cost for Namco-Bandai.

      • RicardJulianti

        Unless it is released in the West, the Wii U probably won't get the game. ToS1 was released on the PS2 in Japan and it's possible they own the voice acting for the Wii version. For the Western version, Nintendo owns the localization, so NB would need to either pay a bunch of money for new voice actors (which wouldn't go over well with fans), pay Nintendo a bunch of money to use the audio (which Nintendo wouldn't do out of spite), or release it on the Wii U only.

  • Matthew Wesley

    Whatever they do with Metroid, I hope they don't give it to Team Ninja. They really messed up Samus. If you had never played a Metroid game previously, then Other M was a pretty good stand-alone game; however, in context to the rest of the series, Primes 1-3, Super Metroid, Metroid and Samus Returns, it wasn't very good. Team Ninja does best with their own ip's and unfortunately they do not do very well with others'.

    • gamelfow

      Totally agree with you here. It would be no good strategic move to give Team Ninja another Metroid. Just image how the gaming world would react too such an announcment? Even if the game would be awesome there would be tons of bad news even before the game would be released, because of the bad reputation of "other m". (and every MS or Sony Fanboy would love to hate about that)

  • Piee90

    What ever game it's is I just hope metriod can crawl

    • Furious Francis


  • koopzilla

    I know that everybody keeps saying that's what they want Retro to be working on. I for one hope that is not what they are working on. I know the guy talks about how they want it to appeal to American gamers, if they are going for that I would want them to just make a new IP. It seems when things go out of their way to appeal to American gamers, it turns out to be something I don't like. I did like Metroid Prime, which is really saying something since I hate FPS's, it's literally the only one I can tolerate, I would just like something else from Metroid. I don't know who could be working on it, maybe one of Nintendos internal studios? Perhaps Platinum could make a good Metroid game.

    • RicardJulianti

      Like I mentioned above to pm60, I think there might be 2 internal studios over at Retro now….or at least they have the manpower to have them. There could be a 2D 3DS Metroid in development, and some new IP for the Wii U……which would help explain all of the conflicting reports from rumors……I like to give those the benefit of the doubt usually unless they are completely insane.

      As for Platinum….they probably could make a good Metroid, but I would much rather them handle Star Fox. I think if Ancel's team at Ubisoft made Metroid and had it more along the lines of Beyond Good & Evil, it could be pretty sweet. I have a terrible time trying to come up with developers that could handle Nintendo projects….I don't know why. Hmmm….some sort of collaboration between…..Retro or some other internal N team and like…Mistwalker….to create a Metroid Action-RPG type thing…….that might be awesome. Or pair up with Konami and make Metroidvania a reality (without actually making the franchises crossover).

      • koopzilla

        Haha, I actually thought about Konami too. Maybe IGA could make a 2D handheld Metroid since they took Castlevania away from him (which I'm still upset about but that's another story.) Personally I would prefer Metroid made internally by Nintendo, they made Super Metroid, and Zero Mission, which are by far my two favorites, so they are certainly capable. It may not be a popular thing to say, but I wouldn't mind Team Ninja working on it. I loved Other M, and looking back they can fix the problems it had and make an excellent game. I think the reason Nintendo is being so quiet on Metroid is because of all the crying the people who hated Other M did. Seriously I have never heard people complain and whine so bad about a game as that. You can't even discuss the game on GoNintendo because it turns into a huge argument every single time and the thread gets locked.

        • RicardJulianti

          Internal Nintendo plus IGA equals best Metroid ever. Straight up internal Nintendo would be excellent as well of course. I actually haven't played Other M….Wii was with my little brothers at my parent's house when I was in college, most of this past gen, so I haven't played a large number of Wii titles…it's unfortunate.

          I have seen the amount of backlash for Other M though and it would make sense that Nintendo would be quiet about it, even if one is in development. You KNOW the first thing out of people's mouths if they just announced "A new Metroid game is in development" would be, "Oh crap. It's going to be Other M 2 isn't it?" It's better to just spring it on people so they don't even have a chance to form an opinion.

          That seems to be Nintendo's modus operandi with everything for the most part. They just say "This game is coming out. This is what it looks like. Don't like it? Too damn bad. You're going to buy it and you'll love it anyway."

          People flipped out over Wind Waker but there wasn't anything that could be done about it….and now it is loved……it's one of my favorites (I always liked the art style for the record). I really hope they add the other dungeons to WWHD. From the way they talk about those being cut, I feel like they had them mostly finished but didn't have time to refine them enough before the game needed to come out, or something to that extent.

  • pm60

    they are rumored to have 2 games so I'm thinking Metroid and a new ip made up by Retro that will real show off their abilities as a developer. I dought the devs there will want to sit around working on another damn Metroid game when it seems that's all they've ever worked on besides DKC. they have got to be sick of being leashed and Nintendo probably will release their dog and let it do whatever it wants and wow the world.

    • pm60

      you know, now that I think about it. its more than likely a new ip. if it was a Metroid game Nintendo would have mentioned it last years E3 even if they didn't show it, like they did LOZ U in that January direct. if there was a Metroid game, Retro wouldn't have had much of a say in whether it gets showed or not. its a new ip that is retros own.

      • RicardJulianti

        Eh….not necessarily. They know that everyone gets all hot and bothered over Retro and they don't like to announce things before they are ready to be shown (With Zelda and Smash being exceptions since people get amped just knowing those are in production).

        If Retro had prepared a trailer, but knew the game wasn't going to be ready soon/looked rough, they would easily pull the plug on the reveal to give it a massive blow-out later on. Even for Metroid. People love the series, but announcing it exists isn't enough to cause a fervor like with Zelda.

        I'm not opposed to a new IP, or saying that it absolutely isn't one, but at this point, it is just as likely to be Metroid…..especially considering the talent they've hired….but it could also be Raven Blade from that talent. Another thing is that there are probably 2 internal studios at Retro now. For all we know there is a 2D Metroid in development for the 3DS AND a new IP for the Wii U….best of both worlds, haha.

        E3 just needs to hurry up.

        • Bismarck

          Your speculation of a 2D Metroid game for the 3DS made me smile uncontrollably. And not just because of the irony of that statement either.

          • RicardJulianti

            I mean….Retro likely has the manpower to have two development teams. People might get shifted around for crunch time, but it's not completely illogical that they could have two things going on.

            It would also lend a bit of creedance to conflicting rumors about them making a new Metroid game, and having a "new brand". We'l see what happens though……just over a WEEK!!!

  • Ray01

    Nice vid.
    I can't really think of too many Devs that would be able to make a fantastic 3D Metroid game other than Retro & Nintendo EAD.
    Hmm, Valve would be a great choice IMO but its unlikely.

    I hope the rumor that Retro is working on 2 games is true. It could be: Metroid & New IP, or StarFox & New IP, or Metroid & Starfox. . . . . . .or Star Tropics. Either way, i'm sure it'll be amazing.

  • Rpx

    Ok, what other developer(s) would Nintendo feel comfortable with to give them the Metroid series besides Retro Studios. I was thinking Way Forward, but they are busy with various projects for a new 2D Metroid on 3DS. On the 3D side, I cannot think of anyone that would fit well for the series.

    Another and worse option is the Metroid series went back to the attic again, sadly because of the underachieved sales expectations that Nintendo has with Other M.

    Too bad, Nintendo has been quiet for Metroid so far.