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Microsoft, Don’t Bother with Japan – The Xbox 360 is About to get Outsold by the Wii U


Microsoft has announced that they are “committed” to releasing the Xbox One in Japan, in 2014. While Microsoft might be committed to doing this, the Japanese consumers are not committed to buying Microsoft’s consoles. 

The Xbox 360 has been available in Japan since December 9th, 2005. Sales of the system have been abysmal, and that’s being nice. More than eight years on the Japanese market, and Microsoft has only been able to sell 1.6 million units since launch. For comparisons sake, the Wii U has sold a little less than 1.5 million units in its first year in Japan. The Wii U will probably pass up the Xbox 360 by early January, if it already hasn’t done so. Nobody is buying the Xbox 360 in Japan, why will they buy a more expensive system, with less content made for them?

Microsoft spent millions of dollars on timed exclusives like Eternal Sonata and Tales of Vesperia, in addition to outright exclusives like Lost Odyssey and Blue Dragon. Despite having all that support, Microsoft was still not able to make a dent in the Japanese market.

It’s well documented that Microsoft is losing billions of dollars in the Xbox Division. There is no denying that. The next CEO of Microsoft might even spin-off the Xbox Division. Microsoft should save their money, and worry about turning Xbox into a profitable entity for he company.

Microsoft’s bread and butter is the Western markets. They need to put all their time, effort, and resources to winning those areas. The Xbox One is more expensive than the Wii U and PS4, the brand already has a negative perception due to the RROD from Japanese gamers.

We all know Microsoft has no problem throwing away millions to protect other interests. Former Microsoft strategist Charles Fitzgerald even confirmed that.

However, the times of changed, and Microsoft’s shareholders have realized  how the Xbox Division is not profiting the company at all. Microsoft, save your pride, and focus on turning the Xbox Division into a profitable business. Microsoft, it took you guys over eight years to sell 1.6 million Xbox 360s in Japan, exactly how many Xbox One’s do you guys think you will sell? It’s not worth it if you ask me.

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  • Gonzo

    as long as they pay mistwalker to make another great RPG for the Japanese audience I am ok with it

    • Furious Francis

      Mistwalker is working on a Wii U game right now.

  • Kage

    Poor Microsoft. I feel sorry for them. Well, as 'sorry' as you can feel for a greedy, corrupt, multi-billion dollar corporation.

    I knew the Xbox 360 underwhelmed in Japan, but I never knew the sales were THAT bad. Maybe the Japanese consumers don't buy Xbox products, because they're aware of Microsoft's 'west is best' mentality?

    • Matthew Wesley

      You know what the real sad thing is? Western media have ignored this information for EIGHT damn years! The xbox has sold like garbage for almost a decade in Japan… and the Xbox Japan division president has a job… why? 1.6 million lifetime sales in eight years… that's what we call a piss poor performance where I'm from. But you'll never hear this from the media… but let Nintendo sell poorly for a quarter (3 months) and it's doom and despair. It's a load of bs, is what it is.

      • Kage

        Yep, that's pretty much how it is. On top of a videogames crash, we need a videogames JOURNALISM crash, too.

  • nogamesstation4
  • nogamesstation4

    microsoft get 2 BILLION A YEAR just from android, without the need to do anything microsoft related am sure there fine!! heres all they do to get it "hello its that time of year again heres the bank details transfer that 2Billion you owe please" hahaha they all so own the worlds best and number one cloud platform service "windows azure" that brings in a tidy sum! plus all the other things they have. on the other hand sony are Selling off all there assets mainly real estate just to stay out the red…. poor sony one more building a many one more blockbuster an they could afford to make attleast one game for the ps4?!, sony dont own one thing that makes profit there a company on the brink of bankrupcy(bye bye sony) an so what if microsoft spend millions on japenese exclusives that its chump change to them…..

    • RicardJulianti

      Microsoft also loses that same $2 billion a year on the Xbox brand… it's a wash on that front….

      the rest of your post is mostly incoherent drivel so I'll leave it alone.

  • Golden_Owl

    A part of me wonders why Microsoft still bothers. They've lost tons of money on supporting both the previous Xbox's and have yet to see any profit. The One doesn't do anything different from its predecessors and the situation in Japan is unchanged, so there is little reason to expect a better outcome this time around.

    • DePapier

      Image is your answer.

  • Matthew Wesley

    I've stated this once, I'll state it again: Japan doesn't like Microsoft.

    • King Slime

      This is true. They do like Apple though.

      • Matthew Wesley

        They "like" Apple, mostly because Apple delivers a good product. But don't get it twisted, Apple isn't exactly ubiquitous in Japan either. The japanese tend to stick with Japanese products…. so Motorola, Samsung, Dokomo, etc.

        • Justin

          Samsung is South Korean. Motorola is American.

          • Matthew Wesley

            Let me put it this way, Samsung and Motorola have a bigger market share in Japan than Microsoft or Apple.

  • Steven M.

    Couldn't agree more.

  • ryuken13

    When has Microsoft ever listened to the customer?? They know what we want better than we know ourselves..

    Bill Gates empire is falling much like the falling of mighty Rome.. A shame.. RIP

    • Matthew Wesley

      Microsoft started to go down when Bill left…. like them or hate them, Microsoft was at it's best when Gates was there to be a visionary- similar to Apple and Jobs. Ballmer is the absolute worst person there could've ever been to be the ceo of Microsoft… the man lacked vision.