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Microsoft & Gametrailers can not be Trusted: Michael Pachter and Geoff Keighley Exposed by the LeveledHeadGamer

The LeveledHeadGamer has exposed Michael Pachter and Geoff Keighley for being paid off by Microsoft. Please spread this to as many websites as possible community. This needs to be heard and the LeveledheadGamer doesn’t have enough subs to spread his message. Lets help him out here.

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  • Damn that's some serious-ass money.

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  • bigchad

    here’s a picture of Reggie and Keighley about to through down at E3. https://pbs.twimg.com/media/BMWxcj1CYAEOebf.jpg

    • RicardJulianti

      Reggie looks like he would crush him without even trying. Keighley looks like the little bitch he is in that picture.

      • GeneralBrown178

        LOL!!! His body was not ready.

    • hardin25

      you know Reggie would do it…or send the ninjas.

  • Aiddon

    the Viacom thing alone is enough to be suspicious about reviews. However, I don't think companies actually bribe journalists. No, they just threaten to pull advertising if things don't go their way and it's ALWAYS worse with Western companies than it is with the East. Ultimately I believe that companies actually believe journalists aren't WORTH bribing but are worth keeping in line for PR and advertising.

  • PlywoodStick

    This whole debacle reminds me of the convoluted corporate web of interconnected manufacturing and agribusiness companies… The difficult part is tracing the source, but once that’s done, the ties are plain as day.

  • Gsnap

    I like Adam Sessler. He's no big fan of Nintendo anymore, but he doesn't blindly hate it like some people. He just seems generally uninformed about it because it's not his focus. I remember last week or so he said that he hopes we see 3D Mario at E3 even though we know for a fact that we will.

    But he's a smart guy, and you can tell that he cares about gaming, even if it is in a different way that I do, or a lot of people on this site do.

    Pachter can just stop, though.

    • RicardJulianti

      Sessler's not too bad. From what I can tell, he doesn't seem too thrilled about the Xbone caveats so as long as he isn't outright bashing Nintendo, he's good in my book.

      • Gsnap

        Yeah, it is a weird though. Because he and everyone he works with just seems generally unaware of Nintendo. Like they just don't bother paying attention to them anymore. It's a real shame.

  • Ray01

    Man I love LeveledHead.
    He exposed Microsoft, GameTrailers, & Pachter in 15 minutes.
    I always knew Microsoft would have a hand in the next gaming crash.
    I'm really hoping the western market crashes so this corrupted industry can be cleansed. :/

    • Rpx

      He seem interesting so far.

      M$FT XBONE need to fail now.

  • Titan64

    Well looky here, Pachter can't handle the truth…sad man. Oh and to the rest of GT and Geoff, I will use a quote from an internet show:
    "Go fuck a duck. Go fuck 10 ducks. I don't care how many ducks you fuck, FUCK ALL TEH DUCKS"
    -Master Chief from "Arby and the Chief".

  • koopzilla

    I posted some quotes the other day form a Pachter interview on Go Nintendo. He states multiple times during the interview that anything he says is pure speculation, and what he says should not be taken seriously, and that he is trying to be comical. And he talks about someone saying stupid things? What a joke.

    • koopzilla

      Here we go:

      "It's fair to assume that everything I say is pure speculation, unless I say otherwise."

      "Most of my comments are intended to be humorous, and since I've behaved this way for over 50 years, my experience counts for a lot. Most people take my not so serious comments as jokes, and few have been offended."
      (funny how he was offended by what LeveledHeadGamer said.)

      "Most people who meet me tend to understand that I'm a joker, and that I make comments that are intended to be taken lightly and not seriously."

      Unrelated, but I'm just going throw this in because it's the dumbest statement I've ever heard (and he talks about someone else being dumb):
      "The commentary that it's selling better than the DS at the same point is a bit disingenuous (by Nintendo, not by you), since the comparison is to the original fat DS. In the first 17 months of existence, the original DS averaged U.S. sales of 255,000 units a month, and in the first 17 months of the 3DS, sales averaged 310,000. However, in the first 17 months of the DS Lite, sales were 530,000 units, on average in the U.S. FYI, in the NEXT 17 months of its existence, the DS Lite averaged 920,000 units per month, or close to three times the level of the 3DS"
      He holds Nintendo to another standard, 3DS's sales can't be compared to DS's at the same point in its life. It somehow need to be compared to DS at a point when lot's of great games were out, Pokemon was out, and a redesigned was launched. Do you think he will hold Microsoft or Sony to this standard when PS4/X-Bone launches, that they can only be compared to a time when the slim models were out, and years worth of games had already been released?

      And this (along with many other asinine statements) was all within a single short interview.

      • PlywoodStick

        This makes me wonder what the people who claimed “you’re not an analyst, let the real analyst handle this” would think about this…

    • RicardJulianti

      Basically this video 100%

      I can't even….WHY DOES HE HAVE A JOB. It almost makes me physically ill.

  • Matthew Wesley

    I think he admitted in some business conference that he essentially spouts some bs, hoping that at least 10% is true.


    Make sure you guys get screenshots of these.

    • RicardJulianti

      Done. Saved a picture of his attack, so if he deletes it and denies it….he can be exposed again.

  • timg57867

    THANK YOU! Someone had to say this. I am surprised people take these jokers seriously, especially Patcher. Isn't this clown a self-admitted liar?

  • RicardJulianti

    Shared on the VGChartz thread about MS using viral marketers to negate negative criticism, along with the twitter exchange. Pachter really went a bit crazy for no reason….check it out: https://twitter.com/Leveledheadgame/status/343097

    You'd think someone as public as him wouldn't outright call someone a dumbass and a waste of breath. The Western market basically NEEDS to crash at this point….look how crazy it is making "professionals." It's astounding.