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Mikami Looking to Bring true Survival Horror back to Gaming, with The Evil Within

Shinji Mikami, the famed director of Resident Evil 4. Discusses how his new game, The Evil Within will be a true survival horror game. And how the industry has too few of them. 

“My definition of survival horror is that first of all it has to be scary. And then you get a scary creature, and you get a rush from blowing it away. A good balance of these two things is what makes survival horror,” Mikami told IGN in a video interview.

“For combat, of course, you’re shooting guns and using knives and axes and orthodox weapons like that, but you can also place traps to ambush enemies.

“We don’t intend to give the player and super extraordinary powers. However, if there’s no way to fight back, no way to attack that gives that little thrill, then it wouldn’t be survival horror. So we’ll give the player the weapons they need, but we’re not considering any heavy weapons like machine guns.”

Players in the Evil Within, will be able to perform stealth and tactical options like throwing a bottle to distract an enemy. Resources will be limited, so every shot counts.

“Sometimes you have to run away because your ammo is low, and you’re like, ‘die already’ – and you pull off a headshot,” Mikami added.

“The monster is bearing down on you and bam! You hit it with your last shot. You feel relief and a sense of exhilaration like ‘yes!’ I think that really is the easiest way to describe what’s best about survival horror.”

Mikami thinks a lot of the recent games in the horror genre have been stripped of the scare factor, because of the focus on action (Resident Evil 6)

“Survival horror has been drifting away from what makes it survival horror. And so I want to bring back survival horror to where it was.

“There are a lot of survival horror games nowadays, but the thing that I want to focus on is having the perfect balance between horror and action.”

Mikami is looking to make a game that is very different from the other games in the genre. He wants players to feel like they haven’t played a game like The Evil Within in years.

The game will be using id Tech 5 so there is a good chance that it will be running in 60 FPS. Rage also used id Tech 5 and the game ran in 60 FPS. Check out the full feature here.

The Evil Within is coming to the PS3, Xbox 360, PC, and next gen systems in 2014.

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  • koopzilla

    That game looks like it could be really good. I loved the original Resident Evil games, but I wouldn't consider 5 or 6 to be survival horror at all. I'd really like to see this one come to Wii U.