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Monolith Soft isn’t Having any CPU Problems, Xenoblade 2 Surpasses Current Generation JRPGs

Nintendo’s President and CEO Satoru Iwata unveiled brand new Wii U games in Nintendo’s latest Nintendo Direct. X or Xenoblade 2 is primed to be the Wii U’s first original game that takes full advantage of the hardware and gameplay functions, leaving current generation JRPGs in the dust.

Check out the trailer here if you missed it. Get the rest of the article below.

The Art, Graphics, and Scope are Impressive 

We all knew Monolith Soft was working on a Wii U game, but we had no clue how it was going to look or play. That is, until now. Not only did Monolith Soft delivered on so many counts with the trailer. The Graphics in the game look like no other JRPG on consoles currently. The detail in the monsters, the scope and draw distance, the art. Everything just mended perfectly. The game makes Final Fantasy XIII look silly from gameplay to graphics. Many would say Final Fantasy XIII is the best looking JRPG on a technical level this generation (art wise is debatable). Final Fantasy Versus XIII is the only current JRPG that’s in Xenoblade 2’s league, but that game is in development hell, Square Enix is obviously having trouble putting the game on PS3. We might never see the game, or it could be moved to the PS4.

Final Fantasy XIII Gran Pulse Gameplay

The much more Impressive Final Fantasy Versus XIII Gameplay 

The Gameplay is Innovative and Tactical 

If you watch the trailer, and played Xenoblade Chronicles on the Wii. It’s easy to tell this game is in the Xenoblade universe and could possibly be a sequel to the first game. The combat bar across the screen confirms that. The sword swinging animation 30 seconds into the trailer, is the same animation Xenoblade 1 characters make. There are awesome additions to the formula I spotted. You can now switch weapons freely. You can see one character switch from a gun to a sword mid-combat. This will probably be done on the Wii U Gamepad, as you’ll be able to set certain weapons to quick swaps via touchscreen. You can also tell there will be online cooperative multiplayer. About 40 seconds into the trailer, you can see in the top left hand corner of the screen reads: Player 1- Player 2 – Player 3, and below that seems to be some sort of chat log. The mech shown at the end of the trailer makes traversing these large landscapes faster. These mechs can also be used in battle. Hopefully, mech customization and leveling is included in the final package.

Xenoblade 2 will hold its own

The Xbox 720 and PS4 are bound to bring some nice looking games. Rumored next generation games like Watch Dogs and Star Wars 1313 look fantastic. There is some concern I have over how many JRPGs will be coming to these systems. We’ll still get the major franchises like Final Fantasy and Tales, but the vast majority of Japanese games brought over will be action or other genre’s to suit the US and European markets. The PS3 and Xbox 360 didn’t have many standout JRPGs. Ni No Kuni, Tales of Xillia, Tales of Graces, Lost Odyssey, and Star Ocean are good, but I think we can all agree good JRPGs were to few and far in-between this generation. With the rising costs of development, and Japan’s current financial situation in the console space. I’m not expecting many JRPGs to be released on the Xbox 720 and PS4. Lets hope i’m wrong though.

Here is some gameplay of Star Ocean The Last Hope, one of the better looking JRPGs on the PS3 and 360.

Nothing But Love for the all the Consoles

I don’t want to discredit or undermine what the PS3, Xbox 360, PS4, and Xbox 720 can and will do. The PS3 and Xbox 360 are fantastic systems and the PS4/Xbox 720 are bound to be powerhouses that can display incredible graphics. Monolith Soft is challenging the very essence of what makes a game innovative or ‘next gen’. When I first saw the trailer for Xenoblade 2, I was thinking this is ‘next gen’ something that’s not possible or available on current consoles. Xenoblade 2 looks to up the stakes to levels Nintendo has never been able to do before. The vast open worlds, mech combat, online multiplayer, and MMO style gameplay, is unlike Nintendo, but a welcomed edition. The Wii U is in its infancy, it’s a baby that needs time to mature. As the developers get more comfortable with the system, the games will start looking more impressive. This trailer is just the beginning though. We still have a lot more to learn about Xenoblade’s online, battle system, features, and more. Monolith Soft looks to be on the right track with Xenoblade 2. Nintendo has done a great job with these Nintendo Directs. More information on Xenoblade 2 can’t come soon enough. I’ll keep you guys posted on anything I can dig up!

What do you guys think? Agree? Disagree? Lets have a healthy conversation in the comment section below. 

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  • matt

    I think it's time to start listening to Iwata who says it's a misinterpretation that wiiu is underpowered he should know,and going off the games they have shown this early,on hardware thats a slightly new design over ps4 ect in that its a MCM with literally tons of edram even edram cache on the cpu cores,plus there is 35% hidden specs on that gpgpu even from developers ???

  • From my childhood I always try to play exciting games which have sound graphics and touchy sound quality and this game is just what I wanted and perfectly matched with my PC. Thanks

  • Just played this game into my home pc and got it totally awesome to play. What a fantastic graphics this games has and I'm really very impressed by its awesome sound quality. Amazing edition in the gaming world. Thanks

  • I've just heard about this game and really very excited to play in such games. I'm willing to know how can I get this game. Any download link or any other recommendation?

  • Really an impressive games it is! Already i have got experience to play this Wii U games which is perfect for my computer's gaming function and the important thing is that the graphics has been made for this games that is outstanding as well. Thanks

  • matt

    Well even Team Ninja who have more games in development for wiiu say the cpu is nextgen so i'm happy,lets not forget the ps4 cpu runs at 1.6ghz ? its 8 core but whats the cache and memory used ? its these things now that make for a more powerful console in terms of performance ect the wiiu also uses 32MB of eDRAM on the single chip design for both cpu and gpu.

  • Perfect knows that Monolith Soft isn’t Having any CPU Problem!!! As a computer user I like to read this total composition as well. I was in the hunt for this type of reading. Thanks for this aloctaion!!!

  • Ark

    This….made my dick…ROCK FUCKING HARD.

    The co-op seems seamless and beautiful. People complaining about it but this is a co-op game I have been waiting for ages. I can rightfully assume that when you run of Doll fuel your Doll (Your big badass mech) will go into standby and kick you out. Which is why you see him shooting at the enemy mech instead of in his Doll. But still this is a HUGE improvement to JRPG's. I hope I see this sometimes early next year. I can't wait.

  • Kamille Bidan

    if you watch the trailer of X in HD and full-screen you'll see that there are many texture pop-ins and bad draw-distance. =/

    • Furious Francis

      The game is not finished yet, Still in Alpha

  • Bob

    I dont think it looks any more impressive than something like Lost Odyssey. In fact it looks exactly like Lost Odyssey and just about any other UE3 game. I'm over it and ready for Agni's Philosphy.

    • Furious Francis

      I respect your opinion Bob, but this game destroys Lost Odyssey in scope, scale, graphics, and gameplay. I love Lost Odyssey too, but it cant compete with Xenoblade 2. The enviornments, detail in the monsters, draw distance…. just crush Lost Odyssey.

      Hopefully Agni\’s Philosphy is good, FF 13 looked just as good as Agni\’s Philosphy did when I first saw it, and FF 13 ended up being crap.

  • DarthDiggler

    Yeah well they are creating a brand new game for the Wii U, the other devs were having problems porting their Engines that worked well on PS3/X360 and not as well on Wii U.

    If you are running into CPU issues on a game you are doing for a brand new system than your ambition is just too high.

    If you are running into CPU issues on a game you are porting its because there are aspects of that CPU that may be less powerful than the system you are porting from.

    • Furious Francis

      The PS3 had the same issues early in its life with ports. Madden 08 was near unplayable in local multiplayer cause of the lag. A bad port is a bad port. It has nothing to do with CPU speed. The Wii U CPU is fine, developers just rushed their ports to the system. Mass Effect 3 on the Wii U actually surpasses the PS3 and 360 versions in some areas, and runs better than the PS3 version in total. Optimization is key.