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Monolith Soft Shows off Concept Art for 3DS game

Xenoblade Chronicles developer Monolith Soft has shown off a new piece of artwork that might tie into their 3DS game in the works. 

The developer is hiring because of all the current projects their working on at the moment. X or Xenoblade 2, and a unannounced 3DS game. You can check out their Facebook page, and a link to their recruiting efforts at their Kyoto office.

The art shows off a girl with some sort of creature next to her. Monolith’s Tokyo office is handling Xenoblade 2,  the Kyoto office will be handling the rumored 3DS game. However, they already have a dedicated handheld team in Tokyo that worked on Project X Zone.

For those not in the loop, Monolith Soft was founded by former SquareSoft developers after the completion of Chrono Cross. Namco Bandai owned them before being sold to Nintendo a few years ago.

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