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New Sonic game in Development for the PS4, Xbox One, and Wii U


At the Nuremberg toy fair, toy maker Jazwares revealed SEGA is currently developing a new multiplatform Sonic game. This Sonic game is set for release in 2015, on the PS4, Xbox One, and Wii U. Check out the billboard below. 

Via: GoNintendo, Source: SegaBits



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Author: Francis@PE (17018 Posts)

29 Responses to New Sonic game in Development for the PS4, Xbox One, and Wii U

  1. Ednice says:


  2. HoystenPlacato says:

    Sonic Lost World is a great game, shame people believed the pigs at IGN. People are hyprocrities too, they make a speedy sonic game, with elements from Mario Galaxy and people won't pick it up. Lame. Some of the whisps sucked, but other then that, the control were easy enough to learn in 30 minutes.

    People really are sheep, they want another Mario Galaxy, but when a game comes out and pretty much is a speed based sequel, they don't buy it.

    Its a bit soon for another Sonic game, which will probably hurt the sales of Sonic Lost World in the long run. Generations was weak, it was a phone in of old levels with the bad 3d level design from recent Sonic.

    Sonic Lost World is the first 3D Sonic to get the Speed and Platforming right, every other 3D Sonic felt more like a quicktime event with bad camera angles.

    • Metalheadgamer8 says:

      Sonic Lost World is definitely the true successor of the old sonic games (the best ones). And that's coming from someone who's never had too much of a problem with the 6th – 7th gen sonic games.

  3. hardin25 says:

    Looks like Sonic is ''rolling around st the speed of sound,'' to the X1 and PS4 also.

  4. DePapier says:

    There was a rumor on it a long time ago. Guess it might have some truth: http://www.vgleaks.com/new-sonic-game-in-works-fo

    P.S.: Furthermore, the idea of a little Sonic and a little Eggman as protagonists goes hand in hand with SEGA's new Sonic show here-announced targeted for boys 6-11 years old.

  5. Metalheadgamer8 says:

    YES! My worries are no more! Sonic will still come to the Wii U despite Lost World's sales (I love this game so much). I'm so glad since I'm a huge Sonic fan!

  6. Suportedcofe says:

    Can't say I like the Sonic franchise but the games always has potential so I'm not not interested.

  7. TheFullmetalHokage says:

    Well, if there is a Sonic racing game and a Sonic platformer in the works, the question is which one is the Wii U getting exclusively?

  8. ZainreFang says:

    So this source is legit?

  9. NinTimdo says:

    It's a pity Lost World wasn't insanely good. It could have been a real pull for the Wii U having an excellent Sonic game. Think before you down vote me because you enjoyed Lost World.

    • HoystenPlacato says:

      It is very good, other then some of the whisps power ups which were patched, its a very good game. The first game to get the 3D bits right and the 2D bits right. Just goes to show people are sheep.

      • NinTimdo says:

        I don't think that's necessarily true. I tried very much to enjoy the game and was adamant that people ignore the negative reviews. Then with all things said I had to be honest with myself too; I found there were lots of moments of frustrating level design and the bosses were very weak (in terms of design, not necessarily power) besides the last two. For the same price as many other games it also doesn't provide an astounding amount of content. I thought it was a good game though and I'd give it a 7/10. But excellent? a masterpiece? no. And I could certainly understand why people don't/didn't enjoy it. For what it's worth it has a killer sound track.

  10. -ZaNT- says:

    Lol what, Sanic is getting a show on Cartoon Network? Didn't see that coming. Target audience is kids of course but this seem interesting… I shall tune in.

  11. tagrush says:

    52 eleven minute episodes? Noooooo

  12. frankie4fingers83 says:

    I really want to know what that third exclusive is.

  13. frankie4fingers83 says:

    Once again Sega is going to see that the sonic demographic is in nintendo platforms. Lost world was good, but too many bad reviews and too many sheeple believing it.

    • alex9234 says:

      Well, when it comes to Sonic Lost World, and the fact that it was Wii U exclusive, let me tell you something that PE writer Jamie Butterworth told me. He says that the Lost World reviews that journalists gave are similar tactics to what Game Informer did to hurt the Dreamcast in '99-'00. Before the DC released, Game Informer dedicated an entire issue to how the Dreamcast was doomed to failure, filled with lies and omissions. And they would give some Dreamcast games bad reviews. He told me that there was this really good Dreamcast game that GI gave a 4.5, but when it was ported to PS2, they gave it an 8.5 despite the fact that it was just a basic port and controls weren't spot on.

      If Lost World does eventually get ported to PS4 & Xbone (which I highly doubt it will), don't be surprised if it got better review scores than it did on Wii U.

    • MechaMew2 says:

      Sega already admitted their Sonic demographic is on Nintendo platforms. Been old news for a while.

  14. King_Sparkticle says:

    It's very od that the third Wii U game isn't there, but I doubt they ditched a paid off agreement with Nintendo. All this really tells us is that the exclusive might not be an adventure game, then.

    Then again, someone making this thing might've made a mistake.

  15. zdmpxmqb says:

    Since no other games are listed on that billboard, does that mean the third Wii U exclusive isn't a Sonic game?

  16. GRH235 says:

    It cant be shenmue 3…. It has to be something else. Sonic adventure 3 perhaps?

  17. bottled123 says:

    it must be a new game… i doubt sega would break any agreements

  18. NGX159 says:

    Is this supposedly the 3rd Sonic game that is now mulitplat???

    • AntiActivity says:

      No, that's an entirely different game. Sega already said they're making 3 Wii U exclusives, so this is probably an entirely different one from the deal they made with Nintendo.

      • *NormalGamer* says:

        Pretty much what I was thinking; it’s probably possible that this will be a different Sonic game than the one, which hasn’t been revealed, that’s exclusive on Wii U. aside from Lost World and Mario and Sonic.

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