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Nintendo Needs to Announce a Wii U Achievement System Integrated with MiiVerse ASAP

The Wii U is an amazing system. I have had a blast cutting through Ninja Gaiden 3 Razor’s Edge, collecting Star Coins in New Super Mario Bros U, and experiencing survival horror at its roots in ZombiU. However, there is one thing missing that I really want to see on Wii U. A unified achievement system that integrates MiiVerse would really spark my interest to collect and explore the games I play more. Here are a few reasons why Nintendo should integrate achievements in the Wii U OS. 

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Creates Replay Value


When achievements are done right, it can be a lot of fun to collect everything a game has to offer. Some developers are finding unique ways to teach players good strategy and add hours of gameplay by adding achievements. Mass Effect 2 & 3 are perfect examples of this. You can earn achievements by combining biotic powers, overloading shields, and burning off armor. All of these achievements teach you how to tackle different enemy types. Games like Wii Sports Resort, Nintendo Land, Metroid Prime 3 Corruption, and Xenoblade Chronicles already have achievements in them. Take it to the next level Nintendo.

It Creates parity with Microsoft and Sony’s Systems 


Some people will not buy multi-platform games on the Wii U because it lacks a proper achievement system like the Xbox 360 and PS3. It’s another ‘box that needs to be checked’ Reggie. There are websites and people who are dedicated to posting, talking about, and collecting achievements/trophies. Nintendo is missing out on those potential sales due to the Wii U not having an integrated achievement system.

Combine Achievements with MiiVerse….. and Boom! 


Seriously, how freaking cool would sharing, posting, and discussing achievements be in MiiVerse? It would basically be like! A place where gamers can help each other get difficulty achievements, set up multiplayer matches, and so much more. Nintendo could also make a special community where achievement hunters could gather and discuss games. With MiiVerse, you have the whole Nintendo community right on the Gamepad, ready to tackle the hardest missions in Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate or discuss all the hidden secrets in Lego City Undercover.

Gives the fans reasons to re-buy games 


I already finished Resident Evil Revelations on the 3DS, but I will be getting the Xbox 360 version as well to collect all the achievements. Gamers will re-buy games if it offers something new they can get out of it. Especially if Nintendo puts their own spin on achievements. Perhaps they can offer Club Nintendo coins as some type rewards for getting difficult achievements? Microsoft gives players avatar rewards for getting certain achievements. I remember getting the Omi-Blade in Mass Effect 3 for my Avatar! That seriously made my day. Nintendo already has something like that with the Find Mii Mini game, but its not fleshed out. Plus its only available on 3DS.

Do what do you guys think? Should Nintendo have an integrated Achievement system on the Wii U? Put your thoughts in the comments below. 

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  • koopi

    Yes, I think achievements would be great on Wii U. I love searching for collectibles etc., like in Darksiders II. But I chose the X360 version because of achievements. Also, it was 10 pounds cheaper. :3

  • Mich

    Now make the Nintendo fanboys understand this, freaking close minded aholes

    • Furious Francis

      Its really hard dude, Im a Nintendo fan not fanboy, but I\’ve been called one before. Nintendo needs a achievement system.

  • Ikaro

    I really dont understand this love about the useless "achievement" in video games.