• Gamingfan

    I’ll buy the nx as long as nintendo doesnt charge for online. If they do I’m out. I refuse to pay for something thats free on another platform. As top hats would say, thats console peasantry.

  • dacomentr

    When it comes to Nintendo, I simply wait until the system is revealed. There is virtually no point in speculation, unless you’re in it for the sport.

  • john may

    The one thing I don’t get is people have this obsession with Nintendo making a hybrid console. For one I don’t see Nintendo making a system that merges both the handheld and console.

    Why would they make a system that if it doesn’t sell well they have no options. With handhelds and home consoles that’s separate revenue. What’s crazy is Nintendo never once ever mentioned making one system to replace the handheld and console, they said they wanted to set it up so that software could be developed for the handheld and home console in random. In regards to wii like controllers that idea is horrible. Let’s face it the controllers as awesome as they were prevented games from making it to the system. Look for controllers that go back to the game cube days but upgraded with something new and fresh.

    As far as detachable

    • NintendoPower

      All valid points… But it may not be as far-fetched as you think. Nintendo has reported themselves that they were merging both handheld and console development and even bought a building for that… ,

      I don’t know I see and agree with your point on one side but maybe they have some kick-ass idea and are confident in doing so… can’t wait to see. Maybe if one fails it won’t hurt the other, remember if its also a handheld, there shouldn’t be a problem…

      I also see what you’re saying about the supposed detachable controllers… I’m not too excited to see that, as it would probably hurt their build quality, needing to be extra light, to accommodate the weight of the handheld…

    • Travis Touchdown

      All the signs are pointing towards it being a handheld.

      So the ‘hybrid’ idea is a way to try and pretend that the NX is replacing Wii U.

      • NintendoPower

        So how about when Nintendo revealed at their stockholders meeting that they had a dedicated home console in the works to qwell the going mobile fears? If I remember correctly that’s what iwata said.

        • awng781

          No point in making any remarks to him. He still thinks the Wii U had life left, and will say anything to make himself believe that Nintendo will still continue to support the Wii U after the NX is released.

          • NintendoPower

            Lol. He can keep dreamin

        • kingofthesofa

          The original quote and info regarding NX came from Iwata during the DENA announcement and also included an infographic that showed NX alongside the Wii U and the 3DS – “ As proof that Nintendo maintains strong enthusiasm for the dedicated game system business, let me confirm that Nintendo is currently developing a dedicated game platform with a brand-new concept under the development codename ‘NX,’ ” He also told investors a few months later at an officially translated meeting – ” Because we are calling it a ‘new concept’ , we are not thinking of this as a ‘simple replacement’ for the 3DS or the Wii U “

          • NintendoPower

            Right. It can’t be just a mobile. Its something new, which points to some type of hybrid.

  • android138

    It’s going to be two different systems. The wii u was needed to work out the bugs within the hardware and software. Basically the new mobile unit is an extension of the wii u game pad

  • Johnodaz

    I can see the NX being delayed if there is no official reveal from Nintendo next month.

  • getagrip

    mutli touch screen controled games can be then motion point and multi touch vr on the tv..

    example you have fingers or stylus on a touchscreen,same game on tv set your gyro mouse pointer becomes your finger or stylus

    this shit is so simple and thats the greatess of it


    • NintendoPower

      Gaming with touchscreen or stylus sucks ass. Id rather have wiimotes, or twin sticks. But to each their own…

  • FalconLawnch

    The only thing I’m skeptical about is the assumption that this will be the only hardware Nintendo will offer in the foreseeable future. Otherwise, this device seems like a good introduction to everything Nintendo has to offer, provided it has an affordable price.

    • awng781

      Agreed. I can’t imagine Nintendo banking on a single device to support their hardware business. They haven’t done that since they entered the handheld market in 1989.

      This is just speculation, but I believe Nintendo will release a cheap, purely handheld NX device without the console/TV features (comes with no TV-dock and features built-in controls rather than detachable controls). Such a NX device would be very similar to the Nintendo 2DS, which is a cheap, tablet-esque 3DS without the 3D gimmick.

      Nintendo could also release a more expensive, purely console NX device without the handheld/portability features (come with no screen and comes with a traditional controller, and possibly more horsepower thanks to a SCD). I not that confident that this version of the NX will exist, though.

      • NintendoPower

        I hear ya… I hope it’ll be the hybrid, if it would mean having console still here. Mobile is cool, but not as immersive…

  • Gabe Hoffman

    Its highly likely NX will revealed sometime in September but it probably won’t be till later in the month as Nintendo likely doesn’t wanna show off NX too close to Sony’s own event

  • Super_Majstor

    Agree. Also, there are some serious design problems with this latest rumors. Designing game around Wii-like motion controls just can’t work the same in handheld mode with controllers attached. And other way around, game designed with some touch screen controls can’t work the same when screen is docked somewhere near TV.

    All of this seems too complicated.

    • Gamingfan

      If the rumors are wrong then r.i.p. eurogamer, ign, gamespot etc. They didnt even say it was a rumor but a report. If they’re wrong their credibility is pretty much fucked.

      • getagrip


        THEY SAID 3DS WAS TEGRA NVIDIA so if its a second time that site need to die

    • getagrip

      off couse it will what on earth are you talking about

      example without even thinking about it football game (soccer if your a dumb american) tv use your wii like gyro mouse pointer to drag and point players around the screen use your analog stick to control the player with the ball

      same game on a handheld off tv use the touch screen to move the team players around the pitch and the analog stick to control your on the abll player THIS SHIT AINT ROCKET SCIENCE

      example 2

      fps use youe mouse pointer gyro and analog stick to control the fps game on tv same game handheld mode use two analog sticks and tilt the scren with the gyro for the same gyro mouse aiming AGAIN NOT ROCKET SCIENCE IS IT ITS ALL COMMONSENCE

      example 3 play a family game on the tv using controlleers but also have dancinga nd motion controled by controlers and cameras

      its about OPTION its about GAMEPLAY its about CHOICE its about the best control imput PER GAME PER TYPE OF GAMEPLAY

      having twin sticks and buttons is NO LONGER GOOD ENOUGH…

      example of other such abillitys one nx is connected to a tv guy is motion steering his kart in mario kart or a race car on a racing game

      freinds join him with there nx handheld mode his game shares to the other nx making the multi player multi sacreen there using nx screen he is using tv screen

      becaus every unit has ram a gpu and acpu there is no down grade in graphics and frames when playing multi player everyobe has there own gpu and cpu etc

      your now playing multi player mario kart or other race game together over multipul systems on tv and off tv together from one cartridge