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Nintendo of America says “2 Days Virtual Console” with a Picture of Ice Climbers

Nintendo’s Wii U Facebook as been updated with a picture of the Ice Climbers game saying “2 days” which again confirms the big Wii U update is coming on Monday for North America. 

Check this out (does the Harlem Shake)


Nintendo is planning the new Wii U update that adds a host of features, along with speeding up the Wii U’s OS. Monday can’t come fast enough.

Thanks to RicardJulianti for the tip!

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Author: Francis@PE (19849 Posts)

  • RicardJulianti

    So…the update didn't go live today and the images were misinterpreted….and it's not surprising considering the content of them.

    Turns out we learn the full launch line-up tomorrow, which is cool. I mean, it is still coming this week so it's not that big of a deal.

    • koopzilla

      Yeah, though I have heard a lot of people pretty pissed about this. Even saying they are going to sell their Wii U because Nintendo lied to them. In reality all we got from Nintendo was it's coming this week, anything past that was purely speculation, not promises from Nintendo of a specific date. I mean I'm a little let down because I wanted the update today, but a few more days aren't going to kill me.

      • RicardJulianti

        Those people make me hate gamers today. They need to stop being so fickle and impulsive, a little patience goes a long way in the world. Life lesson right there.

        I checked my Wii U for updates earlier today, saw there wasn't one, made a :- face and then played Monster Hunter and forgot all about it. Really, I feel like it is a little bit of a flub on NoA's part but not a major one….the UK Wii U page and the German Wii U page don't have a single thing posted about the VC. Granted, they might not be getting it at the same time, but they will get the update at least.

        They did tell us there would be maintenance today even. To expect maintenance at the same time as an update is a bit weird actually since they would probably conflict a bit. At best it will drop tomorrow, at worst Wednesday with the VC coming the day after. With the launch line-up being revealed tomorrow, they might even say what day it's happening.

        • Furious Francis

          Sorry for being off the site for so long guys, I got sick after eating taco bell, I'm never eating fast food again. I'll start updating the site.

          • koopzilla

            No problem. I try to stay away from the stuff myself. I prepare most of my meals myself. I can't stay away from KFC though, it's just too good, and I don't really know how to make chicken. I won't touch McDonalds, I'm sick before I even get done eating that stuff. Taco Bell has a tendency to make me feel sick too.

  • Bay2OnWiiU4Life

    So much Nintendo love… and we're less than 24 hours from having a Nintendo Network maintenance.

    • Furious Francis

      Exciting time to be a gamer

  • koopzilla

    I'm really looking forward to the update, and virtual console launch. Especially Earthbound, I love that game! I can't wait to update my old Wii VC games, so I can use save states and play with the Wii U Pro Controller.

    • Furious Francis

      Yeah, I'm looking forward to Earthbound this fall.

    • RicardJulianti

      Playing with the gamepad interests me far more than playing with the pro controller. Partially because I don't actually have a pro controller, but mostly because of off-tv. I share the tv, so it is perfect for my needs. It also allows me to play at night without turning everything on and disturbing people.

      I am still hesitant to transfer my Wii data seeing as the Wii belongs to my family and isn't mine personally. My little bros (who aren't really little anymore honestly) could get upset if they get the Wii back and everything is gone

      • koopzilla

        Yeah, I can see that, but I don't really use the off TV play. I actually found a brand new pro controller at Goodwill for $15 (not really sure what that was doing there). I actually had that a couple months before I got the Wii U. I figured I'd be using it quite a bit, but after using the gamepad I don't want to miss out on the stuff on the touchscreen. So, I've only used it once on Ninja Gaiden for about 15 minutes before I went back to the gamepad. The only game I play without it is New Super Mario Bros, but that's because I like using the Wii remote for that. So, I'm just happy to have something to use the pro controller on I guess.

        • RicardJulianti

          If I found a new Pro controller for $15 I would have gotten it too, haha. My guess is that a scalper couldn't unload it in January and dropped it at Goodwill. I'm curious, is the battery life as incredible as originally stated….something like 80 hours? If so, that's bananas, haha. Maybe they took the same battery that powers the gamepad and put it in the Pro controller. The gamepad is doing exponentially more work which would account for the battery life. But it's really never an issue for me as I rarely play longer than the battery life allows.

          If the gamepad wasn't comfortable, I would consider getting one for third party type things that wouldn't be taking full advantage of it. I don't know why I ever doubted the ergonomics of a Nintendo product. I have never had an issue and every controller of theirs has been phenomenal. For being as big and heavy as it is, it is still surprisingly light and extremely comfortable. I really enjoy it.

          • koopzilla

            Definitely couldn't pass that deal up. Nintendo are the experts at making a comfortable controller. The Pro Controller is very comfortable as well. I can't really say anything about the battery life, I haven't used it enough to drain the initial charge that came with it.