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Nintendo Saved Bayonetta 2, That’s why it’s a Wii U Exclusive says Kamiya

Bayonetta 2 is a Wii U exclusive, and some people are having difficulties understanding why it is a Wii U exclusive. SEGA canned the game, Nintendo paid to get it finished….it’s as simple as that. However, some fans have took to Twitter to ask Hideki Kamiya, series creator, why the game is a WiiU exclusive. 

In this Tweet below, you can clearly see that it wasn’t Platinum Games idea to make the game a Wii U exclusive. Nintendo was the only way this game was going to see daylight. Meaning other publishers were offered a deal to publish it, looked at the sales of the first game, and said no thanks.


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  • Amigaengine
  • koopzilla

    This is old news I've known about since the game was announced several months ago, and I never even played the original. You would think that if these people are such huge fans of the game, they would know this by now, and be happy the game even exists. The reaction by irrational Nintendo haters when the game was announced was shameful. I just read like 20 comments on Twitter and they ranged from people threatening to kill themselves to threatening to blow up Platinum games to threatening to kick dolphins in the vagina. If they want to play the game so bad, they should get over themselves and buy a Wii U and play it. I was pretty disappointed when Squaresoft announced they were putting Final Fantasy 7 on Playstation, but I didn't make any threats, I bought a Playstation and enjoyed the game. Funny how people act like Nintendo is only for children, and other consoles are for mature adults, then they act worse than children when a game they want is on Nintendo.

    • Furious Francis

      Yeah, I remember countless hours of playing Final Fantasy 6 when I was a kid, only to find out Final Fantasy 7 wouldn't be coming to the system I own. I was upset, but I just found somebody with a PS1 to play it. No need to rage or vent.

  • Bay2OnWiiU4Life

    These boneheads never understand what EXCLUSIVE means… especially when it comes to Nintendo publishing games.

    • Furious Francis

      Yeah, there is no way this game is coming to the other consoles.