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Nintendo Still has two Unused Wii U Features not Possible on any Other System

By: Furious Francis, editor-in-chief

The Wii U has been out for over two weeks now and everybody here at the Playeressence HQ is loving the system. Nintendo has finally put out a system that has a modern structure, good online play, and HD graphics. While the Wii U already has a host of features not present on the Xbox 360 and PS3, there are still two major features the system is capable of, that will not be utilized till 2013 at the earliest.

NFC (Near Field Communication) Built into the Wii U Gamepad

Near Field Communication is the same type of technology used in Activision’s Skylanders game. The popular kids game uses toys that are set on a toy portal to transport characters into the game. It’s a brilliant design choice for Activision as they can sell these physical goods as real life DLC. Future Skylanders games could use the Wii U’s NFC communication to physically tap the toys against the Wii U Gamepad and have characters, items, and stages transported into your game.

Nintendo could release special AR cards like in Kid Icarus Uprising, that carry content over into the game. This could knock out two birds with one stone. Players can get a cool AR card and DLC without having to download it from the eShop. Club Nintendo could also release content redeemable for coins that contain free Near Field Communication items to use in games. Nintendo needs to set an example for developers on how to use this technology to enhance games. The game that could utilize this technology the most would be Pokémon. Making special trading cards that use NFC technology would allow Pokémon cards you collect through Club Nintendo, special events, or purchase, useable in Pokémon the game. I was at one point a huge Pokémon the trading card game player, so if Nintendo used NFC in this manner for a full-blown Pokémon game on the Wii U and 3DS with online play, matchmaking, tournaments, and MiiVerse….It would be the only game I ever play on my free time for years.

Dual Wii U Gamepad Play

Nintendo has already stated that games that use two Gamepads per one console are coming next year. Some of the games that are a sure bet to use two Gamepads are sports games like Madden, each player having their own screen for play calling, making defensive adjustments without having to scroll to each player, and custom hot routes you can draw with your finger, greatly enhance the Madden experience. RTS games that utilize dual Gamepad play would be very innovative as well. Each player has their own screen to look at with all the hot keys on the Gamepad. The Wii U could make console RTS’s much easier to play. In ZombiU, the Zombie master uses the Gamepad to place zombies at strategic points to kill the player on the big screen. The Zombie master mode in ZombiU opens up the doors for other developers to make RTS style games on the Wii U. Having a mode in ZombiU were there are two Zombie masters using Wii U Gamepads and two survivors using Wii U Pro Controllers would be insanely fun.

What are some other ideas you guys have for Nintendo to use NFC technology and Dual Gamepad play? Please put them in the comments below. Be sure to check out my Wii U system review as well.


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