• getagrip

    WE NEED NORMAL GAMING not hype or sillly or any industry bollox

    it has to tickthe tech box and the current ways to play but more importantly it needs to be a thing the normal people buy it has to be a tv a microwave a vacum cleaner

    it has to be a iphone a packet of sliced bread a carton of milk


  • Jon Turner

    I do have mixed feelings about the Switch; I think it’s a pretty cool concept for the most part, but on the other hand, Nintendo has yet to sell me on the system. I’m most concerned about how future-proofed it is for third party support. That was something Nintendo didn’t do a particularly good job with. I do hope for better results, but so far it’s difficult to say.

  • Miguel Torez

    Nintendo is going to need Zelda at Launch and Pokemon out in the same year (they need to get the Pokemon Go people to come on). The console needs that social factor that the original Wii had combined with some hardcore games, like Skyrim, Eternal Darkness 2 or something similar and Fire Emblem (studies show that social factors are very important to people from various cultures to some degree). Nintendo MUST bring back a lot of their old franchises that have not seen the light of day since the NES and Super NES. We are tired of Mario, Zelda and Mario Kart to some extent (those games have been oversaturated and recycled too much). They need to remaster some games from the Wii and Wii U that people missed out on. Nintendo needs to help their third party supporters advertise their games so a big list of what third party games are out and are coming out needs to be on the Nintendo Switches box (the Wii did this poorly, and the Wii U did it worst). Furthermore, we need a Monster Hunter game and God Eater game both here and in Japan at launch. Nintendo needs to partner with Capcom to bring back Mega Man to a Nintendo console exclusively. We need a Bayonetta 3 too.

    Nintendo needs to show us that they can do more than Mario, Metroid, Donkey Kong, Zelda, Mario Kart and Smash Bros. We need more Splatoon type original content. Furthermore, if Nintendo can’t get Persona they need a similar beloved Atlus/Sega Franchise that people love as much as Persona, and I know we all know what that is (Shin Megami Tensei on the big screen). The Big N needs to bundle in that controller from the video with their base console alone with a games demo disc. I believe a premium console combined with some special edition consoles, like the 3DS, PS4 and Xbox one has would be great packed in with a Nintendo game (Wii U only got one, which were some lame zelda prints on the gamepad). This system needs to be in every Gamestop and other Video game store to demo at least, by the December, but the latest the beginning of 2017 if it is truly coming in March as I said before). Lastly, Nintendo needs to show the advantages of their cartridges, which is less to no loading times, etc.

  • Miguel Torez

    I am hyped for a new Super Metroid. Nintendo has my money. I am fairly impressed. Also, the battery is not an issue if you buy a power pack, etc.

    On the other hand, I believe it will be on the PS4 power levels if not better. I don’t believe they’re going to drop the ball a third time (I hope not). Third times are generally the charm.

    Also, a lot can change in 5 to 6 months. Sony added more ram to the PS4 Pro at the last moment. In addition, I am sure they’re going to work on the controller’s size prior to release. They released this information to get the pros and cons from the consumers (I am sure the new president of Nintendo took this into account being a business man).

    Power doesn’t always win because if that was true Vita would have beat the 3DS. However, I believe it is time for Nintendo to release an over powered system again or else they will be in bad shape.

    Yes, Nintendo would lose a lot of money with an overpowered system, but they would make it back from the software (they need to go ask what the third parties want, and I believe they have this time).

    I would be willing to pay $450 max for this if the power is there too. I mean the PS4 and Xbox One were around that price when they came out so why not Nintendo?

    Some of the cons are that Nintendo’s new system will not have a 4K option most likely. I know people are saying “well Nintendo doesn’t need 4K. I believe 4K will take off soon (this wouldn’t be a bad idea for Nintendo to embrace it).

    Finally, I don’t feel, like explaining the logic around 4K (But like I said I am partly happy with Nintendo’s decision to returned to cartridges because I am kind of tired of the disc based consoles due to the fact that disc are so damn fragile, etc).

  • getagrip

    switch FACT is the only gen 9 concept in existence

  • getagrip