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Nintendo’s Big Plans for Summer & Fall Include Blockbuster Games and a Revamped Marketing plan

CVG is reporting that Nintendo is planning to launch the 3D Mario game for the Wii U this October. The site also claims that Nintendo will be releasing blockbuster games from Summer through the fall. 

Pikmin 3, The Wonderful 101, Game & Wario, The Legend of Zelda The Windwaker, Mario Kart, and the new 3D Mario are all slated to launch from Summer to Fall.

GoNintendo has some more details on Nintendo’s plans for the summer and fall:

– new 3D Mario game due out by October
– Nintendo holding internal discussions with retailers to boost morale
– Nintendo was not comfortable fully promoting Wii U until the release the spring update
– working on a significant global Wii U marketing campaign
– more system issues ironed out in another big update
– blockbuster titles hitting Wii U from this Summer until early next year
– new Mario Kart will debut in playable form at E3
– marketing campaign will commence at E3
– 3D Mario game will also be playable on the show floor. The title will be released before October, pending development delays.

From CVG:

Discussions with retail chains at executive level paint Nintendo’s 2013 release strategy as extensive, with the headline draw being a new 3D Mario game released on Wii U by October.

Nintendo’s PR:

“From July onwards we will launch a succession of Wii U titles and we will promote these extensively until the end of the year. Marketing activity will include TV, print, online and PR as well as comprehensive experiential and social media campaigns.

We have a strong line up planned for Wii U in the second half of 2013 including the likes of Pikmin 3, Wonderful 101, The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD Wii U. We are looking forward to launching these in the UK and for the opportunity to showcase the full potential of Wii U.” – Shelly Pearce, the PR director at Nintendo UK

I’m a huge 3D Mario fan, so I’m looking forward to seeing the game at E3.

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  • koopzilla

    What, Nintendo hasn't completely abandoned their brand new console?!

    Seriously people act like they have forgotten about it and aren't working on any games for it. It's been out 5 months, games take time to make. Nintendo is about actually finishing a game and not releasing it until it's as perfect as can be, not just crapping it out chock full of glitches and worry about actually finishing it later. It's sad that that's what people expect or even want these days, I want a finished game that I don't have to download patches for every week because it's so broken. I won't even get started on all the people calling for Iwata to be fired, I'll just point out he oversaw the best selling console and handheld of last generation, and the current gen best selling handheld, and Wii U is new, and can and I believe will turn around when Nintendo games start coming out. Patience seems to have gone out the window these days, people want instant gratification, and would prefer crap now than something excellent that takes a little longer, 5 months is not a long time.

    I can't wait for the new Mario. It's my favorite franchise ever. I have heard rumors that they are trying to get back to the basics of 3D platformers with this one. That makes me think it will be something more along the lines of Mario 64 with more open worlds to explore, which sounds great to me. No matter what it is, I'm sure it will be excellent as always.

    I think they should have been doing more advertising all along. I never liked those commercials with people in cubes, I found that music in them to be… painful. But, I can understand wanting to wait until the updates to get all the kinks ironed out. Unlike Microsoft who with consoles burning up left and right (I have heard failure rates on the original model were around 50%), chose to not address the issue for 5 years before doing anything about it. Wii U hasn't had problems even close to that magnitude, but they have worked fast to fix complaints of load times and some freezing issues (although, mine has never froze, and I didn't really have a problem with the load times, but it's still nice they cut them down). I can respect them for not just ignoring the situation and hoping it goes away.

    • RicardJulianti

      I hate it when people say that the Wii U has no games, because that isn't true either. It has a bunch of games, they just aren't 100% brand new, built from the ground up, optimized games. Even then you've got ZombiU, NSMBU, NintendoLand, Lego City, eShop titles and now the VC. PLENTY of games

      "Nintendo promised they wouldn't let this happen again!" No, they said they had plans to let third parties get some time away from 1st party games. Everyone harps on Nintendo for "not having third party support", which is because "third party games don't sell on Nintendo systems." So Nintendo gives the third parties that are supporting them a chance to release their games away from first party titles so sales would be boosted…but EA sucks a bag of wangs and Ubi got scared. THAT'S why the drought happened. Another big criticism of the 3DS was that there wasn't a Mario at launch…..there was one with the Wii U.

      It's hysterical to me that when people are thinking Iwata should be fired (after saving the GC era from being completely abysmal with some good third party support and the DS….and then the Wii….and completely turning around the 3DS) and then he gets more responsibility. If the board didn't have confidence in him, this wouldn't have happened. He may be the President and CEO, but he isn't a dictator that gets to do whatever he wants. He still answers to somebody.

      The Wii U hasn't even sold that poorly. Sure it didn't meet their expectations, but to be honest those were a bit crazy to begin with. It has sold about half as many units in 4.5 months as the 360 sold in a year. Once the big games drop (which is July technically with Pikmin in Japan) systems will sell and they could very well have a greater lead going into next-gen than the 360 did.

      You should look up the UK commercial, it was pulled because it didn't talk about off-tv or something dumb….but it is a million times better than the US version. It actually has words on the screen that say it is a new console…..imagine that. Not only were the 360's cooking themselves, the updates MS has made have actually slowed the console down a TON. It takes almost 2 minutes before the dashboard appears after I hit the power button…..yet you don't (and have never) heard people complaining that the "OS IS SO SLOOOOWWWWWW"

      The only time I have had the Wii U freeze on me was when I would try to quit Runner 2, but that was a known bug and it has been fixed. I never entered the settings menu enough for the long wait to be an issue, and the splash screens for games really helped with loading times for those….which still weren't bad. I really like how Nintendo has ambient sounds/music when you are using the console, it gives it a little life and a lot of charm. And yes, they have addressed "major" issues in 5 months….super fast compared to others. For instance, the in-game XMB on the PS3 was shown before the launch….but didn't make it to the system until July 2008…..a YEAR AND A HALF after the system launched. Yet Nintendo's first trek into an HD console with a kind of slow OS, with a day 1 update that added promised functionality is completely unacceptable.

      • koopzilla

        Yeah, Nintendo gets nitpicked on every little thing. I can't believe it takes 2 minutes for the 360 to start up. I wouldn't know, we just have an original model that my son wanted, and I refuse to pay for X-Box live, and since it has no wi-fi connection, and my internet comes in downstairs and it's upstairs, I'm not running cables all over the house just for that, so it's never been updated at all. I've never even touched a slim model. I don't even think it's been turned on in over a year, and it rarely got played at all before that. Even considering that it never gets played it's still had RROD once, I'm not sure if it's even the same system they sent back or just a refurbished one, but it's still an old model.

        And look at the Vita. 3DS was having doomed articles left and right from pretty much the day it launched until not long ago. I almost never see this about the Vita. Maybe a passing mention of it not selling well, and not even that until it had been out almost a year.

        I agree, Nintendo gave third parties a chance to shine, since they always complain they can't compete against Nintendo games, and they have completely blown it twice in a row.

        Also, I have so many games on my Wii U that I haven't even played most of them yet. I have 9 games and my son has 2 more all of which look really good. I have never had that many games so close to launch for any system. I just started Lego City, and that game is a blast.

        • timg57867

          Hey, when it comes to double standards, no one gets hounded like good old Nintendo!

        • RicardJulianti

          I didn't want to renew my XBL when I got a new debit card but MS had other ideas. I didn't update the information so it wouldn't charge me….but the auto renew was on (even though I thought I turned it off). I got emails asking me to update my information, I never did and I wasn't really playing my 360 at the time so I didn't see the point. Then, they apparently contacted my bank and got the updated information (I think only the exp date changed) and so it renewed a year for me. Bleh.

          I didn't buy a new game until Runner 2 came out since I had gotten a few games for Xmas and my birthday (no Wii U games….Nintendoland was enough for me) so I thought I had plenty to play as I own all 3 consoles. For some reason (possibly due to all the BS Nintendo bashing that was going on) I stopped playing my 360 Feb 19th and possibly before then, but I wanted to try the MGR demo. The only time I would turn it on, was to check load times compared to the Wii U update after they released the video and to download the NFS MW demo that I would compare with the Wii U demo. They removed the 360 demo and there isn't one on the Wii U…..weak.

          The only reason I have played it recently is because a friend renewed a month of Live and we started a new world in Minecraft. If it wasn't for that, I wouldn't have turned it on for I don't even know how long. I didn't have an HDMI cable plugged into it so I could get proper surround out of my Wii U.

          I think the reason the Vita isn't getting bashed left and right is because Nintendo fans truly just….don't care/don't want things to fail. Nintendo trolls are a rare breed. Sometimes I feel like Sony trolls feel like Nintendo silently ended a deal with THEM for the SNES add-on….like they themselves are Sony. Xbots have this weird superiority complex…."I pay for my online service. It is a premium and absolutely not a scam in any way. I gladly pay extra to access a service I already pay for." I get that MS's online is phenomenal and was the best around until Miiverse, but it was never not a rip-off. I rarely game online, used to more when I was in college….because college, but even then I would mostly play with the friend I play Minecraft with.

          I enjoy Lego City….but Monster Hunter has completely stolen my attention. It's a bit absurd really. I hate having a backlog so I don't really buy games unless I am going to play them right away.

          • Frank Urbanski

            I think we don't hear much from the industry about how bad the Vita is doing (even though we see it all the time in comment sections) is because they don't like eating their own words. Journalists and analysts would not shut up about how the 3DS was doomed and the Vita was going to be the best handheld ever, and they were dead wrong. I think they don't want to acknowledge it because, as professionals, it must be embarrassing for them not to have a very good grasp of the gaming landscape. Consciously or subconsciously, it must bug them to know that Nintendo, the company they love to hate, knows more about what gamers want than they do.

          • RicardJulianti

            I agree. It seems we have this figured out between fans and the industry, haha.

            They all ride the Sony "supercharged PC" train….when it makes zero sense that the PS4 would be a supercharged PC. A dedicated gaming PC now crushes the PS4 in raw power. Sure they will be able to squeeze more out of the box than a similarly spec'ed PC, but by the time the PS4 is maxed (the PS3 still isn't maxed out) PC's will have moved on to organic, quantum or graphene tech….possibly even by the time the Wii U is on the way out the door in the case of Graphene.

            Pachter is just the same as the "journalists" (journalistic integrity my ass), in that he will never admit he is wrong even though he blatantly is 85-95% of the time. I can't see how he can tell people in good conscience to invest in Sony….their credit status is literally "Junk"…..who in their right mind would want to invest in a company that can't pay off their loans?

            There's a reason Nintendo has been in the gaming business for 30 years, and could coast for another 30-40 without even trying…they know what they are doing and are surprisingly good at predicting what people will like. There's also a reason there is such high turnover in the "gaming journalism" field…..they don't know jack and it eventually all piles up until their reputation is shot.

    • donzaloog

      Well said. I agree completely.

  • Titan64

    Google Translate….y u no translate properly?!

    • koopzilla

      Just remember, "step by step is one step at a time". LOL.

  • Titan64

    Wait a minute….wasn't there suppose to some Okami news this week? What the hell happen to that? Anyway…GUESSING TIME FOR MARIO. Mario always seems to have a theme in the 3d games, except 64 of course. Sunshine gave us an island to explore, and Galaxy gave us a universe to traverse in. What its in store for us Mario fans? I honestly would love to see a time traveling concept for the game (NOT THAT CRAPPY EDUCATIONAL GAME MIND YOU). Like Princess Peach is kidnapped by Bowser and they go through time and Mario has to go through the exaggerated time periods. OR, Princess is Kidnapped by someone other then bowser and its up to Mario and Bowser to save her by going through the time periods. I am not saying Nintendo should take this idea and make that for the game nor am I saying this is what Nintendo has in store because I am sure Nintendo would have something for us fans that we would be excited about. I would love to hear anyone elses idea on what Nintendo could have in store or take a wild guess on what they could be doing.

    • koopzilla

      I guess the Okami news wasn't really anything, probably a rerelease on a newer system or something. Here's a Google Translation of the tweet (which makes no sense, I'd like to see a real translation from someone who knows what they are doing).

      Google translation: It is operated by Ichi you like is part topic tweet! "Does Doka to GW dawn" the other day, have Awaawa. ~ Everyone, as if to tell from the front or is good, you should not be in a hurry. Step by step, is one step at a time. This is not a notice in the sequel So, please wait to relax! # OKAMI

      Honestly half the time I can't make any sense of tweets anyway, mostly because of the small character limit, there's always lots of abbreviations, #'s and random stuff from what I've seen. That's why I don't mess with Twitter.

      • RicardJulianti

        I usually don't have a problem with twitter…..but Google Translate is atrocious at Japanese. I just need to learn the language so I can give a proper translation. bleh.

        To me it basically says "We love all the support we've gotten from the game, but calm down. We take things one step at a time. The Okami news isn't a sequel, please stay tuned"

        Probably a Wii U port of the HD version + Okamiden? It could still be a sequel if there is some serious mistranslation stuff going on….I really don't know.

        • Titan64

          Hey I would take an HD version + Okamiden. Both underrated games for their time with moderate success. (The DS okamiden game sold more then 300k titles.)

          • koopzilla

            I loved Okamiden, I actually haven't played the original, just picked it up a few months ago, but have so many games to play right now I haven't had time. Okamiden seems to get a lot of hate though, I don't see the problem, I thought it was an excellent game. The only problem I had whatsoever was controlling a 3D game with a d-pad, it wasn't too bad, but an analog just works better (or more smoothly I guess you could say) for 3D games. It just took a little getting used to at first, but after a little while it was fine. I also thought it was really incredible what they squeezed out of the DS with that game as far as the 3D graphics go, it looked great.

          • RicardJulianti

            The original was great (from what I played….never finished it though) and gorgeous. Painting with the Wii remote was awesome but I suspect it was also good on the DS with the stylus.

            I haven't played Okamiden so if it was a Wii U port of the HD version + an HD up port of Okamiden, I would buy it.

    • RicardJulianti

      I gave one response to what I think they could be doing considering it is the "Year of Luigi" up above to Piee90 and really….I feel like it is pretty likely all things considered.

      Another thing I came up with was the use of dimensions….or "Universes". You would use the gamepad to view different universes that were parallel to the main world. Open world Mushroom Kingdom, puzzles and platforming based around the concept. Universes would include: 2D (maybe Chalk like Lttp2?), Dark/Shadow, First Person, Paint, Yarn/Stitching, XRay, All around time manipulation, and whatever else Nintendo would come up with. You'd look at the gamepad to figure out the jumps and maybe secret items depending on the universes you have available.

      As for your idea with Peach getting kidnapped by someone other than Bowser….I have no problem with that other than the fact that Mario should team up with Luigi instead of Bowser. I mean, they are brothers after all, haha. I could see Bowser being controlled by someone worse, or the other way around too.

  • Rpx86

    Nintendo likely wanted the next 3d Mario game out before Sony and MSFT (Microsoft) release their new consoles to market, which seems to be in November 2013. It gives the WiiU, the killer game it needs from launch along with Retro Studios game that would give one-two punch of killer games for Nintendo’s struggling console.

    Zelda:Windwaker HD and Mario Kart WiiU will sell a decent number of units.

    So five Big N 1st IP games for this year confirmed after E3: Pikman 3, Retro, 3D Mario, Windwaker HD and MK WiiU.

    Now what else from Nintendo first party IP is coming out this year for the WiiU.

    Sorry, if I did not mention the Platinum Games for WiiU or the third party games.

    That leads to my main concern with this plan and release schedule.

    However, if Nintendo committed to this plan, oh boy; the 3rd parties sales on the WiiU might become bleak this holiday season. We run into the same problem; Nintendo 1st Party Games make the 3rd Party games irrevelant in game sales.

    In all honesty, what would consumers buys for the WiiU: Big N first party games or the third party games?

    • timg57867

      Third party sales will improve once the install base actually sets itself and Nintendo releases becomes more level paced. Frankly though, I wonder why this only became a problem recently. Third parties seemed to do just fine during the NES and SNES days…

      • RicardJulianti

        There is actually a reason…..Yamauchi.

        See, back in the NES and SNES days, Nintendo pretty much ruled the land. Yamauchi had to keep the crap that caused the NA crash of '83 off of the NES/Famicom so there were some seriously strict rules in place. 3rd parties had to buy a minimum number of cartridges, but were limited on how many they could sell….a min AND a max. Yamauchi would cancel games if he saw something he didn't like pretty much by saying, "Stop working on this project." and that was the end of it. 3rd parties basically had to beg him to let the games on the system as he saw it as a privilege to be on a Nintendo system……and they agreed because of the massive popularity. The royalties 3rd parties had to pay were so outrageous, that even if the game failed and the developer failed to make a profit, Nintendo would still profit.

        Then, after the whole…debacle between Sony and Nintendo, Sony came out with their own game system. Nintendo stuck to cartridges so there weren't loading times, but sacrificed memory and cost in doing so as cd's were much cheaper to produce. Sony didn't impose any of those rules Nintendo had (at least not as strictly as I'm sure there were some royalties involved). Yamauchi was such a hard ass that 3rd parties ran to another option as soon as it was feasible. Sega was never as popular as Nintendo (Gensis came close, but wasn't able to compete with Mario.) but they still put games on it…..they just didn't flee en masse until the PSX.

        After Yamauchi left, Iwata actually managed to get pretty decent third party support for the Gamecube, but the console sales just weren't there due to Sony's dominance in Japan and the PS2 containing a DVD player. In fact, 10 out of my 54 Gamecube games that I have on hand (there are a bunch more somewhere else, I just don't know where they are right now) are first party….that's it. 10 (not counting the rest of my stockpile of course).

        The lower Gamecube sales meant lower software sales and lower profits for 3rd parties. Then with the Wii, it didn't have the HD power of the other 2, so it would take entirely separate dev teams in order to make a game for the system. The Wii U will be the first time since the Gamecube that third parties will be able to make games for a Nintendo system that will be visually comparable (yes, even with the PS4/720). With the head start and lack of Japanese dominance from Sony, things could turn out much better compared to the Gamecube.

        History lessons! haha

        • timg57867

          One thing that a lot of people on the Internet seem to have overlooked is that Sony has lost A LOT of presence in Japan. The PS3's sales paled in comparison to the PS2's in Japan. The PSP sold well there but was still beaten by the DS, and with the Vita failing, gamers will soon gravitate completely to the 3DS, especially with Pokémon X and Y coming out. Sony also seems to doing themselves no favors. For one thing, they have clearly shifted their focus from Japan to the West. Signs include how they developed Western titles for most of the generation. They developed 1 Japanese style game for the Vita since the launch period and they have their Japanese studio working on an American Pixar-style 3D platformer. They also made the PS4 into a PC and are calling it the PS FOUR! (Japanese hate 4). Plus, Nintendo’s relationship with Japanese devs improved greatly. Nintendo clearly has the support of a lot of the major players like Level 5, Capcom, Atlus, and Namco as seen by the partnerships. Even their relationship with Square is improving. The 3DS, in turn, could then boost the Wii U as Nintendo increase cross-connective features. If Nintendo plays their cards right, they could end up crushing Sony in Japan.

      • Rpx86

        I was commenting that third-party sales will suffer this holiday season because of the onslaught of Nintendo games coming out for the WiiU.

        That the consumers is likely to prioritize the first party games over third party games during this upcoming holiday season.

        I thought clarify what I stated in the last comment.

        • timg57867

          I know what you meant. It's just like 3DS. Once the first party train slows and the install base gets there, people will start giving other stuff a try. I was just wondering why third party games seem to struggle so much next to Nintendo games now than in back in the day. Must the be the economy…

  • timg57867

    I also hope that Summer update get's Nintendo Network TRULY unified! I personally don't have any issues with its current state, but I know it would help appease a lot of "hardcore" gamers.

  • Matthew Wesley

    Like the marine said in the starcraft trailer..'' It's about time!''

  • Frank Urbanski

    I would've expected November/Dec. for 3D Mario, but October would be great.

  • donzaloog

    This is amazing news. I'm looking forward to all of those games. I've never played a Pikmin game before, but I'm willing to try it. I always say that I want Nintendo to bring the JRPG back with Wii U and 3DS. I'm thinking a Golden Sun game for Wii U.

    • Gryphonofmight

      Hell freaking yes. An HD full console Golden Sun game for Wii U would be amazing!

    • Furious Francis

      Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem and Xenoblade 2 is enough for me, but a Golden Sun would just be the icing on the cake man.

    • RicardJulianti

      I would absolutely lose my mind if Nintendo announced Golden Sun for the Wii U. Personally, I would like them to have kept the hand drawn style for the third at least in the battles. Those sprites on the GBA were phenomenal and the Djinni summons…..awesome. They could take a page from Muramasa and make the battles in a Wii U version be more stylized . Of course, the power of the Wii U could make the models less awkward than what the DS had. I would settle for having Issac or Felix as playable characters in Smash. Having the assist trophy in Brawl was just a tease.

      As far as Pikmin goes, I would say try out the New Play Control versions that were released on the Wii. I hear they are great. I never tried them out because I already had the games on Gamecube and I was never around the Wii enough to justify the purchase. I think the first one is available on Amazon for like….$6. That way, you don't end up spending $60 on a game you might not like. I guess if you rented it then it's not a big deal of course..

  • Gryphonofmight

    Unrelated question but, I read that Nintendo co owns the IP for professor Layton. is that true?

    • gearchin

      yes, they also co-own fatal frame, they own TW101, ED, and many other awesome ips

      • Gryphonofmight

        I would love to see a professor Layton game for wii u.

        • Furious Francis

          That's going to happen, btw, my video editing software is down……..I can't upload the Playeressence X Nintendo or Playeressence Mailbag. I'm working on it right now though.

          • Gryphonofmight

            Okay cool.

          • Gryphonofmight

            I can't wait for a professor Layton wii u game. That will drive sales.

  • gearchin

    this is awesome!

    • gearchin

      why do my comments sometime get thumbs up right as i post? this should be a great year for Nintendo, no EA shovelware, quality software from Ubi,WB, and many indies. Man people need to jump on the Wii U 😛

      • Furious Francis

        If you sign up with wordpress, you automatically get a plus 1

        • gearchin

          aah, ok thanks,btw when is your next video coming?

  • MrSilver

    I'm not at all surprised by any of this, because we as Nintendo fans knew all of this was coming. So contrary to popular belief Nintendo isn't "abandoning" the Wii U, and we were right again. What a shock!

  • timg57867

    Just as I suspected. I can't excuse how bad the marketing campaign was prior to launch, but everything Nintendo has done since January seems to make sense. Since they messed up the launch, they figured: "Hey! We already have a rocky start. Let's take advantage of it!" Fact is, the Wii U hasn't become very mainstream yet and the masses are still relatively unaware of it. Therefore, Nintendo is now ironing the console out (Wii U Virtual Console, OS updates, etc.). Now they are pulling out of E3 so they don't get overshadowed by the competition. Let's face it, no one will give them props if they came full force at E3 with the PS4 and 720 being there. Then once that's done, they'll take steps to properly educate the masses but this time, with a steady stream of software that is MUST HAVE. And they're getting this out at the same time the other consoles will go through their growing pains. This is really what I expected them to do since the January Direct. This is just great reassurance. I already had faith, but this has increased it TEN fold! C'mon Ninty! Show them how it's done!

  • Titan64

    As the great Kel Mitchell once said at the end and beginning of every episode of the Kenan and Kel. "AH HERE IT GOES" (Obscure Reference ftw). It about to go down.

    • RicardJulianti

      I need you to get a pineapple, some scuba gear, an electric guitar, and a poodle…and meet me at Mount Rushmore…

      • Titan64

        Ricard Come on man, where am I suppose to get a poodle and a electric guitar this time of year? Ricard quit playing man….Ricard? AH HERE IT GOES! (made my fucking day btw)

      • Titan64

        OH God, people are up in arms over the censoring of Fire Emblem over something to do with Tharja and Nintendolife is exploiting it like crazy.

        • MrSilver

          That's just what that sites does. In the words of Kamiya they "eat shit".

          • Titan64

            Oh boy, Kamiya is one crazy bastard but we love him. But seriously, I am glad Francis didn't put that up as news because its not news.

          • Furious Francis

            Yeah, it was a non issue and not news worthy. I'm not trolling for hit. If you want to see somebody's ass, there better means than playing Fire Emblem Awakening.

          • timg57867

            Yeah! For instance, you'll be able to see asses as far as the eyes can see just by walking into EA's headquarters!

  • Justin

    I'm eager to hear the details on the new 3d Mario. Would it be Galaxy 3, or something new? Galaxy is great, but I'd love to look at a 3d hd interpretation of the more typical Mario setting. Also, this is a wild fantasy that won't happen but, I would love to see a release of a ds-Wii U adapter in the same style as the super game boy and the gba-cube player. Now that they have a console with two screens they can absolutely do it. I would happily pay high costs for such a toy.

    • RicardJulianti

      Considering Nintendo only made Galaxy 2 because they didn't get all of the ideas they wanted to use into the first game….I highly doubt this will be Galaxy 3. If they had done everything they wanted to in Galaxy, there might not have even been another 3D Mario on the system.

  • Piee90

    A 3D Mario? But I thought it was the year of Luigi.

    • RicardJulianti

      Well….they are the Mario brothers…..meaning Mario Mario and Luigi Mario. I wish I was kidding, haha.

      I'm thinking it will have 2 player co-op with the same type of physics stuff as NSMB. One player on the tv using pro controller/Wii Remote/Wii Remote Classic Controller etc, and the other payer is on the Gamepad. One is Mario, the other is Luigi. If you are doing single player, you can pick between the two.

      Luigi would have his higher jump and would be able to reach platforms that Mario couldn't, and if Mario wants to reach them he has to jump off of Luigi's head or find another way up if he is the single player character. It would even be able to showcase Luigi in the fact that he would be the one helping Mario, and not the other way around for once. The Mario Brothers working together to defeat Bowser…….could be epic.

      We'll see what they do though

  • This is excellent news, it should get a lot more people buying the Wii U. I'm really excited to hear about the new 3D Mario game too.

  • RicardJulianti


    Iwata keeps saying they plan to release games in the second half of the year….it just might be more stacked than we thought. We could get a 1st party game a month….maybe more depending on W101 (they need to delay this officially or tell us a release date. Q2 is ending in a hurry)

    Pikmin 3: August, Wind Waker: Late August/September, WiiFit U (or Wii U Party): September, Mario: October, Mario Kart: November, Retro: December, with X releasing in Japan December and here in Feb while they get Retro's game later as it will probably appeal to them a bit less.

    Considering they will be playable at E3, I have never once thought that Mario and Mario Kart wouldn't be releasing this year…..they announced NSMB2 three months before it released for crying out loud. Hopefully this turns out to be true…'s going to be quite the expensive year to be a gamer.

    I'm okay with it.

    Edit: What they should do, is buy internet advertising that will get pushed onto mobile games. Infiltrate like a virus. Someone is playing Cut The Rope or whatever is popular now…see an ad for Wii U….possibly click on it or look it up later, get excited by the tablet…..$$$$