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Nintendo’s E3 will Focus on Software Coming out this year

Nintendo’s President and CEO Satoru Iwata has stated that this year’s E3 will be a little different that years past. The company plans to only focus on Software coming out this year, and will primarily host Nintendo Directs to make new video game announcements. 

This comes straight from Satoru Iwata:

“At this years E3 we will not be announcing a new hardware system, so E3’s primary mission will be to have [press, analysts] experience our software. Many people would like to know more about the titles for Wii U that will be announced. We will use the timing of E3 to focus on providing details about our Wii U titles for release this year, and intend to create opportunities for guests to the conference to experience them immediately. We will attempt to use this year’s E3 to make announcements in a new way that we have not tried before.

Unlike previous years, we will not have a large-scale [E3] presentation directed to everyone in the world. Instead, we are planning several smaller events focusing on software for America. Among these hands-on events will be one for American distributors and another for western media.”

I’m not 100% sure what this means. Obviously there is software coming out for the Wii U we don’t know about this year, so it still could be exciting. However, what’s a little bit more interesting is the fact they will be hosting more Nintendo Directs to focus on the American market.

Would you guys rather have Nintendo unveil everything at E3? Or unveil what we will be playing this year at E3, then have Nintendo Directs for new game announcements?


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  • Amigaengine

    "Hopefully Nintendo puts E3 demos on the eShop, that would be HUGE. Don't know how likely that is though…"

    Would be great but I expect hell to freeze over first.

  • Intel

    That Eshop idea sounds awesome!

  • Intel

    So it’s kind of like they took the idea of Mii Verse with the different communities and apply that in real life? Or heck Nintendo Land and have different attractions. I can dig that. I hope with this conference however they plan to show off their stuff we’ll all be impressed with what they showing. Hmm why do I get the sense that Nintendo might be the biggest hit of the three?

    • RicardJulianti

      I see it as them saying, "We have far too much that we need to talk about than can fit into 1 hour." Instead, they are giving everyone exactly what they want from E3 themselves. Press get hands-on time with the game so they don't have to fight over booth time, businessmen get the lowdown on all of the business junk that no one else cares about, and the gamers get Nintendo Directs out the ass without any of the fluff.

      Hopefully Nintendo puts E3 demos on the eShop, that would be HUGE. Don't know how likely that is though…

  • jesgrad07

    So basically they are toning down the sparkles and glitter to just show off all those unknown and known games? I like this idea. In fact, I was just thinking what it would be like if Reggie came on stage one E3 and said…"You know what? I don't feel like talking. So, I am just going to show you guys this hour long sizzle reel of all the games and gameplay we are bringing out between now and 2014. Enjoy!" And at the end just say "Well what do you think?" *everyone claps and gives Nintendo a standing ovation* "Thank you. One more thing. All those games are available to play right now on the show floor and for those at home as eShop demos for a limited time. Go play!"

  • RicardJulianti

    There's more to his quote than just the "No press conference at E3" section that helps explain things a bit more. He describes the E3 event as where they would invite players, distributors, investors, and analysts and would then cover all of that stuff for everyone. That's why in the past (and at other company press conferences) they would drone on about sales, marketing and so on. What they plan to do instead is have Nintendo Directs for the fans, have the floor presence for them as well, but while having smaller more intimate meetings and roundtables and such for each of those groupings.

    It may seem completely backwards but it really makes a lot of sense. Why try to cover everything in 1 press conference when you can have a sit down with the specific groups and give them more detail on the stuff they want to know. For us, it'll be like they take the January Direct, and show everything they talked about and it's going to be awesome. They could even have a couple of them spread out over the course of the conference.

    It would be awesome to see them have a large press conference, but really aren't those boring anyway? I know that if I watch them after they happen (usually do) I skip a vast majority of stuff I'm not interested in. If I watch them while they happen, I end up doing something else and just listening, clicking back over to the video when they are going to announce something big.

  • Amigaengine

    Only thing about this announcement that troubles me is Nintendo is so tight lipped about new software releases. Does this mean they are going to loosen the strings and let fans see what they are working on ?

    Anyway it has been 10 years Nintendo, lets see a new F-Zero please.

  • darkgamer001

    What about us Europeans? =(

  • chachamari

    I always think why other site news have bad thing about nintendo mostly troll come attacking, for me I'm not a fanboy , I'm a fan of playing games like in playstation, and nintendo, xbox never interested me to buy one. I got tired of fps (I don't have problem with or ppl playing them) I wish there are more rpgs games. Sorry if this sound stupid heh.

    • Furious Francis

      You're good, I like RPGs as well, and wish here were more of them, but I feel what you're saying man.

  • MrSiIver

    I seriously think Nintendo needs to start suing these sites for false representation/damages. I think that this proves one of two things.

    -most gaming journalist arent qualified to be writing something, based off what they've read
    -journalists just really like to lie, and stir up shit with Nintendo

    Someone with a second grade education could read his statement, and clearly see it has NOTHING to do with not having an E3 conference. Seriously these journalists either need to be sued or fired, because their reading-comprehension skills are just awful. Gaming journalism really is nothing more than tabloid garbage now.

  • Chachamari

    I read this article in other site but people are panic and other idk sigh.

  • Titan64

    Okay, so if anyone doesn't know whats going on is that Nintendo is not ditching E3. Idk who brought that up but if anyone says that, they are lying.. Whats really happening is that they are breaking up the conference into different events. Whats been really happening at E3 for the Big 3 is that they are wasting so much time on things. They are breaking up the conference into smaller events. The main conference will still be the games. The other events are either shit we don't care about or something that will appeal to the western audience.

    • Fox

      It was IGN.
      Their head Article Title basically said: "No Nintendo E3 Conference this Year"
      It was very misleading

      • Furious Francis

        Yeah, people are trolling the hell out of Nintendo right now, some are taking it as Nintendo will not host a press conference at E3

        • sergio111293

          Francis, U seriously need to do a video or article or something to help clear the Air.
          Some people think Nintendo are digging their own grave because they think Nintendo won't get the word out for Wii U at E3 due to a smaller conference or something & that solely relying on Online Nintendo Directs for announcements & advertisment will be the Death of them.
          You need to help explain many people are confused, its a catastrophy and I'm sure that many people are Blowing this out of proportion.
          Iwata should of worded it more cleary.
          So much Confusion, people are freaking out. It's a bit funny, but at the same time annoying, Help?! ):
          The trolls. . . There's no stoping them! TOT
          (I might of made that sound more dramatic than it actually was). Still These gamers' reactions are getting ridiculus. :/

          • Furious Francis

            working on it.

          • Furious Francis

            Yeah, I'm uploading a user question mailbag right now, I'll get started on the video at some point, should be up by later today.

          • avatarfan64

            looking forward to the video!!!

      • Titan64

        Oh that explains everything. Can't spell Ignorant without IGN.

  • Titan64

    Damn, people have misread the news. And Playeressence was the only site that called it right.

  • MrSiIver

    This makes a lot of sense. With Nintendo Directs, and the communication that they have with us via social media outlets. E3 is becoming less and less relevant. As yet again Nintendo can more closely operate on their own terms. I also understand using E3 as a chance to focus primarily on the American market, since thats what E3 is generally setup to appeal to anyways.

    I'm sure they'll still probably announce a new game or two, but as Nintendo has realized with the events they've already had with the Wii-U. Hands on time with the console is key.

  • koopzilla

    I don't know. I love the Nintendo Directs a lot. But E3 is a chance to show stuff off to millions of people, since it's a big deal, and even gets TV and newspaper coverage. Well, I am assuming Spike will show at least the big 3 conferences, G4 is basically gone (thank god). As long as they have a lot of great stuff coming this year (which I believe they do), it should be great. I hope by this year they mean a year from E3, and not just the remaining 6 months of 2013 though.

    • Titan64

      You are right. I think however, they will be showing the big major titles, including Retro's project at E3 and the newer titles for Nintendo directs and such simply because if you go back to other E3's we had all those Nice Wii games but nothing really too big. But whatever Nintendo does, it will still be one hell of an E3.

  • donzaloog

    I prefer Directs because it’s Nintendo speaking directly to us. If they want to use E3 to focus on what’s coming out this year, I say good. It makes sense.