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No Bayonetta 2 This Generation? No Problem.

No need to see another Bayonetta till its ready!

No Bayonetta 2 this generation? No Problem.

Rumor has it the several high profile sequels from Platinum studios were cancelled or shelved for right now cause of Sega’s current financial situation. One of those rumored cancelled games was Bayonetta 2. While many gamers cried foul over this news, I couldn’t be happier.

Part of the reason reviewers and gamers loved Bayonetta so much was the highly innovative combat system that challenged players reflexing and button memory. Some of my fondest memories of Bayonetta happened when I started a combo, noticed an enemy was about to attack, held down the last button I pressed before pressing the dodge button, busting out a witch time then finishing the combo I originally started! Yes, this single mechanic called “dodge offsetting” was one of the many highlights in the wildly innovative mind of Hideki Kamiya. Here is some dodge offsetting for those who don’t quite remember it or for those who don’t quite see how it revolutionized the action game genre.

Along with Castlevania Lord Of Shadow Bayonetta was my personal game of the year in 2010. The innovation that oozed out of Bayonetta only happened cause Kaimeya hadn’t made a real action game since the original Devil May Cry. He had so many ideas that were bottled up when he got to making Bayonetta he let them all out at once. So this comes to no surprise that I don’t mind waiting for the next generation and even multiple years till the next Bayonetta game by Kamiya. I want him to take his time and build new gameplay mechanics that take Bayonetta to the next level. The only way to do that is to have time and new hardware that can spark innovation. Kamiya has been in this business for a long time and he is a skilled developer that gets the most out of his team and his games. Waiting till the next generation to have an all new highly innovative Bayonetta game will not only benefit Sega but it will also benefit all of the gamers out there that appreciate innovation, complex mechanics, and fluidity in our action games.

What do you guys think? Do you want to see another Bayonetta game this gen? Or should they have wait years down the line for the 720, Wii U, and PS4? Put them in the comments below.