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NPD March 2014 – Wii U Sells 70,000, 3DS Sells 159,000 Units, PS Vita at 10,000 Units


Research analysts David Gibson has revealed the March NPD sales numbers for the Wii U, 3DS, PS Vita, PSP and Wii. The Wii U sold just over 70,000 units for the month of March in the US. While the Nintendo 3DS had a decent showing of 159,000 units. Get the rest of the hardware sales below. 

US Market: 
Wii: 28,000 units 
Wii U: 70,000+ units 
PSP: 5,000 units 
PS Vita: 10,000+ units 
3DS: 159,000 units 


Source: David Gibson, Thanks Anti for the tip!


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  • jakefolk

    Just came here to say mk8 will definitely help sell consoles. They better do the bundle in NA too. I’ll even make a crazy prediction with smash bros the Wiiu will do almost as well as the other consoles this holiday.

  • timg57867

    I decided to let the fire die down before browsing the comments here. Yeesh, we got 131 comments with many of them giving Ricard's a old posts a run for their money when it comes to length. And to think this was just the NPD. I can't even fathom what things will look like when Nintendo gives their financial report. Sure wouldn't want to be a keyboard on that day if you catch my drift….

  • Emufred

    As I look at the comments on this post, I think this..

    Has there ever been an article that hit a hundred comments that wasn't something negative about Nintendo?

    • Ray01X

      It's practically human nature to be attracted to controversy.
      That's why the media constantly takes advantage of it. Sad but true.

      Anyone with a brain can tell you that a negative headline will get more attention. I think some "journalists" are just praying for Iwata to get fired just so they can put up a headline like: "Satoru Iwata steps down from his position of CEO of Nintendo". Easy million clicks. Easy thousand comments. Easy money.

      • JTurner82

        The only thing such journalists are going to be is humiliated when they're proven wrong.

        • alex9234

          Seriously, just wait for Sony to file for bankruptcy and then you'll hear those "journalists" shut the hell up.

          • JTurner82

            But how close is Sony to bankruptcy? Given that PS4 is selling as it is and gamers are responding (undeservedly) to glorified tech demos like MGSV:GZ, one would think that the opposite is true. Even though I know they are still bleeding cash from every PS4 sold AND firing people and closing studios left and right.

          • alex9234

            I'd imagine it's very close, since I've heard that Sony has an 80% chance of going bankrupt within the next 2 years or so. As you can see from all the layoffs, studio closures, and building sales, Sony is currently preparing for bankruptcy by doing these "stop-gap" measures, where Mr. Wesley explained that Sony is just treating symptoms of the disease and not the disease itself. General Motors, THQ, and many other companies did the same measures that Sony is doing right now before they eventually had to file for bankruptcy.

          • JTurner82

            That would be REALLY bad for Sony, and then in that case it wouldn't matter HOW PS4 is selling if they are in that much trouble.

    • Macreen

      Theres that RTUSA calling PE censorship frauds…

  • Ray01X

    6 more weeks until Mario Kart 8 releases. Hopefully that'll drive the install base by a decent amount.

    We'll probably have to wait until E3 to get some release dates on the other heavy hitters like X, Hyrule Warriors, & Bayonetta 2.

    I'm pretty sure Zelda U will be a 2015 title though. And we'll have Bayonetta 2 in the summer & Hyrule Warriors in the Fall. Not sure about X to be honest, that could easily be pushed into 2015 along with SMTXFE, but hey, they might surprise us.

  • Emufred

    Wii-u numbers lower than ps4 and xbox-one? Second son and titanfall released that month, mystery solved

    Just remember that Nintendo is still in a better financial position than Microsoft and Sony combined

  • JTurner82

    The only thing that's going to cause the whole fate for WiiU to change for the better is more titles. It's as simple as that. MK8 comes, kaboom, the system sales will explode. And that won't be all. Nintendo will have more than that. Have a good momentum and maybe some thirds will give it a second look.

    • *NormalGamer*

      It’s like I said before, games are the lifeblood of ‘any’ gaming platform.

  • Shadowkirby12

    Since I'm a little late to the party when it comes to commenting on this article, all I can say: No major titles were released this month that could've drove up sales…

    One thing that the others have said though… Negative PR, the Wii U had, and still has THE most negative PR in the industry as of now.

    Remember the youtube comment I posted a while back? I'm just gonna put this up here….

    "Everyone keeps calling for blood, saying sack this person or that.

    Then they go on to list all these "problems" yet not one solution that is actually viable.

    "Get more games" they say.

    How? How can you make people choose your system over the others? How do you make developers choose your system?

    How do you make Publishers? Small install base?

    Xbone and PS4 had no install base yet had games and developers lining up. Why is that?

    If they had decided to put all there games on Nintendo only then would people buy Nintendo consoles? So Publishers are the ones who decided whom to exclude?

    It is, just as with the Dreamcast, market place rejection. People feel secure in their choices because they know others are making them too.

    No one wants to be the one person with a no name or unpopular device because they think it gives them status.

    You set up the circumstances to make people think they are making the smart choice when in reality their choices are just being limited.

    Yes people really are that stupid.

    This kind of behavior is exceptionally present in young persons and the socially insecure.

    Unfortunately this makes up the vast majority of recluse persons playing games for hours on end.

    Locked away in an imaginary world of grandiose proportions and self importance.(hypocritical?)

    You're a big fish, you matter, you're awesome online.

    You can't just throw more power at a system and think it will do better. HISTORY has shown this. It DOES NOT work. So the argument that it is weak holds no water.

    Put all the games you like on there, the same old bullshit arguments will come forth. Android or Apple, Sony or Microsoft, PC or MAC, Coke or Pepsi, Gay or Straight.

    Limited choices means it is easier to hedge bets and make money from morons that think they are cool or smart for buying something.

    Don't fucking pretend like you give a shit. If you did you would own a Wii U, thus it would sell well and then, more games would come for it.

    Marketplace rejection is self fulfilling. We say it won't do well, so no one makes games for it, so no one buys it, so it doesn't do well.

    Then we blame someone else."


    Look closely at it. See something interesting? Marketplace rejection is self fulfilling…. Remember that.

  • ThorTempest

    It's been a long time since I comment on this website. Even so, I still visit this website on a daily basis, and read majority of the articles that is provided on here. I feel like this is the perfect time for me to get back into the swing of things.

    I for one am proud of owning the Wii U. True, the console doesn't have some of the features that the competition has, but I still enjoy the system. The gamepad is the true bread and butter of the Wii U. It is literally one of the most comfortable controllers I have ever use. The gamepad is a major game changer in terms of features. Being able to play my home console games without using my TV is a godsend. Typing words on the gamepad touchscreen instead of using the analog stick is superb. There is just so many things(big or small) that the Wii U gamepad made for the better, that it is hard for me to envision a future Nintendo console without it.

    Now there is a reason why I type my previous paragraph with praise towards the Wii U and the gamepad. It seems to me that the negative light that the gaming media gave the Wii U since the very beginning is still present. The Wii U doesn't deserve the hate that it's getting, especially when the console does something that is actually different from the previous generations of consoles. Also, I am shock that a lot of people(particularly in this website) are still complaining about the marketing of the Wii U, despite the fact that Nintendo have made huge efforts to push the Wii U, especially during the previous holiday season. From the Wii U premiering in the Ellen show, to the free Wii U giveaway in a airline(I forgot what the name of the airline was), and most recently, the heavy marketing of Mario Kart 8.

    I fully agree to what GaughEyad said about the industry. It is the gaming media and third parties fault that the Wii U is selling so poorly. From the lack of support from third parties, to the constant negative, and inaccurate articles from the media, both are guilty. Third parties especially, doesn't want Nintendo gamers to receive the full support from games that other consoles have. For example, I owned Call of Duty Ghosts for the Wii U. In general, Ghosts is easily one of the worst Call of Duty game in franchise history, yet for some reason, I still have a lot of fun playing the game.

    Unfortunately, despite the fact that the Treyarch Wii U team have experience with developing a Call of duty game on the Wii U, Ghost stills feels more like a launch title than anything else. In fact, Call of Duty Black Ops 2, which release in the Wii U's launch, runs better than Ghosts. The framer rate is mostly bad, and considering the fact that the last gen console versions of Ghosts runs smoother than the next gen Wii U version, this is unacceptable. In addition, despite the fact that the Wii U supports DLC, Activision still didn't allow the Wii U to get any of the Call of Duty Ghosts DLC, which is a big mis-opportunity. The same thing applies to many other third parties games for the Wii U, which is the reason why Nintendo gamers don't buy all of those western third party games.

    In conclusion, it is not Nintendo fault that the Wii U isn't selling really well, it is the third party companies, and the media. They are hell bent on getting Nintendo out of the industry, and it shows, despite the fact that Nintendo still provide many fun and innovative experiences for gamers. The gaming industry is not going to wake up and realize how important Nintendo is for this industry before its too late.

  • NGX159

    I say by the time Smash U comes out, instead of people wanting Nintendo to release a bundle without the GamePad, why not just have a Smash U 32GB Wii U Bundle that comes with a Pro Controller. That way:

    1. Two people can get into the action right away after console setup and controller syncing

    2. It's good advertising for the core gamers as they can use the Pro Controller instead of the GamePad and possible EVO 2015 candidate.

    3. It shows that Nintendo has a periphial that is pretty much on par with XB1 controller and Dualshock 4 that could also attract more buyers.

    4. Maybe Nintendo could use this for their TV ads showing people playing with both the Pad and the Pro Controllers instead of showing the Wiimotes/GamePad combo.

    5. By Winter 2014, I predict a $50 price drop for the 32GB console pricing the Smash U Bundle around $329.99

  • RRPGReviews

    Well, this isn't too surprising as there wasn't anything that huge or mind-blowing to release around March as to why the console was sub-par in sales for the month. The PS4 and Xbox One's current sales are very staggering, considering how both systems hardly have a large amount of games to play when most of them have been on other platforms. The only thing that pisses me off that the Xbox One's sales from March went only to retailers and not just to consumers which the PS4 and Wii U are currently doing. I want the Wii U to sell like hotcakes, but how is it that it has been out for over a year when its sales should have doubled or tripled over its competitors? Nintendo really needs to step up its marketing because them skipping or barely doing a lot isn't really helping them.

    Now, one question that every asks is, "should Nintendo make the gamepad optional?" I would say both yes and no. Why I say yes is because hardly anyone is utilizing the gamepad to its full potential. The only games where the GamePad was used very well were The Wonderful 101 and The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD. Other than that, not that many people have done anything to make the GamePad very mandatory; which is why I feel that innovation in their minds have really dipped in favor of more powerful hardware. Isn't that supposed to be an equal thing or the other way around? Even though Super Mario 3D World was a fantastic game, I was very disappointed that the game didn't utilize the full features of the GamePad which Mario games actually become the poster child for consoles and their features. Even making Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze, while an amazing game, not using the features from the GamePad wasn't very smart. It's like they lost faith in the selling point for the system in which they are being different from its competition. I don't want to think they are taking steps from Sega with how they did their console races, but that is the route they are going in. Now why do I say that the GamePad shouldn't be gotten rid of? Again, it is supposed to be Nintendo's biggest selling point for the Wii U. They really need to step up their game with marketing, the games from both first and third parties to make better use of the features, get the features on the OS that everybody will gravitate towards like having a streaming app through Twitch or Ustream, post gameplay videos on social networking sites like with their own Miiverse (with Mario Kart 8 being the first to represent that, it is a step in the right direction), get more Virtual Console games because its the only thing that helps keep their system on life support as older games are still strong; even for modern consoles, and be more aggressive with building stronger relationships with third-party companies in getting a vast amount of content on their platforms. Nintendo has plenty of games on the Wii U that everyone can enjoy from retail through digital with the eShop because of their games and what the indies bring in on a weekly and monthly basis, but why is it that not many people are buying the system is beyond me. A console is all about the games, and Nintendo has a vast majority of content from all sides, combined. Buying a console for all the features where they seem to overshadow the games is only making gaming's evolution go forward for the wrong reason. A gaming console is for games and not for features. Granted, some of those features like sharing gameplay, screenshots, or streaming is beneficial, but others like the console being a DVR for TV shows or movies just doesn't make a lot of sense.

    I'm going to say that Iwata really needs to put on his A-game with being 100% hardcore and answers right back in critics and skeptics faces with letting them know that the Wii U is part of the competition, and that certain franchises need to come back, and that newer IPs need to role in that could be great for the company's future. E3 2014 is going to be a test to see if Iwata still has what it takes to move Nintendo to a brighter future, or else I'm afraid he won't be in the President's chair for much longer. If anything, I would say that demoting him instead of firing him would be the best choice because firing him, right away, is only going to hurt the company's morale. I guess we'll have to see what goes on at E3 when that comes around in June. Let us hope that Nintendo has a secret weapon up their sleeve as I don't want them to brush aside their current console.

    • vyxdreisieve

      ZombiU., Deus Ex HR, PIkmin 3

      There a dearth of games that use the gamepad now.

      • RRPGReviews

        Yes, there have been some games like those that implement the Wii U GamePad to its fullest. However, why haven't we seen that with newer games from both the first and third-party sides? Francis made it clear that providing options on what Nintendo can do to rectify the current situation never hurts. Do I think that the GamePad should be an afterthought? Hell no! I'm just saying that if Nintendo really hopes to innovate gaming with the gamepad in ways that many don't even consider as gimmicks, then they really need to step it up because they are sitting away from a gold mine to where they can capitalize on that opportunity for them to grow. I'm pretty sure that Butterworthy, Mizzah Tee, Zen Gamer, and A Critical Hit Productions even agrees with this if they want to see Nintendo actually do better. Granted, they have things that people are overlooking or not taking into account, but they all agree that Nintendo needs to be more aggressive to compete with its competition. I want them, too. I don't want to think that nothing is wrong with them or else I would be just a blind fanboy. I want what is best for me and for everyone else; even Francis, too.

  • Syrek

    Why are people freaking out over March Wii U numbers? No physical games came out that month worth mentioning and there was a very small digital presence in March as well, so why are people expecting the Wii U to sell like gangbusters on a month with little to no games? 70,000+ units sold in a month with no big or exciting games is quite good for the Wii U, especially considering last years March sales even with the presence of Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate.

    I keep on hearing this notion that if voice chat, achievements, cross game chat, cross-play between the 3DS and Wii U, and more changes to the online and OS happen, it will bring in more of the "core" or "hardcore" players to the Wii U. While these features and improvements would be nice, it shouldn't be the end all be all for people to decide if they want to purchase a Wii U or not. Case in point, my friend who is rather frugal with his money and was waiting for Smash Bros to come out before he bought one changed his tune and recently bought a Wii U. Why you ask? Well because I showed him the awesome games already out for the system currently and those to come really soon. It had NOTHING to do with online or social features of the system but rather the games. Not having those features or functions is clearly not what is preventing those from enjoying what the Wii U has to offer. And to those saying the Wii U would be better without the Gamepad or needs an option to opt out of a Gamepad, that's just crazy talk considering it's the main thing component of the Wii U, along with other problems if they were to axe the Gamepad.

    There's a major stigma around the Wii U currently caused by the gaming media, disgruntled developers, and Nintendo haters/pessimists/fans. It's extremely a poisonous atmosphere that the Wii U is currently in and it has nothing to do with the Gamepad, online or OS functions or features. To be honest, I can't pinpoint it exactly but the reasons for not buying a Wii U currently is just silly, unless your financially unable to then I understand, but if you are there's no reason to dip into Nintendo's offerings, along with the plethora of features currently on the system so far. It's not a perfect system by any means but it doesn't need to be. As long as there are exceptional and high quality titles, that's all that matters to those who enjoy video games.

    So please, stop assuming, worrying, blaming, whatever you are doing and enjoy the freaking video games, cause it's a hobby, not something we need to be constantly worried or upset about. If you are getting constantly upset and worried about Nintendo and video games in general, maybe it's time to move onto a new hobby because clearly your no longer having fun, your just arguing, worrying, complaining, predicating and not doing the sole thing a gamer should be doing, PLAYING VIDEO GAMES!

  • NGX159

    3DS is pretty much alittle over double the sales of Wii U, when you think about it for not having MK8, Smash, etc. not out yet, it's pretty good nonetheless.

  • hardensoul72

    We just saw one of the Best Nintendo Directs ever last week, I've never played Smash (Street Fighter fan). This got me really hyped and a lot of people I know also. All that buzz last week and now some people are down on this cause of NPD. Really? We are getting MK8, Bayonetta, Hyrule Warrior and Smash confirmed for this year and E3 coming up (if nothing comes out of E3 well you guys can jump off a bridge then lol). My God! Sales will come they bringing the games that most at anticipating!!

  • GaughEyad pretty much said what I had in my mind since last generation…

    Tbh, I'm one the few that if you want Nintendo console to have the same features that Sony and Microsoft's, they might've priced the Wii U very close to same price as PS4 and Xbone!

    I already said it before, I see those features as perks, icing on the cake… only CERTAIN games that actually NEEDS them in my POV.

  • Wolfgabe

    I would have to respectfully disagree with Francis here. Dropping the gamepad would be a bad idea as it Wii U would lose its sense of identity and be seen as nothing more than an HD Wii. Consumers are buying X1 because of cross game chat and achievements. If that logic is true then why is X1 still almost 2 million units behind Wii U. X1 is lagging behind for two reasons that ridiculous price tag and because Microsoft is still reeling from the PR fallout and bad press from X1's initial reception such as the botched reveal and disastrous E3 showing. Consumers are not gonna want to spend 500 dollars on what is basically an NSA powered glorified cable box. I honestly would not be surprised if MS winds up third this gen. and what WSJ4L said. Its not really Nintendo's fault its the fault of the third party publishers, fanboys, and retailers combined

  • Dazzla84

    I've just seen RTU's video on the subject, and although he makes some good points, the view of his overall is a bit…well…meh

    Honestly though, what real gamer cares about sales figures, I care about the games, and the biggest Mario Kart ever is just over a month away, in many peoples eyes, the one game that prospective Wii U owners have been waiting for to buy the system. It'll be fine

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  • WSJ4L

    It's not only Nintendo's fault that the Wii U isn't selling to their expectations. It's mostly the third parties, the gaming media, the gaming stores and the drones on the internet. The third parties broke promises, delayed games and outright lied about the ease of developing for the system, not to mention that they released their launch Wii U games with missing features, yet their PS4 and Xbox One games came fully featured right out the gate. The gaming media spreads negative information about the console, and wants you to believe that it's not worth buying and Nintendo is doomed and bla-bla-bla. The game stores don't want to push the Wii U enough, fail to stock and advertise certain Wii U versions of third party games and show their lack of knowledge about the console, whilst promoting the heck out of the PS4 and Xbox One. And the drones want you to believe that the Wii U is an underpowered, gimmicky piece of crap with no compelling third party software, and the illusion that only first party games are bought/sell well on the console.

    In fact, here's a video explaining this whole agenda. Bear in mind that it's a little old and came out around the Wii U's launch, but it's still so relevant.

  • mdx

    I wouldn’t worry too much about the sales. WiiU sales will over time increase because of the big games this year. And they will have a good Xmas. PS4 sales, I predict, will drop like a bomb in month or two once word on the street grows that it simply has no notable first party or exclusive games. Look how it dropped in Japan already. It will spread. XB1 is already feeling the pain. This is not good for the industry as a whole though.

  • mdx

    People can complain about the gamepad, but its not what is stopping the WiiU from selling.

    It is due to the efforts of third parties and the gaming press at large. Even if Nintendo

    dropped it, it wouldn’t drop the price of the WiiU that much.

    Third parties have spoiled the industry with AAA a games.

    Out-budgeting even Nintendo first party games.

    And the PS4 is selling with the expectation those AAA multi-plats coming to the system, the WiiU is not selling

    because people don’t expect those same multi-plats to land on the console. Why?

    Because publishers are creating an “out of sight, out of mind” situation by not consistently releasing those games on Nintendo platforms, and even when they do, the titles are either delayed, or not even ADVERTISED that its on the system.

    So yes, Nintendo needs to embrace the Gamepad more.

    1. Make use of the NFC

    2. Allow games to use two or more gamepads.

    and 3… and here is my crazy prediction:

    Nintendo will make the Gamepad portable !

    Imagine, attaching a small device to the gamepad that allows

    you to store and play gameboy games on the go!

  • GaughEyad

    In the end, Nintendo's between a rock and a hard place. The entire industry is stacked against them. All they can do is try and carve out a niche for themselves away from all the stupid. And that's exactly what they've done with both the Wii and the Wii U. Apparently that's not good enough for everyone else though. They want, they NEED, Nintendo to die. For some reason they HAVE to go.

    I'd like to say I don't have any idea why but sadly it's extremely obvious. 3rd parties are simply dancing to the tune of their masters, Sony and MS. They want all that free money they're throwing around and Nintendo, being the only one that doesn't pay out, is the one to be attacked for not conforming.

    And why are Sony and MS paying all this money out? Why, to push their OWN agenda of course, which is to use gaming as a backdoor to get a box attached to your TV where they can get a piece of every bit of content that passes through it. Why else push for so many features in their systems that are in direct competition with gaming?

    But why do Sony and MS want Nintendo gone? Is it because they can't compete against them as software developers? No. It's because they're tired of having to use gaming to prop up their set-top-boxes. This war was supposed to be over and done with already. Sony and MS were supposed to be fully entrenched in everyone's living rooms and they could finally let the most expensive part of their hardware, the gaming part, fall by the sideline. But with Nintendo CONSTANTLY bringing gaming back to the forefront, what with their Wiis and Wii Ooooos, their plans kept getting derailed. Why else would creating new and innovative control interfaces be seen as "gimmicky" while adding Blu-Ray players and video apps, integrating twitch and Facebook, and universal chat, and notifications are not only encouraged, but expected and any and all who don't conform are to be punished for daring to be different!

    The Wii U is in the place that it is because the industry wants it to fail. Nintendo makes mistakes, sure, but nothing that should have lead to the industry treating the Wii U the way that they are. The system has been basically ostracized as a leaper. But why? It can do most everything that the other systems can do. Sure it doesn't have as much "umph", but is that really enough reason for the entire industry to be attacking it the way that they have been? The XBone doesn't have as much "umph" as the PS4 does. Why isn't it being attacked with the same ferocity? And at least the Wii U tried to do something interesting with it's interface. Sony and MS have basically copy and pasted their last inputs… again.

    Oh wait, there is that smart glass fail for the XBone that a lot of sites were talking about being a "game changer" while in the same breath calling the game pad a useless gimmick. Oh yeah, and Sony tacked a touch pad onto the PS4 controller, much like when they threw motion controls into the SickAxis, sorry "Six"Axis.

    Anyone who believes there is not an agenda out there against Nintendo is completely blind. Am I saying that the Illuminati are out to get them? No. I'm saying that with enough money and enough willingness to throw it around without any hope of making it back you can pretty much rewrite any script to say whatever you want.

    Like how the Wii is seen today as a failed fad, even though every system now uses motion controls on some level, and the PS360 are seen as successes no matter how much money they lost their respective companies. Like how gaming sites called the game pad a gimmick and then turned around and praised smart glass in the same breath. How having a GAMING SYSTEM that is actually focused on GAMING FIRST is a bad thing while loading up your hardware with features that will actually drive consumers AWAY from buying games is a good thing.

    I'd say I can't wait for the industry to crash but in reality, it's already happening. It's just happening in slow motion. Sony and MS are pumping enough money into developers to make it look like it's not happening, yet it is. Just take a look at the number of developers that folded last generation and try and tell me that nothing is wrong. Now imagine how much longer that list is going to be by the end of this generation. And all because people are too stupid or impatient to actually take a moment to look around and see what's really happening.

    In the immortal words of Professor Hubert J. Farnsworth:

    "I don't want to live on this planet anymore…"

    • koopzilla

      Well said, sir.

    • You haven't said a lie yet… keep on speaking the truth.

    • Syrek

      *standing ovation* Well done, sir, well done! My thoughts exactly! 🙂

    • Shadowkirby12

      Dude, you're amazingly knowledgable about the situation and have a crap ton of insight O_O

      A lot of respect for speaking, what IMO, is the truth.

    • Noctis23

      This is some of the worst fanboy drivel that I have ever read. Jesus. And you actually have people upvoting and agreeing with you.

      This site is a cesspool that is beyond saving

      • Shadowkirby12

        In all honesty, dude. If you really feel that way, why are you here? Why spend your time here if you think we're idiots?

      • Macreen

        "I can't counter his points so I'll call him a fanboy!"

      • Syrek

        Glad you felt that you needed to go on an internet website and bash random people you know nothing about just to satisfy your worthless existence. Take your nonsense elsewhere.

      • You're absolutely right- we actually use logic and history to gauge our reactions and likes and dislikes… not the "Ooooh, it's got pretty colors" fetish you so called "hardcore" gamers like to use. If you don't like it here, leave- and don't let the door hit you where the good lord split you.

        • wiiu4tl

          I doubt that seriously. People here, like you, tend to use your hatred towards Sony as fuel for whatever commentary you spew. Quite petty if you ask me.

          • Macreen


    • alex9234

      It's the same thing that Game Informer did to the Dreamcast.

    • rjgamemaster

      well said,very well said

  • GaughEyad

    Anyone calling the Wii U out needs to go back and actually look at the way the industry treated the Wii and then take a long hard look at the way the Wii U was being treated even before it was announced.

    "But, but… The Wii was casual! Gaming sites may have hated it but the mainstream press LOVED it! They don't seem to love the Wii U as much though… That shows Nintendo screwed up!"

    Not in the slightest. The mainstream media gets most of its information from gaming sites because most news organizations don't put any effort into actually looking at the games industry. The Wii took off with the mainstream press because there weren't really any attack articles about the Wii for a while before or after it came out. Again, most sites were simply shrugging it off. But once it became a hit, they sure as hell were attacking it left, right, and center though it was too late at that point. What happened was that they left an opening. A vacuum for the mainstream press to actually form their own opinion about the system based on hands on impressions and word of mouth. They weren't about to make that same mistake with the Wii U.

    And that's one of the reasons why the mainstream press hasn't picked up on the system. With so many stories attacking it even before it came out, it was smarter for them to simply step back and take a wait-and-see approach. Remember, these are people who know little to nothing about gaming. They'll take their cues from the big gaming sites before trying to come up with an opinion of their own.

    Continued —>

    • Mario_U

      E3 2008 was the catalyst in the media attack on the Wii especially. Something's terribly wrong with the media when Nintendo is forced to apologized for their E3 press conference.

    • alex9234

      The media, 3rd parties, investors and the rest of the industry are hell bent on crushing the memory of Hiroshi Yamauchi once and for all, and they are all hoping they can accomplish it this generation.

  • GaughEyad

    Anyone up for a TL;DR? Well TOO BAD!

    There was nothing Nintendo could have done differently with the Wii U if you ask me. It's not the Wii U that's the problem, it was the Wii.


    Just look back at the way the Wii was treated. Outselling Sony and MS COMBINED wasn't enough to warrant supporting the system in the eyes of almost every 3rd party out there. In fact the more it sold the worse it was treated. There were developers constantly bashing it and the people who bought it. So many lies about how Wii gamers only bought Nintendo games or only bought it for Wii Sports and then never bought anything else. How Wii gamers were stupid for refusing to buy their garbage software. There were even developers who called it a DISEASE and stated that it needed to be stamped out before it could ruin gaming! And after YEARS of these constant attacks, they finally managed to kill it.

    Fast forward a year or so and news starts to emerge about Nintendo's next system. But all the news is bad. No one is writing about how Nintendo's next system would dominate again. No, no, no. They were writing about how Nintendo's next system was going to fail. How it would be the final nail in the coffin that would drive them to go 3rd party. Strange how the incumbent was always given the benefit of the doubt before.

    You see, the industry wasn't ready for the Wii. Sony, MS, and the big 3rd parties all expected it to fail spectacularly. Most analysts were predicting it to sell well below the GC and be Nintendo's last system. They weren't really attacking it so much as simply shrugging it off. When that didn't happen, all they could try and do was re-frame reality after the fact. But it was too-little too-late to stop it from becoming one of the most successful systems in history. And it would have been THE most successful system in history if the industry had actually gotten behind it rather than attacked it.

    However, the industry was ready for the Wii U. They had all their ducks in a row this time. The Wii U wasn't going to catch them by surprise and turn out to be another Wii sensation. These weren't simply annoying "oh what's Nintendo up to THIS time" articles. Oh no. These were straight up attacks! The same kind that were being released during the heart of the Wii craze. And this was WELL before ANYTHING was even known about the system!

    Just look at all of the current graphical attack articles. People are already of the mind set that the Wii U is actually WEAKER than the PS360. As if we were looking at another Wii vs. PS360 situation, which is anything from the truth. In reality, it's more like the PS2 to XBox situation but even that's not true since the PS2 couldn't run any of the advanced graphical techniques that the GC and XBox could at the time whereas the Wii U can run almost ANY effect that the PS4 or XBone are capable of. At a lower resolution? Sure. Lower frame rate? Yeah. Less polygons and lower resolution textures? Maybe. But the point is, it can still run the same exact software. Just like there is and will continue to be differences between PS4 and XBone software but sites aren't making anywhere near as much of a stink about that. Yet how many articles are out there talking about how the Wii U can't even run PS360 ports?

    The agenda against the Wii U was defined the day the industry realized that the Wii was actually going to be a success and cemented the day that they realized it was actually outselling everything else. It had to be killed and Nintendo had to be put back in their place. Nintendo is a toy maker and toys aren't allowed to outsell "serious" systems loaded with superfluous anti-consumer hardware and features.

    Continued —>

    • WSJ4L

      The first line killed me a little inside. But nevertheless, great points.

  • Wow

    My nephew already got a wiiu so we are prepared for some Mario kart 8 awesomeness and all other games that comes out. #IDIDMYPARTINMARCH.

  • RaphaelScallion

    Good lord, everyone's in panic mode over here. Can't we all agree that the real reason for such low sales is the Dry Dry Desert of big first-party games we're enduring right now?

    Remember when the Wii U was selling over 300k units a month from mid-October to December of last year? The quadruple threat of the price cut, new bundles, Wind Waker HD, and Mario 3D World (oh, and Wii Party U, too) certainly contributed to that (in addition to the holiday shopping season, of course). Not to mention that they boosted up their advertising.

    Xbox One lit up the charts last month mostly because of Titanfall, a game that has met exorbitant levels of hype. Big games like that are the kinds of games that will shoot the Wii U's momentum into the stratosphere; not just OS updates alone, and definitely NOT ditching the Gamepad (actually, what Nintendo should truly do is embrace the Gamepad more). I'm talking the cold hard GAMES. Dozens of them.

  • Too bad there are so many missing out on the WiiU. The GamePad alone makes it worth the purchase!!

  • Maestro

    Vita is over dead burried, this is just beating a dead horse with another dead horse… Wii U really needs to wake up

    • *NormalGamer*

      It ‘will’ wake up once the Wii U library is diverse enough and keeps growing; at least until E3 2014 comes along.

      • GeneralBrown178

        The Wii U is like a caged Beast.
        And the two keys to open it are Mario Kart and Smash!!

    • RaphaelScallion

      It'll wake up in May. The hibernation ends when Mario Kart 8 comes out.

    • cmbsfm

      The vita is alive and kicking in japan.

      • No… it's dying there as well. As a matter of fact, the vita is a waste of Sony's money.

        • cmbsfm

          yeah which is why it outsold the 3ds that one week and is in second place almost every week.

          • vyxdreisieve

            The console's sold 2.6 million in japan.

          • cmbsfm

            sony just now brought the console to life. Now it's selling great every week, due to the fact its getting Japanese appealing games. No longer dead over there.

          • westman98

            The Vita has currently sold under 3 million in Japan. Assuming the Vita can continue to sell like this for the next 3 years, it 'might" sell 10 million in Japan lifetime. That would actually be pretty good.

            However, here in America (and the west in general), the Vita sales are awful. 10,000 units sold in a month is 1/3rd of what the Wii U sold during its worst month. Expect the Vita to sell about 5 million units lifetime in the U.S. and another 5 million units lifetime in Europe.

            Total PS Vita lifetime sales: 20 million max

            In other words, the Vita was a waste of money for Sony everywhere except in Japan.

  • MarioTGP

    So it's nearly half of the 3ds sales and mario kart and smash bros haven't been released yet, so we will finaly see good sales from now on?

    • RaphaelScallion

      This is actually pretty interesting. Also, consider the fact that sales are rising, rather than falling.

      Also, 3DS didn't have many big releases in March, either; just Yoshi's New Island.

  • Micelo9

    Is this good or bad?

    • AntiActivity

      For the Wii U it's decent, considering there weren't any major releases in March for the console. The PS Vita could've been better though, since there were several titles released for the handheld.

      Mind you, these are only US sales numbers, so we don't know how well any of these are doing globally.

    • RaphaelScallion

      Depends. How did the Wii U do in March of last year? When you get down to it, any sort of improvement is good news, even when it could've done a lot better.

      • Francis@PE

        The Wii U sold more Year on Year

        • JTurner82

          How much did it sell last month around this time?

          • vyxdreisieve


          • JTurner82

            Oh. While I can't exactly say that's great, at least this March IS a little better.

            But I say WiiU's time for jumping into the 300k digits is coming this May.

    • Francis@PE


      its bad… but not horrible. Especially since the Wii U didn't have any major retail releases. Things should pick up by May/June.

      But Nintendo really needs to rebrand and refocus the Wii U at E3. Gamers want certain system wide features and are willing to pay top dollar to get it.

      Hence why the Xbox One continues to sell so well. Nintendo needs to modernize the Wii U, add features, speed up the OS more, Integrate Miiverse with the Wii U dashboard, release more games, and possibly release a bundle without the GamePad.

      We'll see…..

      • titangamecube

        The Wii U without the gamepad is like Peanut butter and Jelly without the jelly. That to me is just one big stupid suggestion and Francis, you know better. And people would only buy a console for features? Really now? Im sorry that I forgot about consoles were for on screen notifications and achievements rather then games.

        • Francis@PE

          Nintendo barely uses that jelly that's so important. And its clear at this point that many gamers don't want or care for the Gamepad. Until Nintendo shows off a VAST array of games that use the Gamepad in unique NON-gimmicky ways, then I'll suggest they provide an OPTION for gamers to go without it.

          Providing OPTIONS never hurts. Many core gamers buy consoles that can deliver the experience they want. Online gameplay, features, on-screen notifications (that our cell-phones do) and the such can push people to buy a system when they are intertwined with great games.

          Nintendo needs to realize this.

          • The GamePad IS the WiiU whether it is fully implemented or not.

            Next gen it could be optional.

            People keep saying "Nintendo needs to add features"…as if that'll help with sales. It will not. They made managerial mistakes when assigning dev teams between the 3DS and the to-be WiiU, thinking the Western market will pick up the slack.

            They didn't realize the popular third parties were out to get them and now we are here. Only popular first party games will pick up the slack, despite how many good small-time games are offered.

          • titangamecube

            So by your logic, throw out the gamepad because its gimmicky…Sorry but thats an asinine excuse. Options? Oh I'll just buy the Pro Controller, oh wait I already can. No point in a bundle whatsoever. Sorry but by the end of the day, people buy consoles for games. And whats with Nintendo needs to realize? Haven't they done that already? Did you not read the last financial report that Depapier reminds us of to go back to but no really ever does? Come on Francis, you know better.

          • Exactly. "Modernize" the WiiU?!?!? LOL!! As far as I can tell it has more to offer gaming than most "more modern" systems out there!

          • Francis@PE

            So by your logic, throw out the gamepad because its gimmicky..

            – Where did I say that?

            Options? Oh I'll just buy the Pro Controller, oh wait I already can. No point in a bundle whatsoever. Sorry but by the end of the day, people buy consoles for games.

            – Yet the Wii U has more games than the PS4 and Xbox One and more people are buying those systems.

            Nintendo needs to realize that its MORE than just games. You need features that connect with games. Better online play, a join game button, party chat, direct link voice chat, are all features that can Enhance your games, or make games more enjoyable.

            People want these things……is there a reason you guys are against additional optional features to the Wii U?

            I mean seriously? Why shouldn't Nintendo make their system better along with adding great games?

          • People are buyin' those systems because it is the fad to diss on Nintendo, that and our Western market is marred by juvenile-minded persons.

            Not ONCE have I heard somebody say they were neglecting Nintendo because it didn't have cross-game chat or "full online support".

            And to think critically, to thing realistically…those who ever did say that have some ulterior motive behind what they say.

            Who can argue with "make the WiiU better"? Sure, better anything is great!! Add all those wants of yours to the WiiU and it ain't all that better anyway. It's the games that count.

            Give it time, for both games and the unimportant options.

          • Suiadan

            Well, actually I know a number of people that haven't bought a Wii U yet for two reasons. There is no party chat and they don't feel like the Gamepad is a good addition. My group of friends would spend about four hours a night in party chat. The convience of not requiring us to play the same game was nice. Plus eight people can't all play Monster Hunter. As for the Gamepad, I know it's great and offers a lot, but most people don't know this. When I worked at Gamestop the number one thing that people didn't understand was that. Most didn't know that it was lightweight or had any idea what kind of features were in there. A few people just thought it mirrored the tv and were surprised to find out that it was a touch screen with it's own information and function.

            Plus it doesn't help that most first party games seem to fail to use the gamepad to it's full potential. Zelda, Pikmin, Warioware, and Nintendoland are the only ones that really show how the gamepad shines. When games made by Ubisoft utilize the features better then a Mario title we know something's wrong.

          • Mythosa

            Exactly. The problem is that Nintendo dropped the ball with getting the information out there about the system. When I have told people about my system they have been quite excited. The only thing that I heard as a negative a couple times was the lack of ability to multitase at this point like "So you can watch netflix on your TV and play on the gamepad at the same time" but the answer is no. People want a be all and do all machine, and it's logical. Like you said, many have no idea about the separate screens and they it is capable of entirely different things on each screen. They need to get back out there and make people undestand that.

          • titangamecube

            People are buying those systems because of hype to the nth degree but as we have seen, more people actually regret buying them. I mean Titanfall was a splash but hardly anyone talks about the game. Hell NO ONE talks about Infamous Second Son. Second, you suggested they throw out the gamepad because gamers think its gimmicky. Hell right here "Until Nintendo shows off a VAST array of games that use the Gamepad in unique NON-gimmicky ways" proves that you suggested it. Im not against features, I have never said that. I just think they don't ADD anything to console. You want a feature? Remember that Quick Booting that Nintendo showed off earlier this year? That is something that can sell systems and actually ADD value to the console. Party Chat, On-screen notifications and acheivements don't add anything to the console and are not make or break moments. But you want to know whats stupid? We are arguing for NOTHING. We don't know if Nintendo is doing this or not and frankly we shouldn't care.

          • RaphaelScallion

            "We are arguing for NOTHING. We don't know if Nintendo is doing this or not and frankly we shouldn't care."

            …aaaaand this is pretty much what I'm taking away from this conversation. I'm quite optimistic that Nintendo's doing some crazy things behind the scenes to get their stuff back together.

          • Francis@PE

            "proves that you suggested it"

            – I just made a statement, NIntendo needs to bring more games that use the Gamepad in non-gimmicky ways. How does that translate into Nintendo needs to throw out the Gamepad because its gimmicky….you just put words in my mouth.

            You really think a Quick boot feature will sell more system than adding Party chat, on screen notifications, and achievements?

            That is absurd….just flat out crazy.

            Many gamers have been complaining that the Wii U doesn't have party chat, achievements, and other features….not that they need a damn quick boot menu.

            I'm convinced you don't want to see the Wii U as a system improve. Nintendo has the tools and system to add these features yet you're sooooo against them adding them because YOU don't feel its necessary. Yet thousands of gamers want these features.

          • titangamecube

            Put words in your mouth? You said they should drop the gamepad, which is obviously suggesting that its gimmicky. Just because you didn't say doesn't mean you didn't think it. And Yes, I believe that wholeheartedly because that actually ADDS something. Party chat, on-screen notifications and achievements ADD NOTHING to it and is just something that is EXTRA. Which leads me to an earlier point about the on screen notifications. GaughEyad made a GREAT point about embracing the gamepad by adding said features strictly to the gamepad but you and Butterworth brushed him off, saying it won't work. Why? Because the gamepad never gets used therefore, Nintendo shouldn't use the gamepad for that? That makes zero sense and you know that. And now you're using anecdotal evidence. Who are these gamers? Xbox and Sony Fans? That's the problem. And now you're putting in my mouth saying that I don't want the Wii U to improve. Of course I do and other users suggested what Nintendo can do and that is use the gamepad more. By dropping it, its just an underpowered console in gamers minds and that is damn well sure going to lead to the system failing. Again, you know better Francis and frankly, as a journalist, you saw what is truly happening as to why the system is selling below expectations. So here is my suggestion on what you can do: Stop post these sales numbers. It adds nothing to the site but a pointless conversation.

          • Francis@PE

            You said they should drop the gamepad,

            – I said they should provide an option for gamers.

            which is obviously suggesting that its gimmicky.

            – No, its not, that's what you said, not me.

            Just because you didn't say doesn't mean you didn't think it.

            – So you admit to putting words in my mouth based on an assumption on what you think I'm saying. I never said they should drop the Gamepad because its gimmicky. I mean what I say, and that's that.

            Party chat, on-screen notifications and achievements ADD NOTHING to it and is just something that is EXTRA.

            – That's false, they add communication, which is important in gaming. Even the Wii had party chat.

            Who are these gamers? Xbox and Sony Fans? That's the problem. And now you're putting in my mouth saying that I don't want the Wii U to improve.

            – Yes, Sony, and MS fans are gamers. And they like these features. So Nintendo shouldn't create features for these fans to get them to buy the Wii U? I said I am convinced you don't want the Wii U to improve. You claim that adding features adds nothing. But a quick boot option is a system seller. I'm sorry, but that is not improving the system in any meaningful way. The Gamepad is not loved by everyone, its big, and uncomfortable for many. I like using the Wii U Pro Controller. So Nintendo should only add features that take use of the GamePad? What if someone doesn't like the Gamepad? Nintendo needs to just add all the basic features the Xbox 360 had and they would be fine.

            Again, you know better Francis and frankly, as a journalist, you saw what is truly happening as to why the system is selling below expectations. So here is my suggestion on what you can do: Stop post these sales numbers. It adds nothing to the site but a pointless conversation.

            -I know why the Wii U is not selling well. Nintendo is not putting out enough games nor are they adding features gamers have been clamoring for. As a journalist I HAVE to report these numbers. They are the truth, and for consumers, they need to know.

            This conversation is not pointless. PE is a community where we can all express out opinions on stuff, just like you are right now. I'll have a video up on this topic. Maybe you'll see what I'm talking about

          • titangamecube

            Francis, enough with the options argument. All they have to do is pick up the pro controller and thats it. Thats an option. Why is that such a hard concept? And Okay then, you don't want to admit to what you said and thats fine, that just hurts your credibility. Again, those features are EXTRA that doesn't improve the system. Quick booting would actually be a system seller compared to those toppings on ice cream. And Wow, really Francis? I just poured my heart out as to what they could do to improve the system but apparently you're convinced that I won't dont the system to improve. Now that is putting words into someone's mouth. And those same gamers are people who are NEVER going to pick the system up so their point is moot. And really? Its uncomfortable? They probably haven't even picked the damn thing up. Again, anecdotal evidence is anecdotal. And please, even if they did, it still won't solve the problems. And not enough games? Neither is Sony nor Microsoft so what is your point? Like Ricard said "Correlation does not equal causation". And Yes it is pointless because WE DON'T FREAKING KNOW what Nintendo is planning so why are you worried? And no, Im not watching it if I already know what you're going to say. Again, you know better.

          • Francis@PE

            Quick booting is not a system seller. There is nothing to back that up. Nintendo talked about the quick boot and I didn't hear anybody I'm going to pick up a Wii U because it offers a quick boot option. That is not a system seller.

            Hurts my credibility. I said Nintendo needs to use the Gamepad in non gimmicky ways.

            You said, I said Nintendo needs to drop the Gamepad because its gimmicky.

            Once again I said this: "Nintendo needs to use the Wii U Gamepad in non-gimmicky ways" ……period.

            NOT Nintendo needs to drop the Gamepad because its gimmicky, which you are claiming I said…..but I never did. So nothing is hurting my own credibility. Take my words at face value. Nothing more, nothing less.

            The Gamepad is big and bulky. Its not as comfortable as a Wii U Pro Controller. There are Wii U demo stations in many major stores, lots of gamers have had a chance to try it out.

            Even gamers who own the Wii U say the Wii U Gamepad is a bit too big. I have massive hands, and I think its too big. I like the Wii U Pro Controller.

            Sony and MS add features to attack the Nintendo crowd…..don't see why Nintendo can add features to attract the MS and Sony crowd.

          • titangamecube

            At this point Francis, were talking past each other. Obviously you have your own opinion and thoughts and I have my own. At this point, Idc what you think and I am pretty sure you don't care what I think, as evident here. But you should know to even suggest to drop the gamepad hurts your credibility. My advice to to right now, if you even care, is stop worrying. We don't even really know what Nintendo is planning but to get an idea, ask Depapier about it because I am tired of explaining to you about how wrong you are.

          • Francis@PE

            Look, lets start over then:

            Nintendo needs to take advantage of the Wii U Gamepad more in their games…. not mini game collections. But core games that use the Gamepad in creative ways that get Gamers excited to purchase the Wii U.

            If Nintendo CAN'T do that, then perhaps they should offer a bundle without the Wii U Gamepad and focus on Miiverse integration with their great staple of first party IPs.

            That is what I am saying.

          • Micelo9

            Its the little things that Nintendo could do to help themselves: price drops, better marketing, more game announcements, etc. Its a mix of things, misinformation doesn't help them either… I think games still are fairly important. As petty as the console war stuff is, the competition between both Sony and Microsoft has fuelled sales to a degree. If Nintendo was more vocal about what they're doing, they could probably make a larger impact before the release of Kart and Smash….

          • realplaya

            A price drop will not sell anything. People will not suddenly say hey this system is cheaper it must be better. No no no. There were retailers selling and still are selling the system below cost that make it sell well. What will help the system sell is if Nintendo goes out and secures the to 5 to 10 must have titles and markets it as a system for the grown and sexy.

          • Zoro101

            You hit the nail on the head Francis

          • darkgamer001

            Throwing out the Gamepad should NOT be an option. Using it more in games should be the only viable route.
            Throwing out the Gamepad would kill innovation and make the Wii U a less powerful console with no unique features (in the eyes of many gamers). What developer is going to spend time and money brainstorming and implementing features for an expensive, optional accessory?

          • Francis@PE

            Throwing out the Gamepad would kill innovation

            – No it wouldn't…..there are tons of indie games that don't use or need a Gamepad and are plenty innovative.

            Wii U a less powerful console with no unique features (in the eyes of many gamers)

            – That's why you bolster Miiverse, online, and awesome Nintendo first party IPs. Miiverse is unique and innovative, Nintendo is just not using it to its full potential.

            What developer is going to spend time and money brainstorming and implementing features for an expensive, optional accessory?

            – Nintendo. That's all who needs to do that. The Super Nintendo and GameCube had innovative games and they don't use a Gamepad.

            Miiverse and Nintendo's brains are enough for innovation. The Wonderful 101 is innovative with or without the Gamepad.

          • darkgamer001

            Perhaps kill was too much of a strong word, but weaken it considerably…definitely.

            Indie games by themselves aren't going to attract people to a console, Nintendo games would do that. And if you're limiting the creativity of said games, you're potentially weakening their impact.

            On MiiVerse, whilst I really like it, and I definitely agree that it's unique and innovative….I think that even if it is improved significantly, I doubt it will ever become a massive selling point.

            Bolstering online and online features like notifications, chat etc. would help, but these need to be used in conjuction with the Gamepad.

            One other thing that almost everyone is missing….the cost of manufacturing both console and Gamepad going down over time

          • Francis@PE

            Indie games by themselves aren't going to attract people to a console, Nintendo games would do that. And if you're limiting the creativity of said games, you're potentially weakening their impact.

            – Once again…..who said indie games by themselves are going to attract people to a console? I said this: "there are tons of indie games that don't use or need a Gamepad and are plenty innovative." If Indie developers don't need a Gamepad to be innovative…..then neither does Nintendo. That was the point behind that statement.

            Bolstering online and online features like notifications, chat etc. would help, but these need to be used in conjuction with the Gamepad.

            -No they don't "need" to be used with the Gamepad, the OPTION would be good for those who DONT WANT to use the Gamepad.

            One other thing that almost everyone is missing….the cost of manufacturing both console and Gamepad going down over time

            – Not having it at all will always cost less than having it. Providing an OPTION of consumers is never a bad thing.

          • darkgamer001

            If Indie developers don't need a Gamepad to be innovative…..then neither does Nintendo. That was the point behind that statement.

            With all due respect to indie developers, they aren't on the same level as Nintendo in-house devs

            Also, yes, such features don't necessarily need to be used with the Gamepad, but why not? Why not give these features a unique twist on Wii U, rather than just cloning existing features on other systems?

            "Providing an OPTION of consumers is never a bad thing"
            …unless it hurts the console and existing consumers of said console

          • QuintonMcLeod

            Hmm… I'm actually pretty surprised by what Francis is saying. It's probably one of the first times I've ever disagreed with him to this degree.

            1) Indie games will and can attract people to a console. However, it isn't the games alone that makes this possible, but the marketing behind the game. If an indie game were to be released with broad marketing appeal, it will attract customers. That's just economics 101.

            2) Bolstering online and online features could be a selling point for core gamers, but isn't much of a selling point among casuals. How many people casually jump into voice chat on their games? How many casual gamers care about on-screen notifications. They don't. They only care about the games. The 3DS certainly doesn't have voice chat and its seems to be doing OK.

            3) If Nintendo were to sell the Gamepad separately, it will cause serious incompatibility problems. It'll also remove the one thing that makes the Wii U different than the competition. The Wii U cannot compete with the other systems on an even playing field. If the Wii U doesn't have anything that makes it different than the other systems, then there's little incentive outside of Nintendo first party games. Remember, Nintendo has done this before with the Gamecube. The fact that you'd suggest this knowing this boggles my mind.

            4) Agreed.

            5) You think the cost of the Gamepad is the issue? Well, the issue for who? Nintendo? The consumer? Who is the gamepad hurting? Do you know? You completely negate the fact that the Wii U's expenses to Nintendo isn't centered around the gamepad, but rather, the dev kits. Nintendo pays for a lot of the free middleware they provide for 3rd parties. The CryEngine 3, Unity 4 and Unity 5, Havok and etc. Nintendo is paying for these things and offering them for free to 3rd parties. This is what's making the Wii U so expensive and not the Gamepad. Getting rid of the gamepad will not lower the costs for Nintendo nor the consumer. Heck, the Wii U is the cheapest system on the market and people are still complaining about the price? The PS4 comes with absolutely nothing and it's $400.

          • Francis@PE

            Don't see why you guys are surprised with what I'm saying, I've been saying it for a while now.

            Once again, indie devs are creative dudes, and so are Nintendo. You don't Need to use a Wii U Gamepad to innovative.

            Casuals wants features like voice chat, party chat, extra. Many COD fans that causally play games do that with your friends.

            When Nintendo launched the Wii U, they said this system was for CORE gamers, not casuals. Now your saying Nintendo shouldn't improve their system because casuals don't care about voice chat ect? That's crazy, Nintendo needs to sell this system to core gamers, not casuals.

            Nintendo can sell the Gamepad separately just like Microsoft can sell the Kinect separately. I barely use the Wii U Gamepad, and Nintendo hasn't made enough compelling games that make use of it.

            Miyamoto confirmed that the Gamepad is a significant cost to the system last year when he said if the PS4 or Xbox One had a Gamepad they would cost $100 more. The Gamepad is not cheap to produce. And I'm not for getting rid of the Gamepad, I'm for adding options for consumers.

          • IggyKoopa

            About core vs casual, you have to realize "casuals" make up a huge portion of the market. Once you do that you can understand my next point.

            Price is a big issue, sure dudebro65 doesn't care about a 400 dollar system but what about all those other people not willing to invest that much RE: casuals? Gamepad, in my opinion should be removed if only so the price may be brought down. Like you said, it makes the cost around 100 bucks more. I think our questions will be answered at E3.

            @ NPD numbers

            I thought Xbox One would sell more but I realized that sales are taking a nosedive and it would have sold less than 200k had it not been for Titanfall. A lot of people seem to think TF had no effect, but it did, it helped Xbox One stay steady.

            PS4, perhaps people seem to ignore the Infamous SS bundles as a cause for good sales. Here's some food for thought, when did Nintendo start an official bundle? It's interesting to see both Xbox One and PS4 doing bundles this early on. PS4 will continue to sell well as Sony has some trump cards with them.

            Wii U a good price is needed for good sales. Games can release but at 300 dollars that doesn't sound too appealing.

            3DS sales are going to drop unless they come up with something like a new model similar to 2DS but sells better.

            PS Vita, I rarely if ever in 2014 have seen PS Vita on the local flyer.

            Oh and about switching to disqus, it's not so bad as you will probably get more comments from people not wanting to make a PE account; I didn't until now.

          • Mythosa

            It's not really. It's a very good action game, but as far as innovative, the most innovative part of it is the drawing of the weapons, weather it's on the gamepad or using the stick. Everything else in it has been done before. They just added a great new intracate way to perform combos beyond a series of buttons. That was done with the idea of the gamepad in mind.

          • Micelo9

            I see what your saying, yeah if they go with a Gamepad-less version I won't be mad, I do think they should reveal more game-pad centric games soon, if they want it to become huge….

          • JaxonH

            Not a viable option, and here's why.

            The Wii U is currently priced at $250 for the 8GB model WITH a game, and $300 for the 32GB model WITH a game (among other extras). The 3DS XL is priced at $200, withOUT a game. Which means the Wii U, a fully HD console with gamepad, unrestricted Miiverse, infinitely faster OS, etc, is already priced comparatively to the 3DS XL, a meager handheld. If Nintendo were to make a Wii U without the Gamepad, gamers would expect to pay less. Which means the minimum price drop would be $50 (even then gamers would complain that lack of gamepad should be more). But even at $50, that prices the Wii U right at $200 with the 3DS XL for the 8GB model, only the 8GB Wii U comes WITH a game and full HD power. Furthermore, the 32GB model would also be priced at the same level as their handheld, considering the included game makes up for the extra $50. It's not viable to price a fairly new, fully HD console with infinitely more expensive tech at the same exact level as a hanheld that barely runs N64 level graphics and doesn't come with a game.

            Fact is, Wii U can't really go any lower in price without forcing a price drop on the 3DS, which Nintendo most certainly isn't willing to concede at this time, seeing as that's their main source of income. The Wii never got an option without a Wiimote, neither should the Wii U get an option without the Gamepad. Otherwise, it becomes an 8th gen PS3. Don't listen to the naysayers about including a padless option. There's WAY less people complaining about that than it seems. And the people that do complain about it will just find some other reason to complain anyways. I mean, you wouldn't ask for an offline version of Wii U just because every game isn't online, right? At least with the gamepad, every game has off-TV play, and all but Super Mario 3D World, DKC and Mario Kart 8 use it for something more.

            Basically what I'm saying is a padless option would not be able to receive a price drop due to that resulting in outpricing the 3DS XL. If the Wii U were priced even $50 lower it would be LOWER than the price of a 3DS for 8GB model, while that would put the 32GB model right on par with the price of a 3DS. That's just not a viable option. Besides, people act like every single game is supposed to have some mind-bending gamepad use, when in actuality it's just an option to play off-screen and draw hand-written notes on Miiverse, while serving as an extra tool for developers if they so choose. Worst case scenario, it's not HURTING anything by that second screen being there. But adding a padless option would not only outprice 3DS, they'd have to redesign Settings and eShop as one-screen layouts that detect when not using a gamepad, furthermore they'd have to redesign the Pro Controller with headphone jack and motion, making prior models obsolete. And games that required the Gamepad would not be playable.

            However, I will say this. I would be in favor of Nintendo making the OS completely independent of the gamepad. They recently added Wiimote/Pro Controller support for Miiverse, but the gamepad is still required for Settings and eShop due to the two-screen layouts. I'd be totally in favor of being able to access Settings and eShop without the pad, so that those who so desire don't have to use it. I don't believe gamers should be forced to use it, but I still think it's part of the system and should not be omitted (not just for pricing reasons listed above, but also because it's part of the console itself) anymore than BC should be omitted or online functionality. All games might not USE online, doesn't mean the functionality should be omitted in a separate bundle. Dropping the gamepad isn't gonna solve Nintendo's problems I don't think, because having a second screen was never the problem to begin with.

          • koopzilla

            I have to agree with others, taking out the gamepad should not be an option under any circumstances. I think it's the worst thing they could conceivably do. It is what makes the Wii U unique and sets it apart from other consoles. I hate to say it, but without it I think the system would get less support, it would effectively be a slightly better "last gen" console. Should they make more use of it? Most definitely, but taking it out, no. The minute they do that lazy developers will just not use it because not everyone has one. Look at the support add on peripherals have historically received. Kinect, WiiFit board, SNES Mouse, R.O.B., Intellivoice, Playstation Move, etc. They got some support, but very little, not being included with every system is a death knell for peripherals.

            It also shows a lack of confidence and support of their own product. Consumers will pick up on stuff like this and damage the Nintendo brand. I think Sega can attest to that. They had a great thing going with the Genesis until the expensive add ons that they failed to properly support came out, consumers lost confidence and they were knocked out of the console business. Not to mention there are games that already require the gamepads use to play. I really think not including it with every system will do much more harm than good. Theres no reason they can't implement other changes while keeping the gamepad, or even making them better with it. For example, put notifications and such on the gamepad to keep them off the main screen. It will be looked at as unecessary and many people will never see how great the gamepad really is. It has a ton of potential, and taking it out will ensure that potential is never fully realized.

            If anything changes with controllers, I would like a redesign of the Pro Controller. It is the worst controller Nintendo has ever put out as far as I'm concerned. The placement of the buttons and right analog make it completely unusable to me. Mine just sits there, the only game I can use it on is Sonic Racing Transformed. I wouldn't mind if they perhaps made a smaller version of the gamepad and cut down on cost with a smaller screen and overall smaller controller. But not taking it out of the box altogether.

          • realplaya

            Francis@PE I have to respectfully disagree with you sir. You can't eliminate one of the features from your system you have to find a way to use it. Sure they don't have games to properly use it but do we want a Wii Epidemic tact on controls for the sake of saying we used it. Now what people have forgotten is thy have only had a year in HD so yeah the games are slower to come.
            Also do you get a performance boost without the Gamepad? If people are confused by the Wii and the Wii U imagine the system with no gamepad people not buying Wii'S would not buy a Wii U because now it looks exactly like a Wii.

            Nintendo's Weakness is the fact that they are now playing catch up to the HD twins but they have been put in a great position. For one nobody expects them to do to much then they can come in and prove people wrong and shock the industry.
            They can also display some new games using the game pad a game like Hex heroes is a game that they should have bought the rights to. Develop the game using there internal engine . This game will use the game pad nicely. Also The gamepad isn't just for games it can do so much more only negative is it's not stand alone.

          • I don't post on these forms very often but I'm a huge fan of Francis and this site. Some of us members on this site speak Japanese and English and some of us understand the Japanese market better than others but a lot of users and subscribers of Playeressence dont comment very often on this site but I would like to make a comment for change. Francis, I think you should listen to PaPierre, because the man is speaking the truth. The reason why the Wii U is not selling like the ps4 & Xbone is because of the media baised that has affected the consumer mindset when trying to decided which console to buy. The juvenile mindset of today Gamers in the west see that it is quite fashionable to be anti Nintendo especially in European markets where Nintendo is seen as kiddy. So removing the Wii U gamepad will be a bad idea and it will show that Nintendo is weak and that they made a mistake. What they need to do is stick to their guns for the remaining part of this generation and focus all of their attention on completing their goals with this console because no matter what Nintendo does, the media and the 3rd parties going to try to set a negative light on them. So once again, I think removing the Wii U gamepad will be a completely bad idea and it wont solve anything. There will be nothing to separate the console from its more powerful competition, it will not have any unique selling point whatsoever to convince gamers to go out and purchase it. What Nintendo needs to do is stick to their guns and release more 1st party content because actually they are selling quite fine considering the fact the Wii U is a first party console for the most part.

          • Francis@PE

            I'm not going to blame the Media for the Wii U not selling well. I just said Nintendo needs to provide more options for consumers.

          • vyxdreisieve

            Dude it'd be a nightmare to remove the gamepad because its tied to pretty much everything

            Games have miiverse functionality, and the rest of the like as well

          • Johny-san

            guys… francis is kinda right you know -.- whether you like it or not, the way nintendo is using that gamepad, it would maybe be better if the console wasn't initially designed around it at all. Stop downvoting whatever suggests that something is wrong with nintendo or wii u. Because there are many things that could be and NEED to be fixed with wii u, as well as Nintendo as a whole. Like francis said, nintendo needs to realise stuff… but also should its fanbase for christ sake.

          • titangamecube

            Right about what? Having a bundle without the gamepad, the main draw of the console? Understandable if the pro controller was bundled but without it? Hell no. And let me tell you something about criticism, especially in this day in age: its mostly based off an opinion. Francis wants x features because he believes that it sells consoles. While nice, that doesn't sell consoles. I believe that this y feature will sell more consoles but that too might not sell consoles. That is critcism. This leads to another point and that is faith. Right now, we don't flipping know what Nintendo is planning. Thats when you have to have faith. We came off one of the best Nintendo Directs for Smash and were back to sales? Like for real? I don't care what Nintendo has to do to get the system going because if it works, it works. But what I do know is that they shouldn't get rid of the gamepad because that is just silly because 5 people find it uncomfortable which means that they haven't used the damn thing. What I also know is that features don't make or break a console or a game. So what if it doesn't have party chat, does it keep me from enjoying the good things about a console? We need to stop focusing on what it doesn't have because that shit is extra. What Nintendo needs to do and they have acknowledged is use the features they currently have going for the console. That will be the make or break point and I have faith that Nintendo can pull it off.

      • Micelo9

        I hope so, its a very good machine at the moment. I can't pick up a Xbox One yet or PS4 because there aren't enough games. Wii U I got because it has 10 or more games I want…. Gamepad and Pro Controller, Monster Hunter Ultimate, free online….

      • RicardJulianti

        Rebranding the Wii U would do nothing but ensure it sells even worse. If people thought consumer confusion was high between Wii and Wii U, it would be nothing compared to what it would be like after a rebranding. Refocusing is another story though.

        There is 0 definitive proof that the reason X1 sold as well as it did because of its system wide features.It's not like people go "Ooo achievements and a unified account! $500? Eh, that's okay…it has friend notifications on screen!" Correlation does not equal causation.

        The X1 had its most hyped game release at the beginning of March…..and that only shifted an extra 53k. Without that, it is VERY possible that without that/all versions releasing at the same time…the X1 would have been down month over month.

        I do agree that Miiverse needs to be better integrated and so on…..but I doubt there is a single person in the real world that has any clue that Miiverse is essentially a separate app and isn't tied directly into the OS. The one thing that is guaranteed to increase sales, is releasing more games. Hands down. The drought of exclusives at the beginning of the year stops any holiday momentum dead in its tracks. Yes there are eShop games and all that, but it isn't something people can quantify without knowing anything about the system. They just see the same games on the shelf that they have the past 3 months or however long it is between releases.

        Sure Nintendo doesn't use the Gamepad to its fullest or whatever….but pulling that from bundles gives you a system that cannot distinguish itself from the other 2 in any positive way other than having Nintendo franchises. They have a lot of pull…..but there's zero momentum between releases when they are so far apart. Bolstering Miiverse would help, but when people find out that their kid can play a game without using up the TV….THAT's when they get excited about the system. Not because of a social network. What they need to do, is get Wii games off the shelves. Yes they are still making money off of them, but there's the other side of the coin where if people are able to find games for it….they won't feel like they need to upgrade.

        • nyobee

          you make the most sense. I think the biggest problem is games and honestly people…. people don't buy the WiiU because of the bad rep. Gamestop doesn't really support it… almost everyone bashes it… so no one wants to get it. When people do get it they generally like the system… it is a neat little thing but getting people to try it is the hard part.

          They shouldn't rebrand it, but they need to get some really good news out about it. enough to stop the negative stuff from keeping ppl from buying it.

      • Mythosa

        I doubt they are going to bundle without the gamepad. I'm still amazed at how many people think this is the right thing to do. It's an integral part of the system. Without it there are parts of the system that are completely negated. These are parts that they should be concentraiting on more even. TVii won't work well without the gamepad, and if TVii were expanded to have more universal remote function it could be a huge reason for a puchase. There are great game enhancements with the gamepad.
        This is just falling into all these goofy people that haven't used the system or gamepad and think they won't like it because it's different. Even if they did get rid of the gamepad it wouldn't help the system a whole lot. Without it, it would be a slightly more powerful PS3 but without the third party support. Along with that the price wouldn't drop very much either. The system is already being sold at a loss, if anything they would try to make it break even. Plus it's just a mobo with blutooth, infrared and a screen. This doesn't account for a whole lot of cost. The 2DS has all the same features but with the processors, storage memory, RAM and the same screen using the same technology but slightly smaller and it only costs $130 and that sells at a profit or breaks even. To get rid of the gamepad would only drop the cost by maybe 50 bucks while reducing the effectiveness and usability of the machine. The entire OS was designed with the gamepad in mind, so to get rid of it would actually handicap the OS.

      • cmbsfm

        I agree with everything here except maybe the dropping game pad part, I mean if they dropped it the wii u would be super cheap? But what about games that are going to take full use of the gamepad like zelda.

        • vyxdreisieve

          Nah, it wouldnt help the price

          • cmbsfm

            It costs around 100 to manufacture if it is dropped of course it would make the wii u cheaper.

          • vyxdreisieve

            Lmao no it doesnt.
            Nintendo sold replacements for 100$ ( tax + shipping)

            Shit they sell wii u pro controllers for 50$ That shit dont cost 50$

      • AntiActivity

        I know you're already getting swamped from all the comments disagreeing with you about this, and I understand you're trying to suggest a cheaper option for consumers, but here's my input on this matter from a business and marketing point of view.

        Introducing a new bundle without the Wii U GamePad could actually be more harmful to the Wii U product line and Nintendo, the reason is primarily due to consumer confusion. Consumers are already confused about the Wii U, and the media or retailers are not helping the matters either, by showcasing two different bundles with or without the GamePad, most consumers will assume the model without the GamePad is just a regular Wii, so they won't see any need to purchase it. People like us follow gaming news, while majority of the consumers around the world don't, and they're already having difficulties understanding the differences between the Wii and Wii U because of their lack of knowledge.

        To make matters worse the mainstream gaming media and western developers are already downplaying Wii U's capabilities, if Nintendo loses the GamePad, then the media will immediately attack the console as nothing but a weak console that offers nothing unique. Once again consumers will be chased away by this message, especially if Nintendo's showing signs of losing support for their console's prominent feature. This could potentially result in loss of even more 3rd party support because of the mixed message. Furthermore, the Wii U GamePad will be in a similar situation as most of PlayStation's peripherals, 3rd parties won't support it, since they know there are some consoles out in the market without the GamePad. If consumers actually performed their own research, then Nintendo wouldn't even be in this situation to begin with.

        It's a tough situation for Nintendo, and I see you're concerned about it, but introducing a new bundle without the GamePad is not a viable solution in a business and marketing perspective. It creates a lot of confusion, loss of faith in the product, and furthermore it damages Nintendo's credibility because people will actually believe mainstream gaming media's BS about Nintendo's lack of support for their products.

  • DCBlackbird

    Does this include the Xl, and 2ds alternative systems?

    • AntiActivity

      It's probably a mix of the three, but Gibson didn't really elaborate in his tweet.

    • Francis@PE

      Its all of them combined.