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NPD November: Microsoft Sales 1.4 Million Consoles in the Month. Nintendo racks up huge sales

Microsoft racked up an impressive Black Friday and overall console sales for the month, shifting 1.4 million consoles in the month of November alone. Nintendo mean while racks up huge numbers across their family of systems. Hit the link for the full breakdown.

The NPD November sales are listed below:

360:1,400,000 (-17%) / Last year: 1,350,000 (-20%)
PS3: 700,000 (-22%) / Last year: 850,000 (-5%)
Wii U: 450,000 (n/a) / 450,000 (n/a)
3DS: 440,000 (-45%) / Last year: 800,000 (0%)
Wii: 435,000 (-50%) / Last year: 170,000 (-80%)
DS: 375,000 (7%) / Last year: 260,000 (-26%)
Vita: 190,000 (n/a) / Last year: 190,000 (n/a)
PSP: 9,500 (-96%) / Last year: 8,000 (-92%)
PS2: 500 (-98%) / (n/a)
Total: 4,000,000 (-18%) / Last year: 4,088,000 (-16%)

Over 4 million sales in the month is not bad. That is only a tad bit lower than last years sales. Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo all had very strong months. The console business is not going anywhere folks.



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