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How the NPD Works – Covers Roughly 60-65% of U.S. Retailers – Updated


A lot of people seem to be a little confused on how the NPD works. With all the numbers being posted, I want to make sure you guys know exactly what the NPD tracks and what it doesn’t. 

“NPD covers roughly 60-65% of the U.S. retailers. It notably does not cover Toys R Us (since Oct 2007),  and Sam’s Club retailers, but it does Amazon since Nov 2007.

Get the full rundown on the NPD here. 

So although the NPD is accurate, they don’t count everything 100% accurately. Each companies quarterly financial results are the most accurate way of tracking sales.

The NPD does track Wal-Mart. Thanks WiiUMad

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  • Kaloi2

    Basically the NDP is a 3rd party sales collector to supply sales information to others.
    All the companies on that list know exactly how much of their games have shipped, and may know how many sold through to customers with re-orders etc.

    Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft know EXACTLY how many Consoles they sell. Each system has a Serial number that must be scanned @ POP (point of purchase). They know how many they sold and at which locations.

    Being that NDP now tracks Amazon.com, which had a numerous supply of PS4 and XBO, but rarely sells Nintendo Hardware Directly. And because of which, Ninteno has made aliances with retail outlets like Toys R Us, etc. this may skew the numbers a bit

    Also many game sales are shifting to XBL, PSN and eShop. So this is making the NDP tracking for software less relevant.

  • WSJ4L

  • DJK1NG


    This is where Nintendo post sales after every quarter or fiscal report.

  • Aiddon

    huh, so the NPD isn't a 100% barometer. Then again, they haven't really been posting as much as they did before. Doesn't stop the idiots from using made up numbers as an ego-measuring tool, but it does make their BS sound stupider

  • wiiumad

    NPD now tracking Walmart sales

    Pachter on Pach-attack said they are now close to 90% accuracy.

    • Hana Shie

      i doubt the words of Pachter

      • Furious Francis

        Yeah, I doubt what Pachter says is true

        • ryuken13

          I doubt what Pachter says in regards to games.. I do believe, as a market analyst he is very familiar with reports.l He may be full of crap when it comes to games but games are not all he reports on.
          Even a broken clock is right twice daily..

          Like everything the truth is probably in the middle..

    • AaronBren

      I was with you until you said "Pachter." That probably means around 30% accuracy.

    • Steven M.

      Don't listen to Pachter, hes an idiot.

    • Mythosa

      but if you add in Pachters 30% accuracy then it evens out to 60% lol!

      • zoogelio

        30% is too generous. Try .30%.

  • onlyUnextgen

    Didnnt realize it was that low i thought more like 80 90% and huge ass stores like toys r us and walmart not included hhhmmmmmmmm

    • Mythosa

      yeah, that's kinda crazy really.

    • r4g

      Wo you do reasearch on NPD reports?? Interesting not many people outside of marketing and finance really do.. So how did Sony sales figure in all of this?? lol