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Official Super Mario 3D World Teaser Site is live

super_mario_3d_world_boxart_full_size (1)

Nintendo has launched a brand new Super Mario 3D World teaser site. The site gives you a basic rundown of what you’ll be doing in the game. 

Grab your friends* and prepare for a big adventure with the first multiplayer 3D Mario platformer for the Wii U™ system. Choose Mario™, Luigi™, Princess Peach™ or Toad™ and take advantage of each character’s unique abilities (like Princess Peach’s glide).

Prefer to explore solo? Colorful 3D worlds filled with wildly creative obstacles are yours to explore—and other players can always jump in to help. You can also use the Wii U GamePad controller to find hidden secrets and even freeze your enemies.

The site also reconfirms the release date for November 22nd, 2013. I’m really excited for this game.

See the site here. 

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  • Thrilled about the fact I can play solo!

    Do not get me wrong: I am a fan of this creative isometric 3D design in full 3D rendering, and I enjoy playin' with my family, but I have always been more of a solo guy.

    I prefer moving about on my own and witnessing the sights.

  • Richard

    You know a lot of people are hating on this game yet they've only seen one trailer of the game and maybe one or two bosses. I think this is a great turn for the Mario series, it's bright and colorful, the gameplay looks really fun, there is now 4 player co-op which hasn't been in a 3D Mario game, and the bosses I saw looked pretty cool. At least their not the Koopalings again and plus Peach isn't the one kidnapped this time.

    • Super Mario 64 DS had a four player multiplayer mode…this will be the first full on multiplayer story mode.

      I like it!

  • Liquid-Sun

    I don't know which game I'm going to get!
    Sonic Lost World, DKC: Tropical Freeze, or Super Mario 3D World?
    The Wii U is Platformer's Heaven!

    • Yea it really is such a hard one. Since they're all so good and games I know I love and I'll be getting them all anyway, regardless of anything, I've decided to prioritize Sonic to show support to Sega. Then Mario since I mean, it's the first main series 3D mario game in HD. Then Donkey Kong!

      • Mythosa

        Save up and get both 😀

  • hotdragon

    Really? So what games have online multiplayer on them? Except for third parties, cause I only play exclusives on my nintendo systems.

    • DePapier

      Dude, for real, you can get that kind of knowledge by yourself. If it's another of those "Really? Y'all don't have online games?" you're in the wrong place.

      • Nathan

        I don't think he's trying to be rude, he may just be curious

      • hotdragon

        Dude I’m just asking for recommendations of games that I could play online with my cousins. I didn’t come here for trouble so ill just google it I guess.

        • All I know about is Wii Sports at the moment! Mario Kart and Smash Bros. probably will but they're not out until next year

        • RicardJulianti

          Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate is a good online game. It's from a third party, but it is exclusive to Nintendo. Some people say that the multiplayer is the main portion of the game. It's also extremely packed with content. I've spent almost 200 hours I think and I haven't even touched the online, others have spent over 700 hours playing the game.

  • timg57867

    The DKCTF cover also has a Nintendo Network symbol on it so I guess online integration is go!

  • Maestro

    Nintendo Direct incoming guys !

  • hotdragon

    Can’t wait to play this game online with my cousin. I haven’t gotten a wiiu yet cause I was waiting for a good game to play online.

    • hardin25

      umm…..this game doesn't have online multiplayer.

      • Mythosa

        Pretty sure he's trolling.

    • bigchad

      this game has no online multiplayer.

  • MortyF1

    YEY! This and all other Nintendo exclusives will make a fine Fall 😀

  • timg57867

    Everyone's free to their opinions but is this REALLY the place to place to post something like that? You could have least waited until the DKCTF site went live. (-__-)

    • WiiUExposed

      'Kay but tell that to the millions of people commenting on XB1 articles just to say "PS4's better"

      • timg57867

        Sure. But I'd need to figure out how to hack the world's Internet infrastructure first. LOL

        • WiiUExposed

          Fair enough lol

      • Furious Francis

        WiiUExposed, dude you put a negative spin on every single article. Chill man…

        • timg57867

          So Francis, what do you think of countdown video I put in Contact Us?

        • WiiUExposed

          I meant it in a half-kidding manner.

          You know Jeremy (Gamer2323)? He does this sort of thing all the time and I just think it's funny. Like one time he wrote "Gamecube>WiiU" and everyone assumed he was a Wii U hater, but it was actually because he thinks the Gamecube is home to some of Nintendo's best games.

        • Nathan

          I'm personally more excited for Tropical Freeze as well, but I'm still excited for and picking up both. It's just a month's difference anyway, so it's not a big deal either.

  • I've not been thinking about this game much even though it's the Mario and Zelda series that made me fall in love with my wii. We need to start hyping!

    • timg57867

      Let's wait for Nintendo to get out a Nintendo Direct focused on this. Hyping something without a lot of concrete info makes it easier for people to get disappointed for no reason. Just look at Nintendo's E3s for 2012 and 2013. Better to wait until we get a good read on this game. While many have been trying to act as though they already know EVERYTHING about this game, the reality is that we actually don't know that much. I mean the Frog Suit would have been a total BOMBSHELL if Nintendo hadn't tweeted about it.

      • True! I wish they would get a direct out then! I'd actually love a Hub world as I've aid before. But again, it's not something I'd be heavily disappointed without!

    • Sky Grounder

      It should be really easy for me to hype this game up for my friends. All I need to say is it's a 3D Mario game with multiplayer co-op.