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Ouya System off to a Rocky Start, Key Issues are brought up in Reviews

Ouya is the open source $100 console that plays a variety of iOS and Android type games. The early reviews of the system have started to come in, and there are some major issues with the system. 

Some reviewers said the there is controller lag, which will be a pertinent issue, while the other said the interface has several poor design choices and missing features.

There are around 104 games, but many are ports you can already get on your smartphone or tablet. Games also require the free download before you actually get to see the price. Reviewers said the Ouya needs some exclusive games that can push the system.

The Verge rated the system a 3.5/10. Other reviews can be read here.

I was never interested in Ouya at all. It just seems like a lot of cell phone type games and what not. I think I rather save my money for PC, PS4, 3DS, and Wii U games that are of higher quality. But, it’s early. Most systems have rocky launches. Ouya might just need time to mature.

Will you guys be picking up Ouya?

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Author: Francis@PE (18924 Posts)

  • kneehighspy

    I'm an original backer, but with each new email update, I get discouraged. I paid $240 for a system and 2 controllers, all etched with username and the limited edition system. I get an email update today stating that LE systems will ship last and regular systems ordered with extra controllers will also ship after initial regular systems with one controller. trust me, a lot of other backers are upset like myself. I can see me getting my LE backer system a day or two before the retail units are available. my support for the system is waning to say the least.

    • Furious Francis

      Yeah I can see why people like the concept, its just gong to take some time to get going

  • AndrewKV

    I just think it's a good idea: "free" games, open culture, design and upload your own games and an alternative to the three big ones to remind them that they're not alone. But it all fails if it's starting with controller lag and few exclusives. I really hope they can pick it up.