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Phoenix Wright 5 Coming this Summer to the 3DS in Japan

Phonenix Wright 5, or Ace Attorney 5 as the series is known as in Japan. Has finally been dated for a Japanese release. 

Capcom has confirmed the game will be released on July 25th in a posting on their Japanese site. Phoenix right will be returning as the games main character and Capcom has officially said the game will be released in the West, they just don’t know when.

Phoenix Wright 5 might be the game that finally gets me into the series. It’s always looked cool but I was not a huge fan of the DS and GBA systems. However, the 3DS is a different story, I love that system. So hopefully, it comes over quickly to the West.

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  • gameflow

    Phoenix Wright is a fun game and you really should check it out! As an adventure fan the ds systems always had great games (phoenix wright, professor layton, zero escape, hotel dusk,…). I am still hoping that phoenix wright vs professor layton will be released for the western market as well.

    • Furious Francis

      I plan on picking up this new Phoenix Wright game for the 3DS.