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Pikmin 3 Sells Through 53% of its Stock in two days


Sales correspondent David Gibson has detained some of the finer details for Pikmin 3. David is reporting that Pikmin 3 sold 102K with another 91K in stock, full details past the link. 

Here is the direct tweet from Gibson:

“Pikmin 3 sells 102k in 2 days in Japan but leaves another 91k on the shelves,becomes #3 biggest seller in wk1 after NSMU and MH3HD for WiiU”

So Pikmin 3 did well but wasn’t a complete sellout. However this was only collected on 2 days of sales data to it is fairly impressive to say the least. Pikmin 3 is the number 3 biggest selling game in the first week of the Wii U, after Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate and New Super Mario Bros U.

Software sales on the Wii U jumped up to 148,000 units for the week which was the highest total since the 4th week of the Wii U launch. For comparison, New Super Mario Bros U sold through 70% by the last week of December.

The best thing about these numbers are that it’s only tracking two days of sales data on the market. We have to wait and see Nintendo’s combined forcasts for digital and physical sales, along with more time on the market.


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  • Matthew Wesley

    But wait, Pikmin 3 doesn't sell systems! Hahahahaha! Can you hear it? The beginning whimpers of haters whining….

  • RicardJulianti

    So…102k in 2 days… digital sales….shall we say, 20k? 122k sales in two days is ridiculous for a "niche" title like Pikmin 3. This week's numbers are going to be sweet, and then EU will get Pikmin 3 and so on and so forth.

    53% of stock in two days…seriously nuts.

    • TheToasterNinja


  • venomjamaica

    Pikmin 3 to the world!!!!!!!!!! THis games got legs too. I just finished part too last night on the wii and I am SUPER excited for this one.

  • Wow. And you've already got Kotaku trying to rain on the parade…

    • frankie4fingers83

      I love how he refers to ZombiU as a superb launch title hahaha. What a fucking joke.

      But 53% in two days is nothing short or amazing.

    • timg57867

      Shoot. Just realized, I gave Craptaku a click….

  • NGX159

    Give it a week and I bet the stock will be sold out probably before then!

  • timg57867

    Freaking awesome. Man I wish we had a full week of sales. Pikmin 3, a "niche" game, has sold through half its stock in 2 days and is actually encouraging adoption of other games. 102 k at retail, awesome! Whaat makes it even more impressive that it managed to not do that much less then NSMBU although people had incentive to download it first week and Mario is more popular. Just further goes to show how releasing it first was a good idea. And the best part is that new software coming soon will keep the buzz going rather than letting a game just sit all by itself. I predict the explosion will occur at Super Mario 3D World's release. That game will appeal more to Japanese gamers then a large scale game like Galaxy as it's more linear and has cats in it. The future is looking sweet.

  • frankie4fingers83

    Pretty stellar