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Platinum Games will Eventually Develop for the PS4, “Bayonetta Didn’t sell what we Wanted it to sell”

Platinum Games President, Tatsuya Minami, has stated that the firm will eventually develop on the PS4 but have nothing to announce at the moment. 

Platinum Games is currently working on Bayonetta 2 and The Wonderful 101 for the Wii U at the moment. And there name was listed on the PS4’s list of 3rd party developers supporting PS4. However, Minami, has said that the their listing at the PS4 event was more about “our stance towards the platform”

Minami added that they are currently working on 3rd party and first party publishers for games.

“we’re always talking about multiplatform development with [third party publishers]. So you’ll see us on the PS4 eventually.”

Minami is satisfied with the quality of his companies games, but feels they could do better in the business side of things.

“Whether we’ve sold as well as we would have liked, or whether the company has the amount of money that everybody would love to have in the company, I think I’d probably rate it as a C or even a D.”

Metal Gear Rising is helping to fix that problem as Minami believes that MGR will outsell Bayonetta.

“we’re expecting Metal Gear Rising to sell better than Bayonetta,”

With about 1 million units sold of Bayonetta, Minami admits the title did not sell as well as the company expected it to.

“Bayonetta didn’t sell what we wanted it to sell. We were hoping it was going to do a little bit better than that, though you can’t put it all on the game itself. I think there were a lot of issues with when it came out, the kind of marketing behind it.”

I have to agree with him there, Bayonetta had a botched PS3 version, with little marketing from SEGA. Hopefully Nintendo do a better job with the marketing of Bayonetta 2.


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Author: Francis@PE (16907 Posts)

14 Responses to Platinum Games will Eventually Develop for the PS4, “Bayonetta Didn’t sell what we Wanted it to sell”

  1. linux vps says:

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  2. Intel says:

    Well Nintendo help funded the project of Bayonetta 2. Why wouldn’t they advertise it?

  3. donzaloog says:

    Nintendo would do well to advertise the hell out of this game when it’s finally released. I also hope they make the original Bayonetta available on Wii U for those (like me)that missed it.

    I wish Metal Gear Rising had come to the Wii U as well. It looked really good.

  4. Silver says:

    I'm still amazed by the fact that people can't distinguish the difference between "kid friendly", and "family friendly".

    Nintendo isn't your basic basement dwelling 24/7 shooter company. They generally make something that appeals to the entire family. When has that ever been a bad thing?

    I'd much rather have fun watching something like a Pixar movie with my family, than say Pearl Harbour.

  5. koopzilla says:

    Conkers Bad Fur Day is perhaps a better example, since it was actually developed by a Nintendo studio (at the time).

    I think they will advertise this game, as it is kind of a big deal.

    I don't mind Platinum working on other platforms at all, I just hope they remember Nintendo was good to them.

  6. GMGT says:

    Nintendo will never market a game like Bayonetta. It would ruin their child friendly image lol.

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