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Playeressence X Nintendo Episode 6 “Don’t Invest in Nintendo”

In this episode of PE X Nintendo, Furious Francis discusses: 3rd party support for the Wii U, Luigi’s Mansion, Project X Zone, huge first party games, Nintendo’s stocks, and Nintendo’s domination in Japan. Get the Vidcast below…..it’s awesome!


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  • PlywoodStick

    Any thoughts on this interview Nintendo Life recently conducted with Pachter?


    He seems (slightly) more reasonable in his arguments, even taking a “let’s wait and see” approach in his answers, but he also proves that he underestimates the Ouya, does not care about the backhanded business approach EA takes, and just plain does not like Satoru Iwata.

    He even acknowledges the eShop doing well in the interview, but in the same breath does not believe the 3DS will match the DS in sales, even once more of the heavy hitters come out. So he claims to somehow have accurate metrics of Nintendo’s digital distribution channel’s performance, forecasting it having good health, while still believing that history will not repeat itself with Pokemon in the Autumn.

    He believes smartphone sales, and even Amazon Kindle(???) sales, cut into the 3DS profits, but makes no mention of how much smartphone sales are affecting the Vita…

    Finally, he flip-flopped, mentioning: “Different gaming experiences are healthy for the industry, particularly at different price points that begin with free. More people are exposed to gaming, making it more likely that a greater amount can be charged for high quality experiences.”

    So he said smartphone/tablet/e-reader sales are going to prevent 3DS sales from matching those of the DS, while claiming that exposing a greater number of people to what the gaming industry has to offer will increase the likelihood that they will move on to higher priced products…(???????)

  • PlywoodStick

    EA hasn’t been awesome since the 80s. They used to fund classic games like M.U.L.E. and Wasteland, but after Trip Hawkins left to make the 3DO in the early 90s, they went into “buyout other businesses while relying on licensed properties” mode. No visionary ever came along to transition EA away from that shadowy path. This whole EA debacle reminds me of EA being at odds with Sega unreasonably…

    The third party support Nintendo needs to focus on, now more than ever, is the emerging indie marketplace. There are professional reports of greener pastures than in the past for small startups, but Nintendo needs to be doubly sure that they cater to these small businesses. Their reputation as fierce monopolists within their own products still persists, so indie support is crucial to mending their developer relations.

    • RicardJulianti

      I feel like EA was decent in the GC/PS2/Xbox era, but still wasn't that great. NFS Underground and Underground 2 were phenomenal games and I feel like people didn't really have this massive hatred for EA like they do now. The situation is almost exactly like the EA/Sega fiasco with the Dreamcast. EA wants exclusive rights to something, company says no, EA pulls support. They probably think that they caused the demise of Sega, and are trying to do it to Nintendo, but that was a long time coming and Nintendo has never relied on 3rd parties nor are they strapped for cash.

      Good thing Nintendo is doing just that with indies. It seems that every week there is an article with at least one Indie dev praising Nintendo for how easy they are to work with. The guys at Armature actually used to work for Retro Studios and so they are glad to work with Nintendo and have taken development practices to heart as well, focusing on gameplay and a solid experience over how pretty the game is.

      They are also giving great visibility to those titles on the eShop, regularly promoting them so that people actually see the titles as if they were from any other developer. That's huge for a small startup, and has kind of become an issue with developers on the 360.

      The indie marketplace used to have great visibility on Live, but as they updated the UI to include more ads and be Kinect friendly, that kind of stuff has been shuffled to the back. Then you've got things like expensive patches, no self-publishing (still has to go through MS), and a lengthy approval process. The Retro City Rampage developer said that if he knew what he knows now about MS and the 360, he would have skipped it.

      Plus, Nintendo is giving out free dev kits to some indie devs….a three-to-five thousand dollar value and it includes Unity Pro…which has a $1500 value by itself. These developers are the future of the industry, always have been. They are just more visible now with things like Kickstarter, so they are able to get their names out there rather than trying to submit a random portfolio of artwork and flash/html titles. In the future, these devs will either grow their studios or get bought out by publishers (hopefully not EA) where they can flourish into retail developers.

      In fact, Nintendo is hosting an Indie event this weekend in Spain. Just Nintendo and their indie supporters. Last year at this event, 3 new titles were announced and it seems like 5 will be announced this year. Excellent promotion. http://www.neogaf.com/forum/showthread.php?t=5381

  • Frank Urbanski

    I think the gaming press just needs to stop worrying about stocks in general. As if any of them understand it well enough. And Pachter, well he shouldn't be a part of the gaming media because he's just an analyst. It all just distracts from gaming, and spreads animosity.

    • Furious Francis

      Yup, you're exactly right!

  • SIlver

    We really need to spread this "Pachter says don't invest in Nintendo, then their stock rises 11%" thing.

  • AaronB

    I'm not losing any sleep over the games the Wii U has missed so far. Batman Arkham Origins is a gigantic coup – getting it the same time as other platforms, and by a company that now has experience working with the Wii U, should result in a better game and better sales. Getting Assassin's Creed 4 is also big.

    The main 3rd party game I'm waiting for confirmation on is Madden. If EA does a massive special edition Madden 25 that turns out well, it would be disappointing not to get it on the Wii U. I didn't get Madden '13 because it seemed downgraded from PS360 versions and their first effort on a new platform often has issues, but if they make a good version of Madden 25 on Wii U I'd be all over it.

    • Furious Francis

      Madden 25 is probably not coming to Wii U. EA and Nintendo still have that Origin beef flub

      • koopzilla

        I don't know if this is true or not, but I have heard that EA is required to bring NFL games to every platform under the deal they have with the NFL. I don't play football games, but I feel sorry for people who do, having to be forced to buy EA's games. From what I understand the Sega ones were better. Also, Sega sold theirs for either 20 or 30 dollars for the better game, forcing EA to lower the price on Madden before they bought exclusive rights. Having no competition, EA can just do whatever they want and release them every year with minimal upgrades, and charge whatever they want. I think Sega was right in charging less for them, they are easy to make because they just reuse what they released the previous year. When you get the new one, if you want to sell your old one it is worth like $1, because no matter how cheap resell places mark the old games they just don't sell.

    • PlywoodStick

      The history of Madden… There used to be at least 4 different annual football game series, including Madden and Sega’s 2K Sports. 2K Sports was sometimes better, Madden other times. When the Dreamcast came out, 2K was clearly better. When Sega went out of the picture, Madden was on top. In 2002, Madden reached a breaking point: They FINALLY perfected the engine and content after years of fumbling around with different combos. That’s when Madden (for PS2 in particular) started consistently being awarded 9/10 by review magazines at the time.

      Therein lies the catch: Madden has not drastically improved it’s mechanics for the past 11 years. Other, slightly less important things, and bug fixes, sure, but overall, the 2002 edition still compares favorably today.

  • koopzilla

    As far as a system launch, I thought they had a pretty good lineup. Most of the games were even third party games. And you gotta understand that it actually takes time to develop and release a game. It's only been like 4 1/2 months since the Wii U launched, and already we have all these people complaining that it has no games, and seem to think games aren't being made.

    Nintendo has always taken the time to make sure their games are really polished and actually ready to be released when they put them out. If it means delaying a game to fix some glitches or things that aren't working out all right, they are willing to do that. I'm pretty patient, and would rather wait on the game so it can be the best that it can be rather than getting a glitchfest that needs patches every week.

    As far as third parties go, I think it's doing fine, it could be better I guess, but I just don't see it as being as bad as people make it out to be. I know a few developers are saying they aren't supporting the Wii U, but these are mainly ones that I wouldn't expect to anyway. If you remember not too long ago everyone was talking about how developers were abandoning 3DS and cancelling games left and right, and even Nintendo wasn't doing anything but making remakes. The 3DS is doing great now, I think it's going to be a similar situation with the Wii U once Nintendo starts releasing big games (which isn't far off) sales will pick up, and more third party games will come. Of course it's not going to get every third party game, no system does.

    As for EA they can go screw themselves, I don't buy their games anyway, so that's not an issue for me. The way I see it, they think the gaming world revolves around them and everyone needs them to survive. They wanted their online shop to be the Wii U's official shop, Nintendo seen how stupid that was and said no, so now they are throwing a fit about it. Very similar to when they tried to get SEGA to give them exclusive rights to be the only ones allowed to make sports games for Dreamcast, SEGA seen what a stupid idea that was, said no and they threw a fit. I'm sure they think they put SEGA out of the console business, but I think they did that to themselves and had nothing to do with the EA situation. I think EA is going to have to make games for the Wii U sooner or later anyway. To be honest they are one company that I would like to see go the way of THQ, and have to sell their IP's off. And I don't play sports games, but I think it would probably be better for someone else to get a crack at those franchises for those that do play them.

    • Furious Francis

      Yeah, I'm surprised Shokio said that…. Nintendo doesn't need EA. EA is the one that is struggling, EA fired their CEO, EA had underwhelming sales for their big franchises like Dead Space, Madden, and Medal Of Honor. Nintendo doesn't have to beg them for their sports and shooting games.

  • RicardJulianti

    Pachter is such a terrible analyst and I'm sure anyone that sold their shares or didn't buy shares based on what he said is quite upset. If the yen stays the same/gets better, their stock is going to just keep rising when games come out or are even announced.

    He seems to think absence of evidence = evidence of absence. Just because we don't have release dates for things doesn't mean they don't exist/will never come out or that things will progress exactly the same as they have. I am not a member of the industry, I don't have sources or even know anyone working on anything….I'm just a gamer and I could do a better job than he is, regarding all systems.

    It doesn't matter what the game is, if it is getting a Wii U version, that is the version I would pick up. The gamepad just provides this gameplay experience that is not and will not be available on any other system. I am pretty content with 3rd party support at the moment, even though there aren't many games I own for the Wii U. Monster Hunter is enough by itself to keep me busy, not to mention Lego City. People say that "developers are abandoning the Wii U" and that they "don't have any third party support"…when it just isn't true.

    Confirmed developers for the Wii U: Crytek, Capcom, Ubisoft, TT Games, WB, Square Enix, Criterion, Atlus, Namco Bandai, Sega, Platinum and Indie devs out the ass

    Developers confirmed to be not supporting the Wii U: EA (aside from Criterion), Deep Silver, Epic (engine only as far as we know)

    Everyone else doesn't really have projects announced and until E3 is done, nothing is certain. ESPECIALLY since Iwata has stated that they will be "sharing more information about the efforts by our 3rd party publishers on Wii U". Considering everything announced in that January ND is being published by Nintendo, with development assistance by 3rd parties, something is cooking. This fall is going to be incredible.

    I would comment on Youtube, but I am long-winded and they have that stupid character limit, haha.

    • Furious Francis

      No, you are brilliant actually, and I would love to discuss with you if you wanted to write for Playeressence. You always have well thought out, and informed posts. And you're right. You could do a better job than Pachter. I have heard him say third parties aren't going to support the Wii U better never give a list of what is and isn't coming like you just did. Give shoot me a email if you're interested, and it wont be like doing posts or anything boring like that, Just when ever you feel like talking about a subject, you can write a short article on it.

      What you just said now was amazing and well put.