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Playeressence X Nintendo Episode 7 “Nintendo isn’t Having a big E3 Conference….NOOOOOOO!!!!!”

Furious Francis discusses the revelation that Nintendo will not be holding a traditional press conference at E3, instead focusing on smaller events, and information brought directly to the viewers. User questions, comments, and a all out discussion unfolds right here!

Are you mad Nintendo won't be holding a major E3 Press Conference?

  • No - Nintendo Directs are better than E3 (76%, 398 Votes)
  • Yes - They need to show off the Wii U (24%, 123 Votes)

Total Voters: 521

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  • AJ34

    Didn't Nintendo say they would have a playable version of smash bros at E3 this year in a nintendo direct? Thats a good enough E3 for me lol.

    • Furious Francis

      I think they said they will have screen shots. I know Mario Kart and a new 3D Mario are supposed to be at E3 Playable.

      BTW AJ34, I think you're new to the site, or at least to the comment sections. I just wanted to say welcome to the community dude.

      • AJ34

        Thanks, I've been following the site for awhile, just now decided to comment 🙂

      • RicardJulianti

        From what I've seen, there was some kind of translation error regarding Smash.

        Iwata said that the first "screens" of Smash would be shown at E3 which many believed would be screenshots. But, Sakurai actually got on twitter and corrected the statement saying that it would be "something better" than just screens. The character Iwata used in Japanese is used when they say things like "please enjoy this trailer"….and simply showing screenshots of Smash Bros isn't exactly what Nintendo does.

        It could be like Melee where they showed the opening sequence, or it could be like Brawl with some in-game footage plus some CG stuff.

  • Ogya

    I think Nintendo has played it nicely by making this announcement. Look at all the publicity (all form of publicity is good) this is getting online with the gaming media, which should lead to extra attention on what they do at E3.

    All I have ever wanted from E3 is games announcement, trailers and release dates and i dont think you need a huge conference to get that message across. Demo's on the eshop will be awesome.

    • Furious Francis

      Exactly , there getting a ton of attention so people are going to want to know what they are going to do at E3. Plus we should be getting awesome Nintendo Direct.

  • Intel

    On a side note. Didn’t think one of my posts would make it on your videos because I believe I need to write my comments better but I’m improving. Well little by little lol. You’re awesome Furious!

    • Furious Francis

      Of Course you're posts will make it on to the show! Keep coming back to the site and commenting.

  • Intel

    Regardless of how good or bad this turns out, I have to admit that Nintendo has huge grapefruits to pull something like this. Right now they are getting a lot of press from the gaming sites just by this alone. Man I so want them to knock it over the park. Keep doing your own thing Nintendo.

  • jesgrad07

    XD wasn't expecting the quotes.

    I think some people are over thinking the impact of E3. It is only really relevant in the gaming community. Outside of that the mainstream get the news of the events through the press and go about their business, unaware of what actually happened that week. So who does Nintendo need to impress here? If it is the gamer then they will be doing that by showing off all their games. If it is the investor they will be doing that with the closed meeting about their market strategy. If it is the press they will be giving them closed showings with the games. Nintendo seems to have been practicing this all year long. Just last Nintendo Direct they had a live showing to the press of the games they announced. Only time will tell if they plan on pushing it further with eShop demos, downloadable trailers, or live streaming.

    But seriously I don't want to see another presentation with Usher, lip singing and dancing on stage, it won't make the games any better. I seriously felt like I was watching a high school pep rally. And about half way through all 3 schools squashed the hype by talking about Kinect, Wonderbook, and Nintendo Land for far too long to appease investors. Not that any of those games and devices are boring or bad, but they were just presented terribly.

    If you are worried about advertising then wait for Nintendo to actually have a game worth advertising. Nintendo will go after the mainstream when they have a game that will have mass appeal. And I am thinking those games are Mario Kart and 3D Mario. Mario Kart has been 2nd in term of sales since the N64 days. And 3D mario can usually push some good numbers.

    I really do like this idea of more Nintendo Directs. One of the obvious reasons is because they come around more than once every year. This is a strategy that is used in sales. You always want to be on the consumers mind. Even if that means sending out messages to them every day, week, month, or if you have anything relevant to offer. And Nintendo seems to be doing the latter of those and showing a Nintendo direct when they have a good amount of content to share with their fan base. I enjoy this approach. It keeps them at the fore front of your mind more so than an hour long event once a year that is rife with unimportant information to the consumer.

    Anyway lets just see what happens before we all start running for the hills to shout stuff, you know?

  • Chachamari

    I don't know why I feel worry. T.T

  • koopzilla

    Suddenly I have the strong urge to go play Chrono Trigger…

    Anyway, I this has gotten blown way out of proportion, Theres articles everywhere about how Nintendo can't hang with the likes of Sony and Microsoft, and people saying Nintendo is going 3rd party. You know, the usual stuff, except maybe in a louder way for the moment.

    I agree with you this could be good or bad. I don't think it's really going to make much difference, and for me personally is actually better. I mean these conferences are usually pretty boring for the most part, with moments of pure excitement. It's like 15 minutes of a guy talking about stuff noone cares about, then 2 minutes of game footage, then 15 minutes of some developer talking about stuff we don't care about then 2 minutes of game footage, and so on, then a big surprise reveal at the end with a couple minute trailer. All the time we are all praying there will be a Riiiidge Racer or 599 US dollars moment, or some guy talking about how historically accurate his game is with all the giant enemy crabs, so we can mock them for many years to come. Hard to believe it's been 7 years since that giant enemy crab, but it still makes me laugh.

    What we seem to be getting instead are 2 separate conferences, one for the media with all the boring stuff, and one for the players with all the games. Hell, put them together and you probably have something along the lines of a large traditional E3 conference. Just we don't have to sit through all the fluff and can go straight to what we care about seeing.

    I guess it really all depends on how the media covers it. If they choose to skip over Nintendo for some reason it's bad, but if they cover them it's good. All the same stuff will be presented, just in a new way. I mean the big conference is a way to present everything at once, boring or not in a big flashy way. But what it seems like they are planning would get that done in a less flashy but more effective way. It does kinda suck we won't be getting any giant enemy crab moments to laugh at from Nintendo, but I'm sure Sony or Microsoft will still have plenty of that.

    And if we get playable demos of the games that would be the best E3 ever hands down. Guess we will have to wait and see how this plays out. I'm not too worried, because I am confident that Nintendo has a lot of great stuff to show.

    • Titan64

      That is one thing I will miss. Miyamoto's Bad ass Entrances.

      • Furious Francis

        Yeah, I do love that, oh well. I'm sure Miyamoto will still have plenty to say at E3

        • Titan64

          I remember the Skyward Sword entrance. That was the single most badass thing any human could have possible done. I think the only way he could top that is if he rides in a Mario Kart in one of the Nintendo Directs.

    • RicardJulianti

      Agreed. As far the the press thing goes, I feel like Nintendo simply doing things differently will get them more coverage. Also, they might be able to sit in a big conference hall and listen to businessmen speak about things and get these big reveals with epic surround sound and what not….but when that is over, they just have to go back to their hotel rooms and write stories about what they SAW.

      With Nintendo's schedule, they plan to hold the business meeting and the press meeting in the time they would usually give their big conference. They are giving the press hands on demos at that time as well. As soon as they are at the conference, they get to play games rather than waiting until the next day or fighting with random people to play Mario or what have you. This is all before the booths actually open to the public as well. So that means their first hands-on articles (unless they are extremely biased) will come from Nintendo, giving people an inside look at the games and how they look in person and how they play.

      That is, if they don't put demos on the eShop. The titles have been in progress for a long time so it's not like they would have another wonky Skyward Sword demo on their hands. Apparently there were 3DS titles on the eShop last year to demo after the conference…..so that might be a sign of things to come.

      I think the biggest flub could come from Microsoft if they want to do a live stage demo and the console requires an internet connection to use. I mean, at a Windows conference once, the computer they were working on got the BSOD……it would be so terrible if it lost the connection and booted them from the game. The meltdowns would be extreme.

      I would rather have funny things that lead to hilarious gifs….like Ravi Drums from Wii Music. I mean, come on: http://cache.gawkerassets.com/assets/images/9/200… How can you not laugh at that.? Sure it was terrible at the time, but now I laugh way too hard at it than I should.

      • koopzilla

        "I would rather have funny things that lead to hilarious gifs….like Ravi Drums from Wii Music. I mean, come on: http://cache.gawkerassets.com/assets/images/9/200…. How can you not laugh at that.? Sure it was terrible at the time, but now I laugh way too hard at it than I should. "

        What are you trying to do, give me a siezure? LOL! That's great!

        I had to go watch the giant enemy crab thing again. I laugh my ass off every time after that guy talks about how historically accurate the game is and it's based on battles that actually took place in ancient japan, then all of a sudden a giant enemy crab busts out at you.

      • Furious Francis

        I remember the Ravi Roll. I look at all the press conference fails over the years, and I look at how awesome pretty much EVERY Nintendo Direct is….and I'm thinking I don't give a crap about E3 pressers anymore.

        LOL Ravi Roll man…. people trolled the hell out of that guy.

  • MrSiIver

    I want PSY to perform at E3. Goomba Style eh,eh,eh?

    • sergio111293

      lol, that would be hilarious.

    • Titan64

      Go sit in the corner Mrsilver lol

  • RicardJulianti

    Alrighty….I've said it before on other articles and I'll say it again. I like it and see it a Win/Win/Win for everyone.

    Basically, everyone is getting exactly what they want out of E3 and directly from Nintendo. Gamers get game announcements and trailers without all of the sales and marketing fluff. Press gets hands-on time without the limitations of the booth setup or the long lines. Businessmen get shown games to see what is coming, but mostly talk about marketing and sales strategy.

    As you said, E3 is mostly for gamers. The press will get what they want and they will spread the word, but the majority of people won't even know what E3 is. You ask if they know what E3 is and they will say "No.", and once you tell them it is where Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo show off their new games and hardware they will say one or two things "Oh…..okay, that's cool." or "Hey! I love my Wii!" (or what have you). Considering Miyamoto's mass interview tour, I think they will do a fairly good job of getting out to the press, especially Jimmy Fallon who is a MASSIVE gamer. He just loves everything.

    I could even see Nintendo going the extra mile and putting E3 demos on the eShop for people at home because of the way Iwata worded this quote, "we are continuing to investigate ways to deliver information about our games directly to our home audience around the time of E3." We know there will be Directs and videos from those Directs, so why wouldn't he have just said that? It's VERY optimistic, so I won't exactly get my hopes up over it.

    The games they plan on talking about are all coming out this FY according to Nintendo. The teams working on games have mostly been silent in the past 2-3 years aside from 3DS titles. I don't think Nintendo would allocate an entire EAD group to a handheld title that will need less work overall. Many of those 3DS titles have been made in conjunction with smaller titles like Brownie Brown and Grezzo. We won't get another awkward Skyward Sword demo that doesn't exactly work…these games are basically in Nintendo's "polish" phase. I think they will even bundle Mario Kart as it will move systems like crazy, most likely with the Deluxe because the incentives there will lead to more people buying other things on the eShop.

    The one thing I'll say is that they announce the ND's earlier in order to tease and hype them. If they intend to replace E3 with these, they NEED to build hype. This whole…..announce it less than 24 hours in advance thing isn't going to fly. I don't mind the pleasant surprise, but they definitely need to do work.

    Another thing that bugs me is the silence on things like W101, it's still a Q2 release after all. Then you've got things for casuals like Wii Fit U and Wii U Party (which I feel should be changed to Mii Party….people love Mii's). I'm not sure if throwing those out there with the likes of Mario and Mario Kart would be the smartest thing. It would be smart to at least release Wii Fit for the summer because people are trying to stay in shape so they can look good at the beach or whatever.

    Yet again, Nintendo doesn't do anything that anyone expects them to do. We'll see how it pans out for them.

    • Furious Francis

      I agree with everything you said (of course) Nintendo needs to hype these Nintendo Directs more. But what better way to do that than announce one right before E3. Controlled, and in complete control. I think we need to sit back and trust Nintendo on this one.

      Everybody thinks their smarter than Nintendo when it comes to the business, but Nintendo wouldn’t be around for this long if they weren’t smart.

      There not perfect, but nobody is. I’m interested to see what they have planned.

      • RicardJulianti

        One thing that always gets me is how people worry so much about if a Nintendo console will "fail." If you own the system and enjoy the games that do come out for it, does it really matter if it doesn't sell the most units?

        I only owned a Gamecube and a GBA that generation, not an Xbox or a PS2. I missed out on a lot of great games, that's for sure….but I also had a lot of games that I enjoyed and I was never in "dire need" of a game to play. I enjoyed the system I had and so the PS2 selling through the roof while the Gamecube just kind of floated around in the water meant nothing to me.

        You're right, all we can really do is sit back and let them handle things. They know what they are doing, otherwise they wouldn't have been around for the last 30 years. People thinking that Yamauchi would be better at this point clearly know nothing about his practices, and he even hand-picked Iwata as his successor.

        If the grandson of the founder of the company trusts him, so should we. It's completely out of our hands.

  • Aiddon

    eh, E3 is actually not as public as people like to think. I think they've just gotten tired of how people are trying to turn E3 into some sort of competition with "my conference can beat up your conference." Nintendo seems to be more interested in their Directs style as instead of gearing everything around E3 which has been silly for awhile now.

    • Furious Francis

      Yeah, and if they can bring new ways to bring E3, to the viewers at home, without wasting all the time it takes to do a E3 presentation….then thats awesome.

    • Frank Urbanski

      YES. So true. I don't personally know anyone who watches E3. Even my gamer friends don't bother to tune in to E3. They just hear the news from the internet. So they'll still get the nintendo news. And the Mass Media… well they wouldn't give Nintendo that much coverage anyway.

  • Frank Urbanski

    If they were skipping E3 all together, then it might be a big deal, but they're not. They'll still be there, they'll just be segmenting what they talk about to specific groups. I think it's smart.

    • MrSiIver

      Exactly, I've seen some people complain that since Sony/Microsoft are having "BIG" conferences, that Nintendo will face trouble. I see this as an opportunity for us to get the information that we want without the PR, and business bull. E3 presentations generally waste around 40 minutes of my time adressing the press, and business men. Who's information I really dont care about. With these Nintendo Directs we will just get straight to the trailers, and developer interviews.

  • Furious Francis

    The poll should be working now.