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***UPDATE**** NOT SET to PRIVATE! Playeressence X Nintendo Episode 8 “EA Sucks…..Again”

Sorry for the late show guys. Powerdirector, my video editing software took a crap on me. It doesn’t work anymore! I got new video editing software so we should be good from now on. In this episode of Playeressence X Nintendo, Furious Francis has a message for trolls, discusses Call of Duty Ghosts for Wii U, breaks down the Japanese Media Create Charts, and EA thinks were idiots.

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Author: Francis@PE (16878 Posts)

60 Responses to ***UPDATE**** NOT SET to PRIVATE! Playeressence X Nintendo Episode 8 “EA Sucks…..Again”

  1. jesgrad07 says:

    Thanks for doing something about trolling. More sites should moderate to keep a healthy community. It reflects badly on the site and drives some people away. I think MiiVerse is starting to get some rather annoying comments like the yeah, chat, and first comment people, but there are kids there so what can you do… :/

  2. Aiddon says:

    I don't think Retro's next project is a Metroid game. In all honesty you could tell they were running out of ideas for the Prime series by 3 and they're probably better off doing something new.

  3. Gryphonofmight says:

    Unrelated but I just found out that the co owners of fatal frame have put the 2nd game on the playstation store. Why would Nintendo allow that? is that something that was grandfathered into the deal?

  4. Gryphonofmight says:

    Can EA lose the NFL license for not releasing the game on the Wii U?

  5. skmassive says:

    I just found out about this website about a month ago and I'm 30 year old gamer a huge Nintendo fan. I started talking about this site to my friends and I think you're doing a great job, this is now my favorite gaming site. GREAT JOB!!!!

  6. rubix8702 says:

    Just finished watching your video, great news as always and thank you for keeping your readers and reviewers abreast at what's going on overseas. Nintendo is a Japanese company first, and it is very important for people to understand. The awesome games in the Japanese market are what attracts people to Nintendo. If they lose their homeland, then there is a chance that can have a ripple effect. Anyway, wonderful as always, all the best to you.

    • NS3210 says:

      Agreed, I wish Sony would wake up and realize that before it's too late. The PS3 catered more to the west, and the same is gonna happen to PS4 even more. Alot of the games seen at the conference in February were the usual western stuff, one being a FPS, a WRPG(Their so boring IMO), etc… there was a new Final Fantasy, but no info really. Where is Kingdom Hearts 3 and Versus XIII? If Sony lose their homeland, it's gonna come back and haunt them.

      • timg57867 says:

        With these things considered:

        -They're calling it the PS FOUR (Japanese hate that number)
        -They only made 1 Japanese focused game for Vita and Japanese prefer handhelds
        -They have their Japanese studio making an American Pixar game.
        -The PS4 is like a PC

        Sony may not wake up in time…

        • Titan64 says:

          Why don't the Japanese like the number 4? Just curious.

          • RicardJulianti says:

            It's a superstition, like us with the number 13. They also have a thing about 9

            The number 4 is sometimes said as "shi" which also means death, and 9 as "ku" which also means suffering. I looked this up the other day actually.

          • Titan64 says:

            Ah, So thats why Nintendo didn't call Super Mario World Super Mario Mario Bros. 4

          • Titan64 says:

            Wow grammar fail on my part. Hope Adarazz doesn't buzz me on that lol

    • timg57867 says:

      Fortunately, Nintendo seems to be gradually taking Japan back while Sony turns into a Western company…

      • NS3210 says:

        I want the old Sony back which was PS1,PS2, and PSP days. With PS1 and PS2 it killed off alot of Sega's share in the market, and had Nintendo on the ropes at one point with PS2 in particularly. PSP and DS to me was tied in terms of quality games, PSP had ALOT of good JRPGs. But then comes 2006 when they started on their decline. Both Kaz Hirai and Jack Tretton needs to step down, Kaz for his crazy decisions, and Jack for his arrogance and stuck up attitude. The only way Sony can get their ish back together is don't try to compete with Microsoft in the graphics/hardware race. Their better off competing with Nintendo in terms of games!! G-A-M-E-S!!

        • timg57867 says:

          Now THAT's what a true fan (or at least a former one) of Sony would say. Unfortunately, all their cool fans got replaced by Sony Drones who care about nothing but hypocritically bashing other console fans and their console having 6 more GB of RAM. You know, what's happening to Sony is actually pretty ironic, because they are now literally ripping themselves apart to appease their graphic whore fanboys in this pointless arms race, even though both the PS1 and PS2 were weaker consoles than the competition.

        • RicardJulianti says:

          Microsoft pretty much messed up everything didn't they? haha

          I would love it if games competed on a gameplay standpoint than hardware. I get the feeling that Sony and MS don't bother as much because they know Nintendo is excellent when it comes to gameplay. After the Galaxy games came out…..I don't remember a true 3D platformer even releasing. Not saying that Sony and MS couldn't compete or anything outlandish like that, they would just need to devote resources away from what they are doing now.

          I think the real problem is that Sony and MS try to do what the other does….but better. They don't come up with vastly different gameplay ideas or have different games altogether. Instead they say, "Oh [insert company] has a shooter? We'll make a BETTER one! They have a racing sim? We'll have a BETTER racing sim! When you break it down, Forza and GT are almost the same game. Forza focuses on customization of the cars….decals and the like (there's probably more I just have never played it) and GT is more of a car collection game.

          Nintendo says, "They have a racing sim? Kart racer! Shooter? First Person Adventure!" and so on.

          Maybe we'll return to the game competition days if there is a large contraction in the industry (probably called a crash even though it wouldn't be the same).

  7. NS3210 says:

    Another great video, ignorance gets stronger and stronger with each new generation of consoles.

    Typical gaming media blowing stuff out of proportion:

    A EA game skips Wii U – "Nintendo's doomed, there's no 3rd party support, R.I.P. Wii U"
    A exclusive 3rd party game comes to Wii U – "Grrrrr…. Why isn't this on PS3/360? Or better yet a true next gen console, PS4?"

    Why is trolling and bias journalism such an issue over here? I have gaming friends in Japan and they find it ridiculous and stupid for hating on Nintendo over here in the States. Gamers over there are more opened and while some prefer Sony, they don't go around and troll and bash others for liking Nintendo.

  8. bigchad says:

    still cant watch. :(

  9. rubix8702 says:

    It's still displaying that message even when I click the YouTube button.

  10. RicardJulianti says:

    Click the "Watch on Youtube" button to fix the "video is private" issue

  11. rubix8702 says:

    I've been on your website for the past few weeks and love everything about it. I've been playing Nintendo games since I was five (I'm thirty-one now lol). Needless to say, Nintendo is my childhood, and I think it's silly that all the trolls attack it. I was on Wii U Daily (now it's garbage), I was on Nintendolife (garbage), I was on Wii U Go (garbage), and I was on Zelda Informer (I won't even go into the turn that site has taken). Anyway, I LOVE this webpage and I really like your videos because they have facts to back them up. I reviewed all your videos in one setting one day and was looking for more. I want to tell others about this site, but I'm afraid trolls will start popping up. However, I do think this site needs more visitors. You're very informative and the articles are insightful. There is perception and then there is reality in gaming. It seems the vast majority of the western media would rather go with perception rather than reality.

    I'm rambling now, anyway, I can't view your video and hope that you can fix this soon. I'm eager to hear what you have to say regarding that silly company EA.

  12. rubix8702 says:

    I'm getting this video is private

  13. jesgrad07 says:

    I am also getting this video is private…

  14. Rpx86 says:

    I getting “This Video is Private” message. Can you fix it please, thanks Francis.

  15. Rawbiz says:

    This video is private message is keeping me from watching

  16. AaronB says:

    I'm getting a "video is private" message and can't watch the video

  17. timg57867 says:

    AHHH Why don't we just give EA the worst company in America award right now? Between hackers and all the crap they keep shoveling out, they're bound to win it again!

  18. rickmodus says:

    first of all, i think your shows are awesome. playeressence is my favourite gamechanel. but do you realy need the background music? imo it is kinda distracting. and yes….EA sucks bigtime. i am a huge nintendo fan and own multiplatform. but most EA game sucks. i didnt even buy a single EA game in my lifetime because it wasnt worth it.

    • Furious Francis says:

      It seems like more people want background music, then those who don't. I used to have no music in the background and people complained……. so I'm probably going to stick with it.

      • RicardJulianti says:

        I loved the Delfino Plaza music…cracked me up. At first I thought it was a little loud, but I only had one earbud in so that fixed the problem.

        • Furious Francis says:

          I got new video editing software, so I'm still working out the kinks. Adobe Premiere is not as good as Powerdirector

          • RicardJulianti says:

            I worded my first thing a little weird……after I put in the second earbud everything was fine…..is what I meant. User error.

      • rickmodus says:

        ow yes i understand. i kinda found a way to hear you clearly, since i watch your shows on the wiiu gamepad i just blocked one speaker =)

  19. BC20FLY says:

    Took a break from playing some online BB and P4A and I needed to something to watch while I ate this pizza…good timing.

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